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    Well, now I feel pretty stupid.

    i've been out of university for 5 years and i STILL have dreams of missing exams. man, hate that feeling. then again, waking up feels really good
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    who do u call when u knocked down a tree.....

    if you manage to get the tree back upright and the roots more or less intact, it should survive. almost all of the trees in my campus got knocked down by a storm bout 6 years ago. tipped them back into place and they're still around to this day.
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    Sennheiser Headphones@ philippines

    i;ve bought most of my stuff online, nothing lost so far. be sure to use EMS whenever possible (international express mail) you have tracking even in the philippines and if below 60 $ value will be delivered right to the recipient's doorstep.
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    Benchmark DAC1 now available with USB

    Quote: Originally Posted by EliasGwinn We have no reason to believe that the life-expectancy of the ROHS compliant DAC1's are any shorter then the non-ROHS versions (which we are no longer manufacturing). thanks for the quick reply elias, your posts are always very helpful...
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    Benchmark DAC1 now available with USB

    sir, i just bought a dac1 usb and i'm very pleased with it one thing though, the one i got is an ROHS compliant version. there is a page in the manual that states that ROHS compliant versions are less reliable in the long term, so much so that extended warrantee only goes to 2 years...
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    Sennheiser Headphones@ philippines

    Quote: Originally Posted by reorx I REALLY gotta register sa wiredstate forums, pero the admin hasnt sent me a confirmation email yet e. Cant wait to exchange war stories with felow pinoy head-fiers...ang hirap mamili ng equipment dito!! hmm thats strange, the email should come...
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    Question About The Imod...

    all 6 points apply even when you use the Dock connector
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    Which earphone for long flights if comfort and noise isolation are your ONLY concern?

    custom IEMs FTW. i've worn mine for a 13 hours flight straight. couldnt hear a baby crying when i had music playing. universals didnt isolate as much and hurt my ears after 4 hours or so. livewires seem to get nice reviews, and they're affordable too. but you cna always go the whole...
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    are there 1 inch mini-mini i/c for portables? try this DIY project. very cool
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    FS: K1000 (serial#7693, in black box)

    uy bossing, post mo sa ws din may mga naghahanap ata dun
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    I love my 650s...what should be next?

    try them out of a balanced amp. folks say thats the everest of 650s
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    Calling all DIY'ers

    not exactly DIY but bluejeanscable offer affordable good quality. mini to mini isnt a standard product but you can contact them via their website to make one for you
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    What artist(s) do you have all their albums?

    rodrigo y gabriela
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    the rapture - pieces of the people we love - cool!

    surprisingly good quality recording for modern rock lots of little soft details for the 650 and the k1000 to play with. plus, groovy, gets you moving tunes
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    Cheap, but good balanced amp. .Full balanced Gilmore headphone amplifier .Two Dynahi power supplies .Dynahi output stage .Single 4-channel stepped attenuator .Silver solder .Milled Volume Knob .430mm x 305mm x 67mm .Weight : 7Kg this looks pretty good. do the specs...