D1 + Optical = Bliss....
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Oct 30, 2006
So I just got a mini to toslink out of curiosity for my macbook pro to hook into my D1.

Maybe something is weird but the optical is kicking the USB connection's butt.

Especially when I crank the resample rate up to 96kHz!!! Wow! Way more expansive soundstage and less piercy highs, sounds AWESOME altogether!!! Deeper bass too! Uncongests the midrange!!

Any other people have the same experience?

I have a question too...... Doesn't the D1 support 192kHz??? Why doesn't my mac recognize that it can support a higher rate than 96kHz?
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MacBook Pro + optical out + external DAC = Bliss!

Afaik the MacBook Pro's optical out don't support more than 24-bit/92KHz audio data. Hence it wont see that the D1 supports 192KHz (if it does).
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ahm...guys can i ask what wire to buy for the optical output for audio..
i bought a d1 for my macbook but i dont know the optical, where to buy it.
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This is only good news as I got the D12 to talk to my Mac, my CD player, and my Apple TV.
But I haven't tried it out yet as I have been enjoying the D12 with my portable players...
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Here's a long one that was quoted in a thread:
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If you follow the D12 thread, they are supposed to talk about a new Sysconcept cable coming out.
Here is the current Sysconcept:
I may get a long cable if using the optical out of Apple TV > D12 > P4 is really good...

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