keeping the radiation down?
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Jan 26, 2006
If there's one sound I can't stand, its a cell phone interfering with my audio coming from my laptop. I've even thrown my phone across the room in an effort to kill the noise, so I'm really at my wits end to solve this problem.

Any ideas would be great. Copper tape, creative use of sheet metal, etc..
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Easy - turn off your cell phone.
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The buzz that you hear with cell phones is the GSM RF signal which is a frequency within the range of human hearing. The amplifier circuitry picks this up and the amplifier does its job (correctly) in amplifying whatever signal is going through, along with your music.

One way to shield your amplifier is to cover it in a metal foil that is grounded. Having the foil grounded is a very important step and allows for a ground loop with lower resistance to the ground than your circuitry. So, give that a shot and see if it works.

You probably don't have to worry about any equipment and wiring that is coming out of your amp. You will most likely get the most benefit from shielding the amplifier itself and possibly input cables, although good ones are already shielded.

Here's a website with more information on RFI.
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My friends soundcard would make a weired noise right before he received a call but that's about it.

I'd say put the cellphone further away from the amp.


If your at home have people call your house phone.

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