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  1. scratchyvinyl

    Grado Bushmills X - Grado's first closed-back headphone?

    Will have to find/order some yellow Senn pads. Haven't used those pads since my HD414's crapped out over 15 years ago!
  2. scratchyvinyl

    Grado Bushmills X - Grado's first closed-back headphone?

    I woke up the morning of November 8th to that email from 4OurEars saying that they had a few dozen "found stock." Couldn’t have tapped on “Buy” fast enough on my iPhone. Been wanting for a pair ever since they were initially announced in 2014.   Now, two weeks later, I finally finished reading...
  3. scratchyvinyl

    The Mad Dog Appreciation Thread

    This is the review that brought my attention to these headphones. Ordered soon after and now I'm a proud owner of the Mad Dogs with Alpha Pads and couldn't be happier. Like 'em more than my last two purchases, the Philips Fidelio L1 and Sennheiser Amperior. Best closed-back headphone I've had...
  4. scratchyvinyl

    The White Stripes Icky Thump - New Stripes album impressions (Icky-Fi)

    From what I understand, the vinyl Hoffman/Gray mastering is worldwide. The liner notes state Vlado Meller, but if you look in the dead wax, there's "KG/SH" engraved in it.
  5. scratchyvinyl

    Pixies Surfer Rosa MFSL SACD

    The "Surfer Rosa" SACD sounds great indeed. Now please bring on "Doolittle!"
  6. scratchyvinyl

    how do you carry your iem?

    Like feh1325 and melomaniac mentioned earlier, I use the rectangular Ety zippered-pouch that usually comes with their IEMs. I wrap my Shure E500 around a couple of fingers and place 'em in the Ety pouch. I use another Ety pouch to keep my Yuin PK2 with room to spare for a 2-Gen Shuffle.
  7. scratchyvinyl

    Return Unopened RS1s for GS1000s?

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't, right? You don't open and go for the GS1000. Your mind works overtime, thinking: "This sounds good. I wonder what those RS1s sound like?" Or you go ahead and open the RS1 up. Your mind works overtime, thinking: "This sounds good. I wonder what the...
  8. scratchyvinyl

    Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob

    I think "Ruby" is catchy as hell; I love it. That and the song "Heat Dies Down" are my faves on the album. Along with a couple of other songs, nothing else really hits me on the album as much as those two songs I mentioned.
  9. scratchyvinyl

    Your favorite Steely Dan album

    Favorite SD album: Gaucho. Close second: Aja.
  10. scratchyvinyl

    Chris Cornell leaves Audioslave!

    I enjoy Chris Cornell's work (liked Soundgarden - saw their last show as a band when they performed in Hawaii, liked "Euphoria Morning," and liked all of Audioslave's albums as well), but apart from the MJ cover and a couple of other tracks, I just couldn't get into it. It's a mixed bag for me...
  11. scratchyvinyl

    Ultrasone owners poll

    I listen to my Proline 750s at night when I can't listen to my arsenal of open cans (GS1000, HD650, AKG750) due to sound leakage. I can easily go between the Ultrasone and my other cans, although I do hear a difference with my amp's crossfeed circuit on: I turn the crossfeed circuit off when...
  12. scratchyvinyl

    Isolating tips for the PK1?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kikkomang why would anyone use these with the ipod stock buds? Because they're white and anything would make them sound better? Seriously though, these look interesting. I bought some Griffin EarJams a while back at Comp USA and tried 'em both...
  13. scratchyvinyl

    Beck - Sea Change

    Definitely in. "Sea Change" is my favorite Beck album, and one of my all-time favorites, period.
  14. scratchyvinyl

    so who's rockin the HeadFive?

    #157 here and still loving it. Its sound is smooth, enjoyable and non-fatiguing with its crossfeed circuit, which I have on all the time (except on the few occasions I listen to my Ultrasone Proline 750. Must be the S-Logic or something that makes it sound weird). The H5 sounds great with...
  15. scratchyvinyl

    Am I the only one who thinks that Justin Timberlake absolutely **SUCKS?**

    As they say: "One person's grabage..." No, you're not the only one who thinks Timberlake sucks. And those who don't think he sucks aren't the only ones either. For the record, I like him and think he has talent. IMO, he can sing, dance, and his music evokes a lot of classic R&B. And it...
  16. scratchyvinyl

    Bose Triport IE's - impressions from users

    Quote: Originally Posted by AudioDwebe So anybody know how these would compare to the Yuin PK1? Those are buds; these are buds; price isn't that far off. My guess is that most, if not all, will probably say the PK1's will blow the Bose buds out the water, but am curious if anyone has...
  17. scratchyvinyl

    UNAMPED: PK1 or PK2?

    While jinp6301 is right regarding the PK2's lower impedance, I prefer the PK1 unamped, even if you have to jack up the volume in relation to the PK2. IMHO, the PK1 simply sounds fuller and richer than the PK2 - amped or unamped.
  18. scratchyvinyl

    Grant Green

    Grant Green is my favorite jazz guitarist, period. While I was still in college, I heard a track called "Creature" from "The Main Attraction" (his second to last album on CTI-subsidiary Kudu, now available on CD from Epic) on my college radio station and was immediately hooked. I'll echo...
  19. scratchyvinyl

    Where to start with Black Keys?

    My favorite Black Keys album and the one that got me on to them was "Rubber Factory." It has some tuneful, melodic songs along with some rawkin' stuff too.
  20. scratchyvinyl

    Shure Black Foamies: Which IEM's will they fit?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fierce_freak Another question: best place to buy 'em? Got mine here:
  21. scratchyvinyl

    Question For Yuin PK1 or PK2 Owners

    I have both the PK1 & PK2 and both the KSC 35 & 75. Simply put, I think the PK1 sounds better than all of them, even without an amp. With an amp, it sounds even better. Hard to believe all of this detail and low end can come from an earbud, but it's true. However, both KSC models are a little...
  22. scratchyvinyl

    First thoughts on the YUIN PK1 ear buds

    This is a stupid question, but I thought of it when Lou experimented with his PK1s by adding those slicsound tips (which BTW, is the first instance I've heard of them). Okay, my question: Anybody take a guess if those Griffin Ear Jams would be similar to the slicsound tips? I don't have the...
  23. scratchyvinyl

    Shure E500 longevity?

    I've had the E500 since they first shipped from TTVJ last year and had no problems with them so far (knock on wood). I haven't baby-ed them or carelessly thrown them in my laptop case. I just wind them up around my fingers into a neat loop and put 'em back in their case when I'm done listening...
  24. scratchyvinyl

    SONY MDR EX71 vs JVC marshmellows

    I like the JVC Marshmallows way better than the Sony EX71. The bass on the EX71 is too overpowering and bloated, with harsh highs and drowned-out mids. The JVC's sound just right in comparison. Plus, you can't beat the $20 price tag.
  25. scratchyvinyl

    What is the best ELO CD in regards to SQ IYO?

    Count me as a big ELO/Jeff Lynne fan. Sony has been slowly and steadily releasing the ELO remasters (the latest batch includes "A New World Record," "Face The Music," and "On The Third Day"). I can't wait for a remastered "Out Of The Blue." But so far, I think their best sounding CD is...