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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. Lifted Andreas

    Here I present to you... the new and amazing Zero Audio Composite Dynamic IEMs made from a blend of Carbon and Aluminium:


    Carbo Tenore and Carbo Basso




    As we all know Japan is pretty much the leading manufacturer of new Audio tech at the moment. Now a company called Zero Audio have released some amazing new IEMs, which can really play with the big boys like Sony and Audio Technica.


    Both of these have an amazing sleek look with their Carbon and Aluminium bodies. [​IMG]
















    Type: Micro-dynamic

    Driver: 5.78mm

    Plug: Stereo mini-plug 3.5mm [type L] Code: OFC Cord 1.2m [type Y] Mass: 3.2g (excluding cord)

    Output sound pressure level: 

    Play frequency: 8Hz ~ 24.000Hz

    Maximum input: 150mW ※ IEC standards (International Electrotechnical Commission)

    Impedance: 16Ω

    Accessories: Silicone tips of each size S/M/L, carrying pouch














    Type: Dynamic

    Driver: 8.5mm

    Plug: Stereo mini-plug 3.5mm [type L] Code: OFC Cord 1.2m [type Y] Mass: 4.8g (excluding cord)

    Output sound pressure level: 

    Play frequency: 6Hz ~ 24.000Hz

    Maximum input: 200mW ※ IEC standards (International Electrotechnical Commission)

    Impedance: 16Ω

    Accessories: Silicone tips of each size - S/M/L, carrying pouch




    Zero Audio websitehttp://www.zeroaudio.jp


    Both models can be purchased at round about the same price either through Amazon.co.jp - HERE! You will need to have your own forwarding service set up, like Tenso for example. 


    Or you can try to get them from White Rabbit Express for a similar pricehttp://whiterabbitexpress.com/zh-dx200-ct/


    Also you can just search on your local eBay, there are a couple of sellers with the Zero Audio products. It will be slightly more expensive though, as expected!




    Best tips to use:


    MEElectronics M6 (same as Brainwavz R1) double-flanges found here - http://www.meelec.com/category_s/379.htm

    and here - http://www.meelec.com/MEElectronics_Eartips_p/ts1-df-35-cl.htm


    They can be had for cheaper on eBay here (thanks to Grayson73 for pointing this out!) - http://www.ebay.com/itm/MEElectronics-Eartips-for-Sports-Fi-S6-M6-M6P-A161P-A151-earphones-Black-/130745455297

    and here - http://www.ebay.com/itm/MEElectronics-Eartips-for-Sports-Fi-S6-M6-M6P-A161P-A151-earphones-Clear-/140821138554









    d marc0 - Carbo Basso Impressions

    waynes world - Carbo Basso Thoughts and Niggles

    Mackem - Carbo Basso Love At First Listen

    doctorjazz - Carbo Tenore Impressions and Comparisons (ATH CKN70, JVC FXD80, Sony XBA3 and Westone 4)

    DannyBai - Initial Carbo Tenore Impressions and 1st ever Tenore + Basso comparison

    DannyBai - Short Tenore & Basso vs. GR07 & FXZ200 round-up

    DannyBai - VSD1 vs. Basso vs. Tenore extra quick comparison














    My impressions and review of the Carbo Tenore are coming hopefully in a week's time as I already have them on order from Amazon JP, bought on 22-05-2013. I'm really expecting them to be close if not better than my Yamaha EPH-100. [​IMG]




    EDIT (29-05-2013)


    Finally! Here are my very first Out Of The Box impressions of Carbo Tenore:






