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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. Lifted Andreas

    Ooh post your impressions when they arrive mate.
  2. Drhonker
    Im about to purchase my first set of tenores, my previous bassos did me well and i know the community seems to be more in favor if the tenores. Let the 2-3 week shipping wait BEGIN :D :eek:
  3. Lurk650

    May wanna take a look at

    Easy New Original LZ Z03A Hifi Stereo Dynamic In-ear Earbuds Heave Bass Noise Cancelling Earphones Headphones with Microphone
    (from AliExpress Android)
  4. originalsnuffy
    Faith audio (Or whoever the name is for the lz a2 creator) seems to be introducing multiple models right now
  5. Grayson73
    I prefer the Tenore to Singolo because the Singolo is a single BA and lacks the dynamic bass that is required for pop music.  For other genres, people may like Singolo more.
    Lurk650 likes this.
  6. Lifted Andreas
    Yeah thats why I am a bit confused whether to buy the Z03a or not. They might release another IEM in the next month haha [​IMG]
  7. Raketen
    BX500 is nice so far- very sensitive- picks up hiss more than my 2000J [​IMG]- defninitely a midsybut not particularly colored signature, with recessed (volume-wise) but smooth and decently extended treble and bass that thumps more than I expected (not that expectations were high). A very 'clean' sound which might be anticipated from a single BA design- Suffers with music that can sound congested in the uppermid/treble range like noisy rock with a lot of guitar distortion or really dense sections in classical- rather decent with pop/acoustics if you like your vocals forward, as well as electronic stuff so far.
    For my intended purpose of podcast listening at low volumes while retaining vocal intelligibility, I think it fits the bill nicely (though the housing is larger than I would prefer, bigger than Tenore IIRC), and is also quite decent for most music if not the most engaging sound. It's been a while since I had them, but from memory I think Tenores rate some level above BX500 in most categories while also being more affordable, so BX500 is probably more of a niche signature option than a secret budget-king. Definitely good enough to make me want to try all the other ZA models.
  8. awanday
    Just received the tenore from Japan!!
    Unbelievable sound!!
    The sound is so smooth and the vocal is right in front of you!
    its quite good when listening classical music no matter a recital or a symphony
    The full sound of the tenore made my ER4b & PFE111 sounds so thin.
    it might not be as analytical as the ER4&PFE but it's still a more comfortable sound with excellent details
    I admit the timbre of tenore is similar to the HD600 but the treble is more extended and more thickness on my HD600
    james444 and Lurk650 like this.
  9. Lifted Andreas

    Congrats mate, the Tenore are so so smooth. Kinda miss my pair tbh, rip smooth sound lol
  10. awanday
    Besides the smooth sound
    I love its bass impact when listening piano
    I think it is very accurate when listening piano
  11. NuckinFutz

    Yeah the timbre of the tenore is superb
  12. Zeebit
    Anyone feels like their tenore's bass goes away with age?
    I've had mine for over a year now and I feel like there isn't as much bass as before. A while back I've removed the mesh filter because they got clogged and I've stuffed some cotton down the nozzle. This did not affect the bass as I far as I can remember. The mids and highs are just as smooth as they were though. 

    I'm a little disappointed right now and I want to buy a new pair but my current ones are just fine except for the bass.
  13. EISENbricher
    Yup, the beauty of warm, smooth sound. Single BAs are always great at resolution but take a big hit at sounding fuller. You would love Monks if you are digging this sound signature, just saying.
  14. Lurk650
    Yeah I love mine, something about their tonality and smoothness. Though, I probably wouldn't buy another pair. better IEMs for the same price or even cheaper
  15. Akmola Lola
    Got myself a Final Audio Design Heaven II, and it sounded so different from Tenore. Heaven II sounded much brighter and warmer, but totally lack of bass while Tenore, albeit not as much bright and crisp like Heaven II, do have punch is the bass section.
    Im yet to test my Tenore with my newly bought Fiio Q1+Fiio M3.... 
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