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    Can-con 2 (Sydney 2012) Meet Aug 18th 3:30 to 8:30pm (near Epping station)

    Hey Vlad, props for starting up this forum nice and early; good prep time. The proposed date is good for me atm. However, since it's near 3 months away, I'll give a tentative YES- I'm attending for now.   I highly prefer a location which is near the City and/or close to train stations.  ...
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    Hifiman RE272 top of the line IEM Loaner program

    Quote: Check your PM! :)
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    Jerry Harvey Audio JH16 Review: 8 drivers of fun

    Excellent review, Joe. I'm glad that you've given a fairly balanced overview of the JH-16pros, comparing  these with other top-tier IEMs. This review definitely contrasts the pros and cons very well. I'm definitely looking forward to your DRM Earz impression/review in the near future? Hahaah
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    Anyone been to the Audio-Technica store in Westfield Sydney?

    I've been a few times; my last visit would've been about 2-3 months ago. To be honest, the guys at Audio Technica Sydney don't really seem to know much about  headphones from my various encounters.   Prices are much dearer than buying online. Also to keep in mind, is that that AT store is in...
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    Blue Mountains Sydney meet 13.08.11 Impressions!

    Looking forward to some photos =) of what I missed out on =/   KGSS+ O2, woah!! If only you guys could've made the Sydney meet :(
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    JH5 + Ibasso T3 = JH14.5 Type Sound!

    Would you kindly provide a source, or at least PM me. I'm interested in the findings. Cheers. Quote:  
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    LCD-2, LCD-3, Owners and the Music They Love...

    Any Acid Jazz fans? Well I recommend Four80East's en route. It's a great album to relax to.   Enjoy   Also, Kaori Kobayashi- Sunshine. If you can find a HD version. Great Alto Saxophone artist. Note: The video is only a sample. Go find the real version. :)  
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    Win a pair of DUNU Ares and Crius Balanced Armature IEM for free (Winner list released 7/6)

    Yes, very good target marketing. Directly competing with SM3 with the Ares at a low price. Only time will tell, with more reviews and all :)
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    NBA Playoffs!

    Quote: Hope this get Spammed. The king of flops and Mr King Crab dribble. lol  
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