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    Cayin iHA-6 - US Tour and reviews

    I bought a new IHA-6 in December 2018 and it has developed a pronounced buzzing (sounds like white noise almost) in the right channel only. It sometimes is louder than others but is not source related (it occurs even when nothing is plugged into the amp), so I believe the amp is defective. What...
  2. rogue

    Ayre USB DAC

    gregeas speaks the truth! Very compelling to listen to is a highly accurate characterization of the QB-9. Organic and musical, although cliche, are other terms that come to mind.. As you can probably tell, I'm enjoying the heck out of mine as well, and it's certainly the best source I have...
  3. rogue

    T1 and O2Mk1: Some Impressions

    Great review. I think you pretty much nailed the attributes of the O2 that make them so enjoyable to listen to. I haven't heard the Beyers, but your description of them as analytical and sterile with strident highs sounds very close to my feelings about the HD800, a phone that I sold to...
  4. rogue

    What Format is Your Music?

    90% FLAC, 10% APE. With the QB-9, 100% awesome
  5. rogue

    UPDATED: Boston/Massachusetts Area - March 6th

    I shall try to attend as well. Probably will get there late morning/noonish. Will bring my main rig (in the sig).
  6. rogue

    Greatest ability to sound life-like with the proper equipment, 701 or 650?

    Neither sound "realistic" to my ears. The HD650's have rolled-off highs and boosted lower mids, while the K701's lack lower bass, are sibilant in the upper treble, and have a wonky midrange. However, I'd say the HD650 is closer to reality with its nice midrange and lack of strident treble -...
  7. rogue

    Michael Jackson Dead

    I enjoyed the cover of Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm, but was otherwise never a fan of his music. I do agree that he was talented, too bad he became a total weirdo later on in life. I watched the South Park "Mr.Jefferson" episode last night with some friends, and it was still as hilarious...
  8. rogue

    Just spent 2hrs with K701 - what are you guys on?

    Quote: Originally Posted by wnmnkh rogue, I have no clue how you are saying that K701 is lacking bass. K701 have bass about as same as HD800 IMO. No way, they're not even close. The K701 has very noticeable drop-off around 60Hz.
  9. rogue

    Just spent 2hrs with K701 - what are you guys on?

    Quote: Originally Posted by wnmnkh Well, that's the strength of K701.... completely neutral and absolutely no emphasis or colored (in this department K701 even beat HD800 which have warm sound and slight strength in treble.) But it seems a lot of people tend to like "exciting"...
  10. rogue

    Just spent 2hrs with K701 - what are you guys on?

    I've always found the K701 to be the Toyota Camry/Honda Accord of headphones - nothing terribly wrong with it, but at the same time completely devoid of any life and passion. Maybe it's great for studio monitoring (although I doubt it, due to the wonky midrange), but I also figure it would be...
  11. rogue

    HD800 - Is sibilance an issue with your set-up?

    None here with the current setup. With my old 840C + RSA HR-2 it was pretty painful at times. I do agree with the statement that the HD800 has more treble energy than the HD650's and DX1000's, both of which roll-off the upper treble. However, ECD-1 + M^3 = Tha Shiznit
  12. rogue

    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by johnwmclean rogue, do you leave the 840c on standby or completely turn it off after you finish listening? If the later try leaving it on at all times. I already sold it, but I always left it on standby (never completely off) when I had it. Not that I...
  13. rogue

    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    I found the HD800's to be quite sibilant at times when used in conjunction with the Cambridge 840C. Burn-in did not help tremendously, which is what led me to believe that it was in fact the source itself. The 840C has a characteristically "hot" upper-treble, that used in conjunction with the...
  14. rogue

    JVC HP-DX1000 Owners Unite!

    I've barely touched my DX1000's since getting the HD800. Sure, some of it is the "new toy" factor, but the truth is the few times I've tried the DX1000's after the HD800's, they ended up sounding closed-in and just wrong. I'm sure some of it has to do with me getting used to the neutrality of...
  15. rogue

    Short Sum-Up: Electrocompaniet ECD-1

    Got my ECD-1 in today. It's huge! Much bigger than I was expecting. Already, I'm enjoying it far more than my old 840C. After a brief listening session, I would say that although it loses out a bit to the 840C in ultimate detail retrieval, it more than makes up for it in terms of musicality...
  16. rogue

    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    I've got about 100 hours (1/2 muzak, 1/2 pink noise) on these puppies now, and they've definitely opened up a good amount. Even with a low-end amp and Zhaolu 1.x DAC, they sound amazing on good recordings. Can't wait to hear them with a decent amp and the ECD-1.
  17. rogue

    espresso (no, not -fi) ;)

    Thanks for the tips guys - much appreciated. I typically use Starbucks roasted coffee beans - I agree that it usually tastes fairly burnt, but everything else I've tried that I can buy in stores around here tastes worse (acidic, etc). Any good places to buy roasted beans online? As far as...
  18. rogue

    espresso (no, not -fi) ;)

    Yeah, probably not Thanks for the heads up - I feel like such an espresso noob. Any recommendations on tampers? I'm thinking of getting something like this: Espresso Gear: Espresso Gear Presso Barista Plain: Cups & Accessories: Tampers
  19. rogue

    Is the HD800 a huge improvement over the K701/K702?

    IMO, yes. I may not be the most neutral source for such a question (I hated the K701's when I owned them), but the HD800 is more transparent, has better soundstaging, better bass, and is not sibilant like the K701. More importantly, it is fun to listen to, whereas I have always found the K701 to...
  20. rogue

    espresso (no, not -fi) ;)

    Hmm, interesting, thanks. I may be grinding my beans too coarsely, so I will try using a finer setting. I actually don't have a tamper - I just use the plastic spoon I use to scoop the grinds from the grinder to level off the basket. Is a tamper important?
  21. rogue

    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by boomana You'd been surprised on how much source does matter with these headphones. That was made pretty clear at CanJam. It's one reason they're a keeper for me. I agree 100%. I think that their neutrality really allows you to hear the true...
  22. rogue

    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by IPodPJ Before you do that, try it with a better amp. I don't think your problem is your source. Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you not to replace your source if you don't like its sound, just to try it with another amp before you do so. There were at...
  23. rogue

    espresso (no, not -fi) ;)

    What would you espresso pro's rank as most important in terms of making great coffee? The machine itself? I currently have a relatively cheap Saeco Magic Cappucinno that works pretty well, but just doesn't produce anything truly comparable to restaurant quality espresso. Would upgrading to...
  24. rogue

    Post pics of beverages which you bought recently or drinking now: Water, Juice, Milk, Cider, Beer, Wine, Gin, Scotch, ...?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Skorpitarius went to the Hofbrauhaus tonight, had a few of their brews (and the food) ... quite good ... nothing like fresh chilled German beer ... I was at the original one in Munich a few weeks ago. Good food and beer (if a bit too touristy)...
  25. rogue

    Sennheiser HD800 Appreciation Thread

    I'm finding that the HD800 does not mesh well with the rather cold mid-range and strident highs of the 840C. Thus, I'm selling the 840C and getting an Electrocompaniet ECD-1. Neutrality be damned, I want a warmer sound