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  1. strangemusic

    senn 595 bass vs. k701 bass vs. 325i bass

    This is going to be brief because I'm tired.... But the K701, while possessive of big and full ("natural" as said before) bass with the right amplification (I'm listening to "Alone With You" by Deadmau5 right at this second which has both big, round bass and shimmery highs in it, and the K701...
  2. strangemusic

    k701, SR 325i, D2000, My Head is going to Explode: Can't Decide

    Wow, I haven't been to Head-Fi in ages... and to think my wallet was safe! I own the K701 and have had extensive listening experience with the 325i... based on what you describe as your musical tastes and so forth, between those two (as the ones I have actually heard) I would probably...
  3. strangemusic

    What headphones are sexy sounding? Seriously.

    Quote: Originally Posted by dgbiker1 The sexiest thing I ever heard was Ceu through a tube amp and K701s The K701s can be sexy under the right circumstances, it is true. Certain music, especially vocal-focused, comes off so smooth and clean... I'd love to match mine with some...
  4. strangemusic

    What headphones are sexy sounding? Seriously.

    Grado woodies.... bahahahahhaha..... I didn't even catch that until just a second ago. But really? The sexiest sound I have heard has been from HD650s... I don't own them, but I had a lengthy listen to a pair of them a little while ago. I found them very warm and intimate overall... plus...
  5. strangemusic

    What Live concerts have you attended?

    This thread will be a challenge! Let's see... I don't think I will beat a lot of people here though! The Tragically Hip was the first legit concert I ever attended, some point in the late 90s, I think it was when Phantom Power was their most recent album. I've since seen them during the In...
  6. strangemusic

    'hottest' album you own?

    Californication is exceptionally bad... also Kaiser Chiefs' "Yours Truly Angry Mob", an album which I have to turn down every time I listen to. The opening chords of "Ruby" almost killed my ears once as it came on the old Shuffle right after I finished listening to Rachmaninov. On the flip...
  7. strangemusic

    Head-Fi Vinyl Geeks! Help!

    I was at my local record store today (Zulu Records, West 4th, Vancouver... woot!) and found a copy of Jaco Pastorius' self-titled LP, 1976 pressing on Epic records... aside from sleeve shelf wear, it's unplayed. CAT # PE 33949. I love Pastorius, so this was... Jackpot! Now... I looked this...
  8. strangemusic

    Brick & mortar record store database

    Hey, this is not a bad thread... In Kingston, Ontario,there are a few neat stores: Brian's Record Option, in the Hub, Princess St. - This place is incredibly cramped and dusty and dark, but it is wall-to-wall with records of all kinds, an absolutely huge selection... mostly older stuff...
  9. strangemusic

    Guys, K702 is coming. Be prepare.

    Quote: Originally Posted by FL210 I guess K702 will be black version of K701? Many hate toilet white. The K601 is black with an identical housing to the K701. So not really. Also, requisite zealotry: the white is awesome! Damn the haters! I think it looks sharp, especially...
  10. strangemusic

    Solid State Gear - Leave On?

    My amp has no on/off switch... so on, I guess.
  11. strangemusic

    K1000 with Dual Micro Mono-Filament cable - less contact with conductor, more detail!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Patrick82 The deeper silver plating gives more whiteness... With a thinner conductor it would sound white and edgy which would give the illusion of more...blackness. I chuckled upon reading this... This is why I try not to think too hard about how my...
  12. strangemusic

    What my audiologist thinks of DIY ear impressions.

    Quote: Originally Posted by flargosa What happens is when you take out your ear impression you take out your eardrum. There is no big enough!
  13. strangemusic

    Stello DA100 (show-off/impressions thread)

    So... I've been reading this lengthy thread and some other threads, and have noticed the DA100 Signature... and my question is as follows. If I have no plans to be going to a Balanced system in the foreseeable future, is there any reason to drop the extended coin on the Signature?
  14. strangemusic

    Yuin PK1-PK2 impressions thread

    I just received a pair of PK2 a couple of days ago and have been listening to them extensively through my iPod (they're going to be my main portable 'phones), and I must say I'm impressed! They kick the crap out of my old (now-dead) Vibes IMHO, very fun and involving sound, I would agree with...
  15. strangemusic

    How close do you sit to your source?

    I am extremely tempted to answer "the Depths of Sheol" just for a laugh. But really, I don't catch any discernible noise at reasonable listening volume, and my computer sits about 2 feet from my DAC and a metre from my amp...
  16. strangemusic

    Post & Share your iMix's

    that this does not work in the Canadian iTunes for some reason... because this is a great idea and I'd love to share some mixes.
  17. strangemusic

    Def Jux has single-handedly renewed my love for Hip-Hop:

    Hear hear, Def Jux is fantastic! I got hooked on them a couple of years ago when a friend of mine let me hear Loose Ends (the RJD2 remix tape)... recently listened to None Shall Pass which I thought was a stellar effort, and also I'll Sleep When You're Dead... El-P's sound still needs to grow on...
  18. strangemusic

    Music That Makes You 'Shiver'

    For some reason "In My Place" by Coldplay... eegh, Coldplay! "Portrait of Tracy" by Jaco Pastorius Also, I agree with Binaural... getting the shiver is essentially why I wanted to find better audio gear.
  19. strangemusic


    If you're into digeridoo and crazy stuff in general, look for Ganga Giri's albums. Having seen them live at Folk Fest Vancouver not once but twice, I can say that they're a pretty unique group.
  20. strangemusic

    List your favorite Indie / Lo-Fi here

    Favourite indie? -Sufjan Stevens -Lotus Child -Elliott Smith -Stars -The Whitest Boy Alive -Thao I would write more, but I have to go write a mid-term. Boo.
  21. strangemusic

    Koss headphones on sale at Radio Shack

    Hmm... I've been to the local radio shack ("The Source" now, I guess) a few times looking for KSC75s (need to replace the earclips on my recabled pair!) and they haven't had them in stock. Mostly lots of Marshmallows and low-end Sony stuff, and recently I noticed they carried Vibes... but no...
  22. strangemusic

    The K701s are here ;)

    Quote: Originally Posted by dcstep Mine sounded good on day-one, but I was listening to mostly vinyl through a Woo WA6. As I passed 100-hours the main improvement was in bass slam, not particularly extension. The mids and highs seem about the same to me. Dave This is true...
  23. strangemusic

    M.I.A. is the ****

    I just downloaded "20 Dollar" and I am impressed! Huge drums, delicious vocal sound and the Pixies being turned into a gigantic (no pun intended) basshead dance tune? Oh yes.
  24. strangemusic

    Higher-end Source Comparison Fantasies

    So... I've been sitting at my desk this morning reading posts, fairly bored, and thinking about my gear... I've been thinking about replacing my Beresford DAC for some time with a USB-compatible unit that'll really sing when combined with my amp, but I've got no actual money to facilitate that...
  25. strangemusic

    Hip-Hop collection getting tired. Help.

    I don't think it's been mentioned, so try Pharaohe Monch - Desire. It's fantastic.