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  1. Cal3257

    Klipsch image S2 or Head-Direct RE2?

    Hi all,    I currently own the Head-Direct RE2's which I got after I didn't like the CX-300 and my maximo i490 were lost. I like the RE2 but think of eventually upgrading to better IEMs.    Now the Klipsch Image S2's are available for $19.99 with free shipping from, so I am...
  2. Cal3257

    Ipod nano 4G vs Sansa fuze

    its not about other ppl seeing it, really. its about me seeing it! Pretty electronics is not like pretty clothes, its visually pleasing for me, not for others around me.
  3. Cal3257

    Ipod nano 4G vs Sansa fuze

    yes, i am also grappling between these two players. it was hands down sansa fuze 4 or 8 gb due to the microphone, recorder and especially the microsd slot. But once the new 4G ipod nano came out, it became an issue of aesthetics. the nano just looks a lot better, the problem is just between the...
  4. Cal3257

    New AD700s on the Way!

    congrats on ur new ad700s. I have a pair as well and I am very happy with them. though i have never experienced itchiness with them, i hear some ppl do, i guess it varies a little, tho most ppl think they're extremely comfortable compared to other headphones which may have much more clamping...
  5. Cal3257

    Maximo IM-490 on Woot for $20 shipped

    i remember some ppl liked the im-390 which is pretty much the same as this im-490. i bought the black version of this maximo im-490 when it was on woot. the tips r substandard, so i recently got cx-300b from a friend. now i use the sennheiser tips on the im-490 and i like them better than the...
  6. Cal3257

    Which headphones are the best for me: K701, K601, HD580, HD595, DR150, DT880, MS-1, A900

    if you do not like closed phones, then you mean AD900, not A900. A900 is closed. AD900 is open
  7. Cal3257

    How did you arrive at Audio Technicas ?

    i was looking for my first foray into better headphones. i was looking at grados, SR-60 and SR-80. Then i heard they were very much rock headphones and didn't have much soundstage. so then i was considering ms-1 and HD555, but heard that the ATH-AD700s were better than the HD555 in every way...
  8. Cal3257

    Do you hear the difference? A test

    yay i got it right too! had to listen to it a few times. i'm using onboard audio to my friend's HD595, which i'm trying to compare to my AD700s. the castanets on the 320kbps sounded like more real instruments while on the 128 kbps, it just sounded like sounds. (articulate, i kno)
  9. Cal3257

    where to buy "ATH-Ad700"

    i got mine from newegg for $103 + tax = $112, free shipping. newegg has them for $103 + $6 shipping but they are out of stock now. i saw them recently on for $110 (free shipping). also says i can get $20 off purchases of over $100 if i use google checkout, so that makes it really...
  10. Cal3257

    Could somebody compare AKG701's with my AT A900's?

    not a fair comparison as they are on different tiers. except the k701 would need to be paired with a very good amp to drive optimally and would need to be matched with an amp carefully
  11. Cal3257

    Headphone for Classical Music

    i am under the impression that both the HD580s and the K501s both need good amps to drive well to get optimal SQ. and both r out of production. i have a friend upstairs who has both the HD580s and K501s, but he has a high quality nonportable amp. i think u'd be happy with ATH-AD700s cuz they...
  12. Cal3257

    Budget headphones for Classical Music

    x2 on the audio technica AD700's. i think they are better than the 555s for classical. less bass quantity tho.
  13. Cal3257

    REVIEW: 5 sub-$150 sealed headphone compared

    headroom says the isolation on the hd-25s is -18. i'm going to assume thats -18 dB, which i guess is pretty close to IEMs where can the hd-25's be had for under $150? also i think the recabling really had a large effect on the SQ rankings. how much cost would a decent recabling add?
  14. Cal3257

    ATH-AD700 Size?

    the ad700's aren't tight, but i don't feel they will fall off when i turn or nod my head. my head is a tad small. i use four clicks on either side of the PX100, so my audiophile friend says my head is small. most ppl i kno have bigger heads than i, and we're not big guys. i'm a 5' 8" skinny...
  15. Cal3257

    ATH-AD700 Getting Replaced?

    they are in stock again at newegg for $103, but now theres no free shipping. i don't understand why the lowest shipping on newegg is 3 days when i can wait 2 weeks for stuff
  16. Cal3257

    audio program on computer?

    thanks for the replies guys. i think i'm going to try to stream foobar2000 into itunes now. i tried to get ASIO output on my system but its not working. i think i'll stick w/ DS for now. i can go ASIO when i actually acquire a DAC
  17. Cal3257

    audio program on computer?

    i just noticed something alarming to me. it appears that media players on the computer do more than just decode my mp3's. they are also doing some kind of modification of the sound and its scaring me. itunes and winamp are sounding completely different and this is news to me because i'm a noob...
  18. Cal3257

    Please help me out of Sennheiser HD595

    98% classical? maybe the audio technica's AD900, better bass than the ad700s
  19. Cal3257

    ATH-AD700 Getting Replaced?

    ...weeks ago, i saw the ad700's were out of stock on newegg cuz it was only $103. then i couldn't even find them on the website anymore. but luckily a few days later, i checked newegg again and they were there again and in stock! so maybe need to wait for them to restock? *listens to new ad700s*
  20. Cal3257

    I need help deciding between headphones!

    exactly what nylan said. what do other ppl have to gain from preserving the OP's hearing? obviously we're just trying to be annoying. (like parents who tell their kids to do beneficial things because they have nothing but malice towards their children) seriously, i don't care if the OP needs a...
  21. Cal3257

    Lost noobie

    x3 on the px100's
  22. Cal3257

    I need help deciding between headphones!

    just because you think you can still hear as well as before does not mean ur not damaging ur ears. long term exposure to such high decibels causes progressive hearing loss on the long term. and how is anyone suppose to tell that when they're not hearing certain frequencies since u usually lose...
  23. Cal3257

    Newbie help please! Audiphile 'phones for PC...

    555s and 595s both have 120 ohm and 50 ohm versions, u might wanna get the 50 ohm version if u decide on it. i've heard some very good things about the ad700s compared to the 555s and even the 595s. ad900s has superior bass compared to the ad700s i'm told. i haven't gotten a chance to listen to...
  24. Cal3257

    I need help deciding between headphones!

    i believe if ur HD555s are leaking enough sound for your parents in the next room to complain, you are listening way too loud and quickly killing your hearing leading to earlier than necessary hearing loss which will start at the higher frequencies. i listen at a volume such that my roommate who...