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  1. Veniogenesis

    NoVA / DC Meet May 25, 2013 Impressions

    Hi everyone!   It was a blast meeting you all!!!  I took some photos but they ended up being really blurry because I made some really dumb mistakes with my camera settings; my lens is also too slow.  Hah!  (A bunch of photos ended up being unusable. )    
  2. Veniogenesis

    VA / MD / DC meet - Saturday, May 25, 2013

    Looks like I'll be in the area today!  I'll be there in a bit. :D
  3. Veniogenesis

    High End Dac / Pre > Computer as source

    I just wanted to point out Vincent Kars' website The Well-Tempered Computer (  I think it's a fine introductory resource for computer audio.  You might be interested in his lists of equipment available on the market such as his list of USB DACs...
  4. Veniogenesis

    Best flagship can?

    Sennheiser still scales best for me.
  5. Veniogenesis

    The Stax thread (New)

    It's no joke. It's haarvi. He will pay anything to have what he wants. Maybe I should have kept my Sigma Pro...
  6. Veniogenesis

    SONY D25s PDCP New Old Stock

    Hehe wow, my post got deleted without notice. Good luck on the sale Ken!
  7. Veniogenesis

    HBD Catch-Up: bhd812/TheMonkey/xand1x/jp11801/CD44hi/philodox!

    Already gave my birthday congrats, but once again, Happy Birthday guys!!!
  8. Veniogenesis

    PPX3 Dilemma...

    The SLAM and your headphones deserve a better source. I would strongly recommend giving some better sources a try. The SLAM is a good amplifier, but perhaps solid state is your preference. It's not strange to prefer "solid state state" over the "tube sound". There are of course tube amps that...
  9. Veniogenesis

    Ahh, Finally did it. Hello AD2000

    Congratulations on the purchase, donunus! I'm sure you'll like them.
  10. Veniogenesis

    Welcome Back to I'm Sorry About the Extended Outage

    Jude, thanks so very much for fixing everything! Catch up on some rest! You really deserve it.
  11. Veniogenesis

    The Stax thread (New)

    Wow. I got my Lambda Pro for $500 and Sigma Pro for $650. Booo...
  12. Veniogenesis

    MPX3 Slam or Woo WA6 (maxed) for K701s

    Quote: Originally Posted by No Deal After the things that have transpired in the process of me trying to make the decision and acquire the amp, I have been left miserable and confused and I regret some things. I now have one final request for help. Can someone can please tell me how to...
  13. Veniogenesis

    recent stereophile ad

    Quote: Originally Posted by jpelg Nice ad about vaporware - again. The nearfield setup was shown at the 2007 Head-Fi International meet six months ago, and the ad says those components are still six months out. A year, Tyll? C'mon. Can't you guys come up with interesting adverts...
  14. Veniogenesis

    A new arrival - the oft overlooked Audio Technica D1000 Optical Headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by ericj Upsampling is sillyness. You can't improve a signal by pretending that you have twice as much of it. Haha wow, wait. Do you actually know what upsampling does or how digital to analog conversion works?
  15. Veniogenesis

    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote: Originally Posted by spritzer Could be a loose ground connection on the input or somewhere else in the amp. The volume pot could have a short somewhere. It could also be caused by a cap on it's last legs. Cool. I'll look into it. Thanks again!
  16. Veniogenesis

    The Stax thread (New)

    Hmm, this is very strange. I just got a SRM-1 MKII Pro-Pro that has a problem. Here are the symptoms: Turn on amp, keep volume at zero: No buzz Turn on amp, turn volume (both left and right channel) up: Huge buzz from both left and right past 9 o'clock Turn on amp, turn volume (left channel...
  17. Veniogenesis

    Suggestions for an HD-650 Lover?

    Quote: Originally Posted by AS1 How can you disagree with the fact that *he* didn't hear a difference? Because that's what he is saying... Maybe he should consider himself lucky he couldn't hear it... It was just weak sentence construction; bubba ice meant to say he disagrees...
  18. Veniogenesis

    Three-way Review: HeadAmp AE-2 vs RSA Hornet M vs Rockhopper Mini³

    Quote: Originally Posted by Icarium Here's a prediction. AE-2 slightly > Mini^3 (Though pretty close) while both >> Hornet. Haha, you went ahead and ruined the fun! Actually it's more like ">>>". (I mean, considering the Hornet is just a...) Asr, be as critical of these amps as...
  19. Veniogenesis

    Three-way Review: HeadAmp AE-2 vs RSA Hornet M vs Rockhopper Mini³

    Hilarious actually. I can't wait to see what Asr thinks.
  20. Veniogenesis

    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote: Originally Posted by spritzer Comparing is half the fun. I like the Signature more but that is mainly due to me loathing the newer arc assembly. Lower arc assembly? What do you mean? Cheers, Venio
  21. Veniogenesis

    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Elephas See, Venio is so nice and friendly. The other guy, on the other hand... Wait, is the other guy particularly less friendly than the typical member in his neighborhood? It's okay, it's okay; don't worry. He's actually quite friendly despite...
  22. Veniogenesis

    Am I the only one who cannot perceive 'soundstages'?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Quaddy no, i am saying he is not alone in his inability to perceive it. there was a discussion about this recently. Ah, haha I see I see.
  23. Veniogenesis

    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote: Originally Posted by spritzer They sound pretty different from each other. The Signature is crisp and upfront while the Nova is more laid back and could be considered boring by comparison but both are great phones. Oh, very interesting. Thank goodness I got both then so I...
  24. Veniogenesis

    Am I the only one who cannot perceive 'soundstages'?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Quaddy no you are not alone. the truth is out there Wait, are you saying that there is no truth in soundstage?