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  1. mofonyx

    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    Oh, right. Great.   I found that MPD with GMPC works best (and adjusts bit-depth according to files - although you've mentioned that this bears little significance). Audacious comes close with working very well too. These two programs disable software control altogether.   DeadbeeF and...
  2. mofonyx

    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    how do I fix this?   I tried Audacious and it seems that it allows you to 'set' a bit-depth and not let the bit-depth be determined by the audio file. The good thing about Audacious is that it allows you to disable all software volume control, so essentially the output is perfect as far as I...
  3. mofonyx

    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    Tried playing something else whilst listening to audio.   There is just one audio device that is built into the mobo, so card 0 outputs to HDMI and card 1 outputs to PCH, which contains the SPDIF out. When I play something on soundcloud while listening to music on deadbeef, it plays via HDMI...
  4. mofonyx

    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    Quote:   Gives me     and my asound.conf reads   Still able to alter volume on deadbeef and clementine. :(
  5. mofonyx

    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    Thanks All done and ALSA configured accordingly playing through my DAC.   However, I am still able to control the volume of my playback on Deadbeef by tinkering with the volume bar. I don't think that is supposed to happen if I am streaming bit perfect via SPDIF
  6. mofonyx

    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    Thanks   I haven't tinkered with the alsa config file (/usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf) but can't find anything within it that would suggest this. All the defaults just appear as a list without any further strings below it. I assume that this means that bitdepth default hasn't been defined -...
  7. mofonyx

    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    Hi,   Lengthy topic and it seems like most of the chat here is trying to get Bit Perfect via USB   If I'm trying to set up my Benchmark DAC1 to receive digital out via S/PDIF would it be simply using deadbeef to use output plugin as ALSA and output device as HDA Intel PCH, ALC892 Digital for...
  8. mofonyx

    Sennheiser HD 700: Officially Unveiled at CES 2012!

    Don't speaker companies do the same?
  9. mofonyx

    Coffee Catastrophe !!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!

    OUCH Feel you bro. So sorry for that I felt my heart drop.
  10. mofonyx

    I just had to tell someone!!

    Sorry, but I tried Kind of Blue with HD600 and K701 The HD600 are better by miles (no pun intended) Must be the alcohol.
  11. mofonyx

    Music vs Love

    Single here but would never date someone who doesn't have a taste in music. For example, Me "What music do you like?" Her "Everything but <insert genre here>" No preference means no interest.
  12. mofonyx

    I’m glad no one saw me do that . . .

    don't worry i don't get it too :S
  13. mofonyx

    What's your weakest link?

    DAC/Transport A ModWright Transporter would solve everything.
  14. mofonyx

    Californication on Showtime, Anyone?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DeusEx Anyone watch Californication (on Showtime)? Just finished the 1st and 2nd seasons...quite interesting...going to watch last night's episode soon (hopefully).. Any TV series with naked women and I'm there.
  15. mofonyx

    HD800-are they worth their price when compared to other dynamic headphones that have a 1000$+ price,in or out of prodction?

    HD800 is great especially coming out of the beta22. I heard this first hand and only single ended. I would imagine it being much better balanced. It is like mixing the best of HD600 with the best of K1000 and there you have it, everything you need in the HD800
  16. mofonyx

    100 Uses For A Strip Of Bacon

    Mmmvelopes | Uncrate
  17. mofonyx

    UK Meet: Manchester 2009 Impressions

    With so many headphones, ditch em all, choose the best and get a Modwright Transporter!
  18. mofonyx

    UK Meet: Manchester 2009 Impressions

    That's WA22 typed when worn out and tired from a whole day listening to headphones :P
  19. mofonyx

    UK Meet: Manchester 2009 Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by alvin sawdust Another amp of note was mofonyx's B22 when listening with his balanced HD600,a very musical and refined sound that i wish i could of listened to more but,unfortunately,his balanced cable developed a bad connection. Me and my flatmate...
  20. mofonyx

    UK Meet: Manchester 2009 Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh My personal highlight of the meet was having the chance to plug my DIY orthos (sadly I had to bash together a pair in haste because my go-to pair suffered a fried driver) into some meaty headphone amps. They were best of the DACS Audio amp in the 19"...
  21. mofonyx

    Balanced Amp Question

    There's 'really balanced' (I think the term is full differential balanced?), which I believe is what the b24 is (The &beta;24 Fully-differential Power Amplifier). It will put a balanced output regardless of input. First Watt F1 is also like this. Then there's the usual balanced by putting...
  22. mofonyx

    UK Meet: Manchester 2009 Impressions

    Big thanks to pedalhead for making everything possible. Also, not forgetting EVERYONE who turned up. Thanks for making it such an amazing experience.