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    Could someone give me more info about this Amp?

    They sell that one at audiocubes and I'm pretty sure they have some specs on it. You an check it out there. Someone even reviewed it.
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    Twee Folks

    Ahhh...yes, I did indeed forget that bit of information concerning Camera. Good call on that. And the other group I was thinking of was mentioned! Acid House Kings...been addicted to their latest for the past couple months. Very nice twee sound and the DVD that accompanies is a great addition.
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    Twee Folks

    Twee! Yes! Twee rocks! Belle and Sebastian is a must. Camera Obscura I personally like even better. It hits me really really hard everytime I hear them. Ugh...its just like too much. Let's see what else...ok...I had another group that I love but I just can't bring them to mind right now and...
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    anyone heard Devendra Banhart's new album?

    The thing is when you release a single album with 22 songs on it and 75 minutes of material it's going to be very tough to please everyone for the entire 75 minutes. That being said Devendra has released an amazing songs showcasing his knack for incredible pop songs encased within his 'folk'...
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    Anyone else into emo??

    Nearly all the bands mentioned here would not fall under the correct genre definiton of emo. Most bands mentioned in this thread so far would fall under pop rock if anything else. Now not to go into some long ardurous spiel but emo as a genre is based in hardcore from the mid eighties. Then just...
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    Arcade Fire-- Funeral. A Modern Masterpiece?

    I remember receiving the single for Tunnels a few months before the album came out. I placed it on my turntable and was amazed right away. The song filled one of those empty places in my mind where songs I want to hear are found. It was the sound of something I had been looking for but had not...
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    Please recommend female singers with acoustic guitar

    I will never tire of this recommendation. CAT POWER CAT POWER CAT POWER!!!
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    Help me make a "Best of Wilco" CD

    You must make sure to include at least one or two selections form the Mermaid Avenues. Always overlooked I think.
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    indie rock girls?

    CAT POWER>>CAT POWER CAT POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD...yes shes the pic to the left. CAT POWER!!! oh and Joanna Newsom is pretty popular right now. She's really good as well. So I'll mention her
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    Neutral Milk Hotel distortion, normal?

    I would think the Guided By Voices is much more connected with the term lo-fi than Neutral Milk Hotel. I never really thought of NMH as Lo-Fi. They're Elephant 6 so the term associated with them is more like psychedelic. But Lo-Fi is just a DIY sound not really a genre or anything anyways...
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    How Large is Your Music Collection?

    Let us see. Basically I don't listen to CDs directly. I get a CD and rip it right away to flac and then eventually to MPC (archive FLAC onto DVD). I think I now have about 500 gigs of FLACS and it increases everyday. And that isn't counting my 300 gigs of MP3s from when I used to do the MP3...
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    Anyone else a little dissapointed w/ this yr's coachella lineup..

    I doubt many NPR contributers listen to Blood Brothers, Diplo, Aesop Rock, Futureheads, Fiery Furnaces, MF Doom, Bloc Party, MIA, Wolf Eyes, Arcade Fire (ok maybe that one), or even M83. I wouldn't call it boring but yeah Coldplay headlining a group of acts like that is sad but who else has more...
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    First Venture into Vinyl and Have a Bad Left Channel

    Just got a hold of an old Marantz turntable. Nothing fancy or good. Some early eighties model. It works and sounds fine in one channel but the left channel is distorted and sounds horrible. I switched out the cartridge with my dad's, who's turntable is working fine, and same problem. What could...