Up from UM2s?
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Jan 26, 2006
I have UM2's and really like they way they fit and sound, for the most part.

Today I got to try some Sure SE530's which gave me chills on certain songs, honest! The crisp highs and amazingly clear mids pointed out a few weak areas for my trusty UM2. Bass was definitely weaker on the Shures, but nothing I wouldn't get used to. I just don't want something with less bass than the shures.

My problem is the price...SE530's are really expensive, and I just bought a new bike. (other hobby) My UM2's are on their last legs and need to either be sent in for service ASAP, or donated to the shelf.
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yeh the se530 is a step up from the um2 in sound but price also, you didnt mention your price range but the triple fi are 100 cheaper than the shures and are very close to the sound of the shures but amazingly enough even less bass power.

hey how about some custom livewires, cheap customs that yes...lack the immediate quality of the shures and triple fi but are customs and lets be honest, who does not like customs?
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And yet we meet again:wink:

I just talked to Westone yesterday because I'm on pins and needles for the Westone 3's:-0 Anyway to make this fast I'm sure the 3's are going to be a significant step forward on the UM'2's and I just happened to ask what the price point was going to be and he stated they expected them to hit the retail market at $399.00 a pair which will put them right between the E500's at $500.00 and the new Klipsch Custom 3's which are going to retail for $299.00 as I believe all 3 pair are triple driver IEM's.

I'm so looking forward to both the Westone and klipsch 3's(Tongue hanging out like a bassett hound)

Note: I realize all the IEM's can be had for less than retail with a little shopping around:wink:
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You gotta try the ER4...

Believe me: Won't miss the UM2 bass.

Edit... or change by yourself the UM2 filters. (See my sig)
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I did a temporary swap of my UM2s for MrJingles' E500s and I've got to say I miss my UM2s. The 500s sound dead in highs and "hooded" in the mids compared to the UM2s. To each his own I guess.

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