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  1. insomniax

    Westone UM3X Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by tonyfiore75 In addition, one thing that i did NOT mention (how is that possible with the friggin' SIZE of that posting?) was comfort. These things are amazingly comfortable. I'm not exaggerating when I say that they are definitely THE most comfortable...
  2. insomniax

    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    the temptation to send in the um3x is strong but the downside is that if the signature comes back drastically altered then you're pretty stuck with it.
  3. insomniax

    Westone UM3X Thread

    possibly the fault of the N91 instead of the nuforce, or both are equally guilty. I am not sure if pairing N91 to UM3X is such a good idea. Also, listening to better recorded material like well mastered old records will yield gains surpassing changing daps or amps. I think people seldom give...
  4. insomniax

    Help with a tough decision Westone 3 and Shure se530

    Quote: Originally Posted by music_4321 Yes, the VAST majority. I believe the 133 pages dedicated to the UM3X show plenty of evidence and, again, you know that very well. While your opinion is certainly valid, it would've been more honest to have said something along the lines of "I'm...
  5. insomniax

    Pretty impossible to find.

    AFAIK, clip ons and on-ears generally don't isolate much. IEMs and closed cans are pretty much the only things that isolate decently. and since you use them for running, closed cans are more or less out. you're looking at headphones only so iems are out too.. hmm. my honest suggestion to...
  6. insomniax

    creative aurvana

    skip them. 1. creative doesn't cover wear and tear with warranty. 2. strain relief on cables is non existent. 3. fails within 6-9 months of purchase. 4. overpriced for a single b.a that is so badly tuned. 5. there are many other iems way better than it at/below its retail price point.
  7. insomniax

    Headphone/IEM for someone who likes songs with vocals like...

    Quote: Originally Posted by jung Koss KSC75 Grado iGrado Audio-Technica ES7 Stax SR-001MK2 those suggestions are all over the place in terms of price range and sound signature. plus no mention of which stands out for well-reproduced vocals, or what would suit the op's...
  8. insomniax

    Custom 10 Pro & Custom Shure SE530

    complete with 30% ethanol cloaked with tannin goodness from grapes, aimed at accelerating the spread of toxins in the body.
  9. insomniax

    Custom 10 Pro & Custom Shure SE530

    Quote: Originally Posted by MaoDi Ok, lets clear some things up. When UM adds the MId driver, they split the mid frequencies from the signal and feed it to the mid driver. Meaning, that there is no more Mid frequencies that are being fed into the crossover split of the Woofers, and the...
  10. insomniax

    Custom 10 Pro & Custom Shure SE530

    I understand you. My concern is that when you mention the mid driver takes the mids etc. Quote: Originally Posted by MaoDi That is when the mid-range driver comes in, the mid driver now takes all the mids the tweeter and woofers had to do and take it all for itself, so not the high...
  11. insomniax

    Custom 10 Pro & Custom Shure SE530

    Quote: Originally Posted by MaoDi That would have to be up to your thinking. Adding an driver meaning to the Tf10, UM2, or SF5 means that it will no longer have a 2-way crossover, but a three. Splitting the job to more drivers, and lowering the load on each driver so each is able to...
  12. insomniax

    Sony X Series Walkman, COWON S9, Apple iPod touch 2G, SanDisk Sansa Fuze Impressions with the Shure E500 / SE530

    cowon. wow. more fw updates rox. the new useful reverb option can actually physically reconstruct the distance between the source of music and the listener. From in your face to 0.5km outside the stadium. with realistic echo.
  13. insomniax

    Compact Monitors Stage 3 Impressions

    Wow. I'm slightly off-footed by your comment. I was of the impression that universals had come to more or less of a plateau. Seems that i'm greatly mistaken. But Compact Monitors don't do universals for sale right? or is it possible to pay them to keep the demos?
  14. insomniax

    Compact Monitors Stage 3 Impressions

    @TS Seeing the fact that an JH13-Stage3 shootout is unlikely, would you like to comment on UM3X against the Stage 3 universal demo? If you were forced at gunpoint to choose one over the other, which would it be?
  15. insomniax

    Is ATH-CK100 that bad in bass?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jyle_t erm... what??? i heard the CK100 twice, and for both times male vocals never sounded so thin because the total lack of bass; never heard etymotics so won't comment on that, but UM3X? no way. Even SE530 has more bass quantity than CK100. I was...
  16. insomniax

    What happens if you wet your headphones?

    dun plug them in to anything AT ALL. once fried its hopeless. place them in front of a strong fan let the fan run for 2 days or so. Place them in a dehumidifying cupboard/or any other sealed case with dessicant/drying agents, until you're damn sure they're dry. and then plug in and pray for...
  17. insomniax

    Sony X Series Walkman, COWON S9, Apple iPod touch 2G, SanDisk Sansa Fuze Impressions with the Shure E500 / SE530

    It wouldn't be what i would consider recessed mids-high. Its just very slight coloration by design. If it were recessed, then i could say that the s9 has treble rolloff. But if you look at the scale, its just 0.4-0.5dB of difference. So not really as bad as it looks. i heard the CK100s before...
  18. insomniax

    Best "in ear" earphones you've ever heard?

    Quote: Originally Posted by noinimod haha, i was expecting a flood of JH-love posts but don't see any yet. Kinda strange Those posts are contained within the JH13 appreciation thread through means of continual incantation by 99 accomplished monks chanting away on a remote cave in...
  19. insomniax

    upgrade my iem or should i just buy an amp?

    upgrade the iems. you're probably not going to hear much of an improvement from your amp or cables for that matter, since um2 is nowhere near the point where those two components actually matter.
  20. insomniax

    Sony X Series Walkman, COWON S9, Apple iPod touch 2G, SanDisk Sansa Fuze Impressions with the Shure E500 / SE530

    For fun and fuel for the thread. Although you should never trust anything else except your ears. Sorry for the huge pic. AFAIK, max volume, all EQ off, line-in signal was used for measurement. Note the scales used. 0.25 dB difference is about 5% of the original signal. Roll-off is not as...
  21. insomniax

    any problem with three year old UM2

    note that it will be out of warranty. Not sure if westone will service it free or for a price, but don't count on it.
  22. insomniax

    Sony X Series Walkman, COWON S9, Apple iPod touch 2G, SanDisk Sansa Fuze Impressions with the Shure E500 / SE530

    i think the point the reviewer is trying to make here is that more is less. At least for the X. Adding a whole lot of EQ settings is not always (actually seldom) going to yield better results. I feel that X sounds great out of the box, coupled with the fact that its EQ settings(besides...
  23. insomniax

    Is the SE530 worth $50 over the UM2?

    check with westone if road-dog-on-line is an authorised dealer, which they seem to be, and their um3x(which mostly is an upgrade from um2s) can be had from ebay for 340 before shipping.. Westone UM3X Earphones Pro Package - eBay (item 120452809179 end time Aug-26-09 09:06:23 PDT)
  24. insomniax

    Shure Refused Warranty On My E500s

    Its nice to see Cyric pop up. =P Although there's a limited amount that he could do for the OP since he bought from an unauthorised source, it is comforting to know that go-the-extra-mile customer service still exists in Singapore. Albeit a rarity nowadays. Maybe this one will go down...
  25. insomniax

    Sony X Series Walkman, COWON S9, Apple iPod touch 2G, SanDisk Sansa Fuze Impressions with the Shure E500 / SE530

    Quote: Originally Posted by Barry Interesting- so you found the soundstage on the X to be wider than the S9? I don't have both for comparison, but this is different than the experience of the OP. Not challenging you - DAPs are very difficult for me to compare - but just wanted to make...