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  1. ravefire

    Reply to review by 'ravefire' on item 'AKG K 518 LE Limited Edition Folding Headphones - Red'

    I already took out the foam pads - imo it did improve the bass. I've just started to mod these but I'll look into that. Thanks!
  2. ravefire

    Review by 'ravefire' on item 'AKG K 518 LE Limited Edition Folding Headphones - Red'

    Disclaimer: I'm not much of an experienced reviewer so I apologize in advance for any misuse of terms. I also wanted to say that I have not done any other mods than expanding the headband.   A couple months ago I bought $60 headphones. I didn't really know about the brand very well -- I just...
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    Review by 'ravefire' on item 'Superlux HD 681'

    Here's a bargain bin favorite that has withstood the tests of time. It may remind you of value headphone (the AKG k240) but before you label it some cheap knockoff, take some time to give it a listen. No, the Superlux does not outdo its AKG brethren, but instead offers a bassier, "fun" sound...
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    For Someone Who is About to Buy His First IEMs, OK to Spend Over $100?

    S4i's, at least in my experience, are better at anything that involves a lot of bass. When it comes to like say dubstep, they really give you that (for lack of a better name) boomy-ness you're looking for. HF5's are kind of the opposite - I tried listening to some bass-heavy stuff but it seems...
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    To all the travelers IEM or Noise Cancelling?

    Hm I guess you do have a point it's kind of hard to get "quality" on a plane anyway. And for extended periods of time, cans are a bit more comfortable then earbuds (at least to me).   Just that for me it's hard to get over the drop in quality.   Quote:  
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    Shure SE 215 vs. Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 3 Studio

    I think the SE215's are noticeably better then the SuperFi's. That being said, aren't those SuperFi's a little old? Like I think you can still find the sellers on Amazon but I can't verify their legitimacy.
  7. ravefire

    help a little noob This is about $2 more but I can verify the seller is legit.   That being said, some alternatives I'd consider are MEElectronics M9's -- My goodness, they topped my CX...
  8. ravefire

    Looking for best sound isolation under $50

    Oh okay. Well anything with tri-flanges probably isolate pretty good; but I think Soundmagic's have pretty good isolation.   I'm not really that sure what to recommend otherwise but I know you DON'T want half in-ears (ie Brainwavz Beta, Phiaton's)   As for MEE's I had a pair of M9's and...
  9. ravefire

    Alternative to Klipsch Custom 2

    S5's are bassier S4's from what I hear (and there isn't a ton on them)   Can recommend RE0's here althoguh Shure SE215's probably are more similar in form factor to your Custom 2's -- worth noting. I think Phonak's will give you a bit more bass but still maintain balance; on the other hand...
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    <€100 In Ear Headphones - Post-rock, EDM

    I feel bad for saying this on every thread, but HF5's. The SE 215's are a bit bass centric but that being said, they're decent. Don't know if they meet the "small" part. I had a pair of RE-0's; I don't anymore--that's all I'll say on that.   I guess I could throw around some names like...
  11. ravefire

    Budget Portable Full-Size Basshead cans?

    I object. +1 for K518's Those Audio Technica Solid Bass (WS55) seem interesting though.   Quote:  
  12. ravefire

    Need some IEMs...recommendations?

    Etymotic HF5's - the tri flanges block out a LOT of sound and they sound pretty good (depending on your tastes, they're neutral)   Edit: Go buy on Amazon $96 right now.
  13. ravefire

    Looking for best sound isolation under $50

    Etymotics are $60 and I don't think you want earbuds so that aside...   That being said, check out Joker's threads (rankings are at the bottom): As far as what he...
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    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10's alternative

    +1 for Yamaha EPH-100's   Also think Klipsch Image X10's are worth considering though they have a different sound signature.
  15. ravefire

    Replacement for Phonak PFEs

    The HF5's and HF3's are both good deals, even at the MSRP, just that the HF2's were on sale (never happens here in the US) so I thought I'd point that out.   Quote:  
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    The name sounds vaguely familiar but alas, I cannot any products, so no.   Quote:  
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    How to Know if Apple Dual-Driver IEMs Are Legit or Not in Ebay?

    Well... yeah. The mids and highs get mushy (occasionally). Usually it's not a problem but these headphones always scream "bass"   I'm not really sure how they sound compared to the MC5 (which is more of a price competitor) but I think ADDIEMs are a bit more treble-forward (there's a tad of...
  18. ravefire

    Replacement for Phonak PFEs

    Etymotic HF2's? The balance is neutral and it's 68 pounds on
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    How to Know if Apple Dual-Driver IEMs Are Legit or Not in Ebay?

    The ADDIEM and S4i have really different sound - the ADDIEM is very analytical, with a balanced signature. The S4i's on the other hand are extremely bassy - it can be overwhelming at times.
  20. ravefire

    Best eartips for around 50$

    Is their any size of Comply that works with the FX90? I realize the driver is small but I believe there's several sizes.
  21. ravefire

    Best over-ear/on-ear headphones under $130?

    Never tried the Marshall's (though they're not worth it at the current price as far as I know) I will say that the Klipsch Image One's are bassier then the AKG k518's, which are a bit on the bassy side themselves. The K518's are my favorite among the headphones I own (then again my selection is...
  22. ravefire

    Cheap IEMs under $20

    ...That's a really good deal then. ._. I got my M9 (no P) for $12 on Amazon, and I thought THAT was a good deal. wow...   Quote:  
  23. ravefire

    Wireless IEMs for use with iPhone <$200

    Get Shure SE 315's I believe there's a replaceable cable ($44) that has an iPhone controller. Win win.