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  1. creyc

    Klipsch Image S4?

    I just picked up a pair of these today since I've been in the market for a sub-$100 IEM for travel/fun. So far I'm not sure what to think. They have a very warm midrange, decent highs but the bass seems boomy and overwhelming. I'm still playing with tips though so maybe the bass issue will go...
  2. creyc

    Up from UM2s?

    I have UM2's and really like they way they fit and sound, for the most part. Today I got to try some Sure SE530's which gave me chills on certain songs, honest! The crisp highs and amazingly clear mids pointed out a few weak areas for my trusty UM2. Bass was definitely weaker on the Shures...
  3. creyc

    Westone UM2 cable repair?

    I managed to grind the cable of my UM2's against the hard concrete abrasive surface of the street in a recent incident involving a car and my bicycle. The insulation of the cable has been mostly torn through, though the internal wires are still intact and so it does work still, electrically...
  4. creyc

    Best noise insolating earphones for motorcycling

    Quote: Originally Posted by SomeoneWhoIsntMe You might want to check up on the legality of wearing headphones while riding. I'm nearly certian it's illegal. Oh, no of course we would only ride with headphone on our own private property....
  5. creyc

    Is there any danger in using a powerfull digital amp to run the K-1000's?

    There's a danger in running any speaker off too much power, sure. But in headphones you would be worrying about your ears catching on fire before this happens. Because K-1000's are 600 ohm headphones, they wont pull gobs of power out from a hi-fi amp. So it's not like you need to worry about...
  6. creyc

    keeping the radiation down?

    If there's one sound I can't stand, its a cell phone interfering with my audio coming from my laptop. I've even thrown my phone across the room in an effort to kill the noise, so I'm really at my wits end to solve this problem. Any ideas would be great. Copper tape, creative use of sheet...
  7. creyc

    What are the most comfortable headphones EVER?

    Beyerdynamic DT990s by far.
  8. creyc

    DJ headphones?

    Yep, I suppose I'll eventually go for some big speakers but just playing around in my garage I'd like to just stick to headphones. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
  9. creyc

    DJ headphones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sheynkman something that isolates well and has nothing to do with the hifi world Now, why would I be a head-fi'er if i wanted that?? I think I'll look into the HD-25's, as I've only heard good things about them. I've gotten other DJ opinions...
  10. creyc

    WARNING: UE Super.Fi new hard case with velvet bottom

    How about substituting her personal addy with
  11. creyc

    WARNING: UE Super.Fi new hard case with velvet bottom

    Quote: Originally Posted by jdimitri She might have other things to do, stop bothering her.. uhh...sounds like thats her job which she's paid to do. I suppose I'm bothering UE by buying one of their products too.
  12. creyc 3 Live

    They're definitely not dual drivers. There's a single armature, no diaphragm, and sound more accurate and "flat" than the 5 pro. I'm actually quite impressed. And yes, the color is killer!
  13. creyc

    WARNING: UE Super.Fi new hard case with velvet bottom

    wow, you're totally right. I just got a pair of 3 Live's as a spare to my normal UM2s and the case is nothing like the old one for my 5 pros. I made a post just recently on the new thick cables and how they're actually worse than the old ones. Same is true for this case. I...
  14. creyc

    UE thin cables were better than new cables

    Perhaps the the general idea, but these large cables are so stiff that any movement in the cable is translated directly to the ear. Maybe this isn't the traditional definition of microphonic, but it's most definitely unwanted audio as a result of the cord. The old thin cables were like...
  15. creyc

    UE thin cables were better than new cables

    I owned a pair of UE 5 pro's for 8 months, they of course had the thin lightweight cord on them. I heard many people saying they were far too thin, yet VERY few reports of the cables actually snapping. UE moved to a thick cable to hush this possible complaint. Now they're thicker...
  16. creyc 3 'new' packaging

    Quote: Originally Posted by oic929 Still, I submitted this name for the triple fi naming contest, and then now it appears on a different product. I dunno.... think I have a case? What that UE used this name without your permission? I'm pretty sure the rules were that any...
  17. creyc

    Looking for something cheap and readily available

    update: why does this ALWAYS happen! Walked in Radio Shack looking for some relays and saw quite a headphone selection on the wall. A certain pair of shiny red UE 3 Live's caught my eye and there was really no escaping the $99 price tag. :\ I've owned UE's before so I'm...
  18. creyc

    Looking for something cheap and readily available

    Know of anyplace to pick up a K81DJ? I've been really wanting to hear one, this would be a good excuse to buy one.
  19. creyc

    Looking for something cheap and readily available

    I'm looking for a pair of either IEMs or in-ear buds for under $45 that I can pick up at any major electronics stop locally. I'm leaving this week on a long flight and my UM2s are on lend to someone. I know I won't find anything close to the performance I'm accustomed to, but perhaps with the...
  20. creyc

    How Grado should have marketed their "iCan's"

    Quote: Originally Posted by VR6ofpain I agree, the first photo is definitely the best (though for me it is because of her facial expression, especially her mouth). Totally the mouth. lol does this make us weird? Whats with the facial expression? I love it, lol.
  21. creyc

    UM2 Tips

    Sounds like you should invest in the UM-56, custom ear molds for your UM2s.
  22. creyc

    How do Grado/Alessandros hold out in dvds?

    Yes generally Grado's would not be my first choice for movie watching. Comfort becomes an issue after a while, you find yourself readjusting them which distracts from the story. Also sound-stage isn't optimal for movie watching, and while not as bad as watching a movie with IEMs, there are...
  23. creyc

    Before Head-Fi I was a BASSHEAD, were you?

    Always enjoyed a balanced system, but fascinated by bass! Even growing up I'd sit lay on the carpet in the living room way too close to the bass driver. I don't think anythings changed...I still love a good balanced, high quality setup but real, powerful bass is still very impressive in...
  24. creyc

    Buyer's Remorse: Headphones and earphones you bought on impulse and regretted. 5 EBs. Luckily they were returnable, no amount of EQing could tame that bass machine.
  25. creyc

    Good, durable, closed headphones?

    ^ yep. I recommend Sony MDR-7506 (V6). Mine have seen more share of abuse than any headphone should have to see, and they sound, look and function as they did out of the box. Someone told me they have a really great warranty, but I doubt I'll ever need to use it the way these are going...