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    DT770 // Darth Beyer questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by elbrickodaviso My main question is whether the DT770s without the mods are pretty decent until I can get the money saved. Yes. The stock DT770-80 is an excellent pair of cans in its own right. Very comfortable, well built, good isolation, great bass...

    How Old Are Your Oldest Cans?

    Quote: Originally Posted by AV8TR JXBJXB, fascinating! You are right -- you described the Superex headphones exactly! There was indeed a silver emblem on each earcup, and in the case of my Superex headphones, they both fell off over time and were lost. Also, the speaker screens look...

    My first serious home stero system is almost complete!

    Quote: Originally Posted by bundee1 I dont think there is a fix for the chroma bug as its inherent to the hardware doing the decoding. Well, not a consumer-level fix that you can do yourself. Evidently, you could send the unit back to Denon for a while and they would fix the bug...

    My first serious home stero system is almost complete!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pibborando Well, I just won a Denon DVD 2800. Sure it doesn't have SCAD or DVD-A but I don't even have surround yet and it doesn't matter that much to me. The best part, it's in great cosmetic shape, works perfect and I got it for $35!!! edit: Ok...

    *******ed Shure E2cs

    Strange. Besides one of my E2C driver enclosures coming apart in halves at one point (just like above poster, superglue fixed that) they've been incredibly durable over three years. I've always kept them in the case. I actually think the thick cable is a strong suit of the design. The only...

    What's (so) G00d about Darth Beyers?

    Quote: Originally Posted by spacemanspliff Open Darths, especially the new ones, are the most fun ever. Soundstage is IMMENSE. Closest thing to a 2.1 setup you can find for your head. Mine are for sale for $1200 all day. lol I'm under the (perhaps misguided) impression that the...

    WTB: Minidisc deck with digital out

    Thanks for the several replies - I've got a line on a deck that will work out well for me. Amazing how quickly a "WTB" posting works!

    Alessandro MS-1 with box, HD414 pads

    Right. Sold to Larry. Thanks!


    Bought a pair of MS-1 from noobie72. Arrived promptly, well packed. A good deal. Thanks.
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    Recommend me a <$400 cartridge?

    Quote: Originally Posted by memepool The consensus does seem to be that there is something lacking in the IV compared to both the V and the II and III if you look at the various forums though. Perhaps it's just down to what arm they are using as I said and perhaps none of them were...
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    Mod idea for HD580's

    Quote: Originally Posted by against Yeah, that's where I got the idea. I decided I wanted something a little more solid than panty hose though... Yeah, that would be me with the whole pantyhose thing. They still sound great - just like HD580's without grilles, which is what I was...
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    Recommend me a <$400 cartridge?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ssportclay Your problem is your 3.4 gram Black Widow which will match best with a vintage cartridge.A Shure V15 type 3 or type 4 is a good option because Jico supports them with their SAS design and not the newer types due to rights issues.Old cartridges...
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    Another 580 mod for your enjoyment - dial up WARNING (photos)

    Side view: The mesh is touching the small circular, hard plastic part of the back of the driver just slightly. Since it is applying next to no pressure, and since it is just touching hard plastic, AND since the interface is between flexible hose mesh and hard plastic, I can't see how...