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  1. tubaman

    musical fidelity x-can v8

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  2. tubaman

    Impdeance changer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Koyaan I. Sqatsi Then your problem's not one of impedance, but of gain. The gain of your Dynalo is sufficiently high that its own self noise is being amplified to the point that it's annoying. The solution short of reducing the gain of the Dynalo is to...
  3. tubaman

    Impdeance changer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jc9394 Try fleabay, it may not work on balanced armature drivers. Wow, this is an amazing response, thanks! I guess the question is, how much impedance do I need...?
  4. tubaman

    Impdeance changer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Koyaan I. Sqatsi When you say noise, do you mean like hiss? se Yes, hiss is the more accurate description.
  5. tubaman

    Impdeance changer?

    Is it possible to get some kind of device, between headphone jack and headphone, to change the impedance of headphones? I got a Dynalo and when using with UE 4 Pro there's a lot of background noise. The preamp section is perfectly fine, though. It's just when I use the UE 4 Pro I have this noise...
  6. tubaman

    DAC1 USB vs m902 for AKG k701

    Indeed the DAC1 USB + K701 combo is very, very clear, clean, and detailed. And DAC1 is already a little bit forward, with the K701 which is by itself very revealing, your music quality becomes very important. With K702 you could get a cable to mitigate/tune the sound but with K701 you really...
  7. tubaman

    KECES HA-171 or MF X-Can V8?

    I'll use it for the active speakers and with UE 4 Pro.
  8. tubaman

    Front End Audio coupon cold 10%-off sale through 26th

    coupon code is save10 (after coupon, Lavry DA11 is $148 off!)
  9. tubaman

    Pick me a power conditioner

    Another thing is people use tiny throw-away power cords to connect the power conditioner to the wall. IMO if the conditioner has fixed power cord, it's not worth buying for audiophile purposes because it's current-limiting. Whether or not a conditioner will benefit a particular wall outlet...
  10. tubaman

    Are class A amps neutral?

    FWIW I owned three class-A amps: Singlepower MPX3, Luxman P-1, Sugden Headmaster, and they sounded totally different. I think Corda Opera/Symphony are more neutral than any of the aforementioned amps.
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    can senn hd600 run out of stereo component amp? (forgive my stupidity)

    Adequate is such a subjective word. your receiver is fine. But something as cheap as Corda Arietta will bring a lot of improvement.
  12. tubaman

    The Sennheiser HD-600 thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lil' Knight Please think twice before buying the 600/650 when you only have a portable amp. They deserve more power. Any portable amp is probably much better than the ordinary CDP or receiver amp, thus allow good enjoyment of HD650/600. I used Predator...
  13. tubaman

    Meier-Audio Areitta?

    With the Arietta you'll get your money's worth.
  14. tubaman

    How to convert DT 880 into DT 990 (and vice versa). DT 770 Info.

    To convert a DT-880/990 to a DT-990/880: 1. Sell DT-880/990, and 2. Buy DT-990/880
  15. tubaman

    AKG K701 cable modification?

    Quote: Originally Posted by John D. I was considering a recable for my K701's, since the K702 has come out with the miniXLR connector for it's cable. I was wondering if it's feasible to modify the K701 with the miniXLR and and recable accordingly? If it's gonna go through the...
  16. tubaman

    Corda Symphony info and impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by khaos974 How much metter is it if you only consider the amp section? In the original comment (#344) I was referring to the amp section.
  17. tubaman

    Corda Symphony info and impressions

    Using the Symphony to drive the KRK active speakers made a night and day difference compare to using computer's analog out with Y-adapter.
  18. tubaman

    Corda Symphony info and impressions

    Got my Symphony today. Naturally, the first thing I did was to test the coax input. It worked perfectly. Having previously owned the Opera, it's pretty clear that the Symphony is one step up. And the black looks very cool.
  19. tubaman

    Stop recommending gear you've never heard: rant warning

    Quote: Originally Posted by boomana Skylab has it right. Malidian, I think both recommending and trashing gear you haven't heard is screwed up because they're both misleading and entirely unnecessary. I don't know why people feel the need to post recommendations or trashings...
  20. tubaman

    Corda Swing

    Quote: Originally Posted by GRADOSKI I just pick up Cambridge Audio's DAC Magic DAC and Grado SR325is and I was wondering if this new Corda swing will be a good match for me. Any comments ? Jan Meier told me he finds the Grado sound too "aggresive."
  21. tubaman

    Amp Suggestions for AKG K701s

    The Cantate is a pretty safe choice. The reason why this thread hasn't got too many replies is because this question is asked a few times every week and the answer can be found if you search the database.
  22. tubaman

    Stop recommending gear you've never heard: rant warning

    Quote: Originally Posted by boomana Well, this thread brings back memories. Funny reading through it. Whatever happened to my internet bodyguards? Mike? Chris? On topic: the thoughts in my op, along with Duggeh's fine response, still hold true for me a year and a half later, perhaps...
  23. tubaman

    Stop recommending gear you've never heard: rant warning

    How about those commenting negatively on stuff they haven't heard (base on spec. or whatever)? Should they refrain? I still think speculation is healthy, and false pretense just isn't cool.
  24. tubaman

    Using an Amp Question

    Quote: Originally Posted by Punnisher Never start an amp with headphones in. Also unplug the phones when powering down. Some amps have safeguards to prevent DC voltage from entering the phones, but you don't want to risk it. Why never start an amp with headphones in? Unplug...
  25. tubaman

    Using an Amp Question

    Plug it in and leave it in. Before plugging in/unplugging, make sure the amp is off or at least turn the volume control is all the way down. If lightning strikes, however, your headphone will be fried.