  2. waynes world
    Oooh, you're good - and fast! This spot is mine, all mine! (reserved for some DX210 Basso thoughts/impressions)
    Edit: for my impressions of the Basso's, see d mark0's thoughts here - they are spot on! I will add more impressions, but those pretty much sum it up.
    Lifted Andreas likes this.
  3. Lifted Andreas
    Thats just how I roll!! [​IMG]
    Let the hype train leave the station. Now we just need DannyBai and other Basso users in here lol
  4. Mackem
    My Carbo Bassos were dispatched on the 15th from Japan, so I'll be sure to give my impressions when I get them. Massive upgrade over my FX101s :)
  5. Lifted Andreas
    Wow, awesome! I bet you're well excited. xD
    Did you use Amazon JP?
    PS. My Carbo Tenores have been dispatched Internationally today from Tenso! [​IMG]
  6. d marc0
    Just reposting my initial thoughts that was posted on the Discovery Thread...
    I won't cover anything else aside from the sound because I believe Ds has that covered in his previous review of the Carbo Basso.
    This is my impression straight out of the box and changed the tip with Meelec double flange tips (Update: 25/05/13 - D's was right; the Bassos sound better with narrow bore tips. I'm currently using the stock tips and the bass is much tighter and well defined.).
    Source: Ipod Touch 5Gen
    Amp: FiiO E11 (EQ: 0; Gain: low)
    One word: WOW! This pair has the most authoritative bass I've ever heard in an IEM. Very clean, goes really deep and just right in between Punchy and Boomy bass. To me it's just perfect... I now hear a lot of micro details in the lower frequencies (details that I didn't really notice with the XBA 3). This reminds me of the FX3X bass but more refined and detailed. Listening to Megadeth's Kill the King and this can really handle with heavy metal speed. Not as fast as the XBA 3 but the timbre and decay is so much more authentic. Double bass kicks sounded so good, exactly how you hear it on a live concert!
    Midrange is so smooth and just about right... not as forward as the XBA 3 but (Update: 25/05/13 - After 100 hrs of break-in or maybe brain burn-in, the mids and highs are now more open and details are quite clear to me. Mids are more forward and better than the MH1c/XBA3.) is never lacking and it doesn't disappoint. It doesn't leave you wanting for more because it's there. But for those who love vocals tho, especially female vocals; this may not be the right IEM for you. Mids are not forward enough to highlight female vocals. These phones are not for those who focus on a particular component in a song: may it be guitars, drums, or vocals; this IEM is for those who listen to a song as a whole and have fun with the entire presentation.
    Buttery smooth... think about MH1c with further refinement/tuning. I just love how this pair NEVER reaches sibilance. I've thrown every pitchy song in my collection and not once did this pair sounded sibilant. If you have songs by pitchy female artists such as Taylor Swift or Avril Lavigne, this IEM is the solution. I turned up the volume all the way to the top (w/o amp) and their voices didn't go overboard! I believe I can listen to the Carbo Basso all night long and I'd never feel fatigue. It doesn't have the detailed precision of the XBA 3 and CKN70, but on the other hand: it doesn't have the artificial peaky sound either. Just smooth and refined highs with enough detail to produce a fun yet non-strident music.
    While midrange and treble where not spectacular (like CKN70), the details in the bass department will more than make up for it. This is not an analytical IEM and should never be evaluated as one. As a fun IEM, this delivers more than what's expected. Compared to the XBA 3, the Sony excels in the high frequencies but the DX210 owns the XBA 3 in the lower frequencies. (Update: 25/05/13 - After 100 hrs of break-in or maybe brain burn-in, the mids and highs are now more open and details are quite clear to me. Highs - tho not as good as the CKN70, it is good enough for a VERY satisfying listening session.)
    I'm loving the DX210... This is not a neutral/analytical IEM but a fun and well balanced BASS IEM. It will not replace my XBA 3 but it will definitely get heaps of ear-time because it's just so much fun to listen to. You can really enjoy each and every song in your playlist. That amazing bass even transforms classic acts such as England Dan and John Ford Coley and make their songs sound like they've just been recorded in the recent years. As a result, those oldies don't sound so out of place when they play right after a modern pop song. For $42, I'd say the Zero Audio Carbo Basso DX210 is worth MORE than what I paid for. [​IMG]
    My apologies for not providing more details as I am still a novice at this... but I do know when a pair of cans sounds good/bad. A big thanks to Dsnuts for this discovery, it is an awesome IEM for the price indeed!
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  7. Lifted Andreas
    @d marc0 Great impressions, thanks for your contribution mate!

    On another note, my Tenores have just left Tokyo exchange...


    Woo, the giant killers are on their way to me! :D
  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    Good call on the appreciation thread. I think these deserve it. Happy listening fellas
  9. Lifted Andreas

    Cheers dude!

    Any chance you can repost your impressions on them here too?

    That way I can link everyone's reviews/impressions in the OP.
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    Never really did a good impression. Just reconfirmed what Danny wrote..I do enjoy them much however.. Look forward to what you guys have to say about the Tenores..Will definitely support this thread and will have some comparisons I can do to add.
    Lifted Andreas likes this.
  11. Lifted Andreas

    Ah ok mate, thanks for all your support. Hope your exams are going well too.

    So far I seem to be the only one who would choose the Tenores, hopefully that will change after I post my impressions on them.

    Where is DannyBai, hope he finds out about this thread soon lol
  12. doctorjazz
    I have the Tenores, posted some impressions on the Discovery thread (don't have the Basso, tempted, but have so much STUFF already). Anyway, a quick recap...they are fun to listen to, have a very wide soundstage to my ears, good detail/imaging. I felt the mids on these were somewhat recessed (could still need breakin), when a lot is going on, complex passages, many instruments, vocals seem recessed. Still, I do pull them out and enjoy listening to them better than some more "accurate" iems.
  13. DannyBai
    Looking forward to more impressions on the Tenores. Disappointing that the mids are recessed. I find the Basso's mids to be very good. Great idea to start this thread.
    Lifted Andreas likes this.
  14. waynes world
    And the bass. And the treble! [​IMG]
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    Just listened to my FX3X for the first time in months. Been a while but I wrote some comparisons to the DX210 here. http://www.head-fi.org/t/586909/the-discovery-thread-new-jant71s-take-on-the-new-ath-clr100-pg-618-zero-audio-carbo-basso-pg-601/10095#post_9467559
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