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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. Panimation
    Zach posted this in another thread.
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  2. matti55
    Anyone that can recommend me a good tube amp for the Auteur(as well as the AFO) in the $500 range?
  3. jinxy245
    There are lots of options, some may be better than others depending on taste. You might want to give a hint as to the sound signature you're looking for.
  4. LCMusicLover
    Interested to hear what might be recommended, given the big difference in impedance.
  5. matti55
    Honestly, I don't have anything specific in mind, mainly looking for something that may add some color given that what I currently have is a Magni/Modi combo, which I've heard doesn't play well with the AFO. I've also heard the Auteur may benefit from a tube amp so just looking for general recommendations.
  6. Liu Junyuan
    La Figaro 339 (purchased second hand) or Bottlehead Crack come to mind. Speaking from experience, the former is an excellent pairing. For a more neutral sound and more budget friendly option, you might look at the Valhalla 2.
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  7. thecrow
    Avoid any otl amps for the AFO and other low impedance headphones

    I have a woo wa2 for my hd800 amd auteur but thats no good for low end mp headphones.

    I now have a cayin iha6 for those others
  8. Fatdoi
    With your price range, the Lyr3 can be an option... And I think the Lyr is best bang for buck for hybrid tube but whether it can drive the Auteur to its max potential not too sure.. Otherwise you'll need spend much more in the OTL world..
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2018
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  9. thecrow
    that might be a good way to go to fit into the budget

    there appears to be some good reports re the lyr 3 and there is a range of members in that thread using a range of headphones with the lyr3
  10. ProfFalkin
    I use the Lyr 3 at work with the Eikon / Auteur, and it is excellent. I would readily recommend it. Just budget an extra $80 for a good tube, like the Ken Rad VT231 black glass, Sylvania Bad Boy, or (if you can find one) Westinghouse Reliatron D-getter. Honestly, that can be put off for a while, as the stock russian tubes are quite serviceable.
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  11. matti55
    Thanks guys, some interesting recommendations. Leaning towards the Lyr 3 I think.
  12. Liu Junyuan
    When making my original recommendation, I didn't see that you were also looking to drive your AFO. The Lyr 3 makes a lot of sense then.
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  13. matti55
    That's good to know. Have you heard both the Lyr and Valhalla? Is Lyr as neutral as Valhalla is described?
  14. Benjamin6264
    I'm considering getting a pair of Auteurs...does anyone have experience pairing them with a Bottlehead Crack (+ Speedball)?
  15. Liu Junyuan
    I owned the original Lyr for nearly three years, but I have not heard the Lyr 3, which is supposed to be a huge step up from the original. What I understand is that the Lyr 3 shares the raw power and versatility of the original Lyr while being more capable of bringing out more micro-details. Other than that, they are pretty much completely different amps.

    I have had the Valhalla 2 (not the original) in my system for a couple of weeks. I really liked that amp, particularly for the price. As I said, it is relatively neutral in presentation and has a very nice holographic, spacious image with a slight sense of sweetness in the mids. I don't think it would be a particularly good pairing with the AFO. I would think it would make a fantastic pairing with the Auteur.
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