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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. Fatdoi
    you may like to check out Currawong's review on Lyr3... he explained it in quite a lot of detail

  2. BuddhaBruce
    What is the warranty on ZMF headphones? Does the warranty transfer?
  3. LCMusicLover
    Warranty: Lifetime for Driver, (??? for the rest) -- from ZMF webpage.
    No, per some earlier discussion in this thread IIRC. If you search 'transfer' in this thread, you can find the discussion.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2018
  4. LCMusicLover
    I realize there's a question embedded in that answer:

    Whose lifetime? Mine? Zach's? The driver's? :beyersmile:
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  5. BuddhaBruce
    I suppose I was wondering about other parts than the driver, like the cups or hardware. (i.e. Hifiman gimbals breaking haha)
  6. ProfFalkin
    Oops, posted a review in the wrong thread. Moved to here.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2018
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  7. prosnowboarder
    Have a blackwood auteur and eikon for sale.. Will be using the electro bay if I can't soon get privileges to post in the headfi for sale section. Pm me if interested
  8. Regnum
    if you don't manage to get to post in sale section you could try R/AVexchange, theres actually someone buying eikons there as well.
  9. canali
    i'm going to have a listen to the focal clear and lcdx2 tomorrow.

    i just sold my fostex ebony thx00..want something more refined sounding
    and is versatile with many genres.
    too bad my local retailer doesn't carry the zmf auteur too (i know only direct sales)
    as i've heard plenty good things on them.
    the massdrop HFM edition xx also interests me.

    problem is: i only have my chord mojo...so i know i'll have to update to a better separate dac/amp
    in a few months too: prob looking at 3k there./used market.

    so has anyone here compared the sq of zmf auteur, lcd2c and focal clear?
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
  10. prosnowboarder
    Much appreciated:grin:my friend! Saw a Blackwood Auteur and a couple Eikons already listed but luckily I am not asking much for mine so they should sell sooner than later. I will try there asap. I wanted to get in on the preorder of the Verite but I may just have to wait until the next wave once these sell.

    btw I just want to say the Blackwood Auteur has changed my life and my mind on the headphone world in so many good ways and it was such a relief to receive such a work of art after returning and trying numerous headphones supposedly in it's class. These are the most well rounded, surprisingly fun and neutral and most beautifully and meticulously designed hp out even far above its value.

    I haven't tried many higher end hps but these have left me so satisfied i didn't want to until the Verite. Since it is a zmf and the next step up from the auteur I have to do it. I'm just worried I'll miss something about the Auteur once I have the Verite. I'm still confident the Verite will be much like the Auteur so I couldn't justify keeping both.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
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  11. LCMusicLover
    Have you seen this post:


    on the Verite thread from Zach? He says (in reference to Auteur vs Verite):
    '...quite different' to me suggests some caution before replacing Auteur w/ Verite.

    To add to that, folks on other sites have posted impressions referring to Verite as 'more colored than Auteur' and 'Japanese colored', which apparently translates to W-shaped, bringing vocals (especially female vocals) up in the mix.

    I'm not suggesting that Verite won't be wonderful. Just saying that it's not a straight upgrade from Auteur.
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  12. ProfFalkin
    This is very good advice.
  13. jgwtriode
    Yes so it is perhaps worthwhile and maybe even necessary to own both.....LOL!
  14. prosnowboarder
    much appreciated advice as I haven't been the best of friend to my Auteurs and I'm thinking the scratches will cause me to sell them too low.
    I do think the Eikon and Auteur have similar enough of sound for me to give up the Eikons and luckily they are in excellent condition since I've been so hooked to the Autuer.
    Still they do each have their special flavors but I Love the Auteur"s benefits over the Eikon"s.

    Will probably have the Eikons up for grabs in a day or two.
    One more thing.... I have a gumby and lyr3 and have been wanting to get a good tube for the zmf's specifically the auteur. Has anyone experimented with this combo?
  15. Liu Junyuan
    What do you like about the Auteur over the Eikon?
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