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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. Raketen
  2. Lurk650
    Yeah the TK12 is $120, will be $100 during AE sale. It's a dual BA plus one Dynamic and it's excellent
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  3. Akmola Lola
    just purchased it from AliExpress for $90 after minus $6 vouchers. csnt wait to get my hands on it. thx for the reccomendation mate.
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  4. oMalakai
    I think that a year has passed and they are still going strong. Definitely one of the best buys that I have done.
    Went to an audio store to test other earphones and it felt really good to try plenty of them, on the $150 range and similar, and never notice a huge difference between those and the Tenore. Definitely one of the best bang for the buck earphones ever!
    Thanks Head Fi.
  5. Lurk650
    Got mine last Oct or Nov, haven't used them much over the past few months. Looked at them a couple weeks ago and there is a slight tear near the plug. Oh well
  6. Akmola Lola
    Too bad man.. its just a slight tear, wont affect it much i think. if its me, id just tape it with electrical tape.
  7. Akmola Lola
    i just did a one song comparison between Tenore (40 dollars) and Heaven II(90 dollars) out of curiosity as i own both.
    Song - Rock Bankuwarase by Maximum The Hormone
    I hate to admit it, albeit both are having different drivers, and are ultimately aimed for different kind of sound, Tenore sounded better overall....
    Heaven II - much brighter sound, clean mids and high as expected, lows and bass are smooth but not overpowering but sometimes lacking, although its quality on highs are superb, the sound of cymbals and instruments are so crystal clear 
    Tenore - though not as bright and as high as Heaven II, you dont really notice it unless you just listended to a Heaven II type iem.. but the lows and mids are clear, so much detail, smooth... the bass are so fluid... 
    loving my tenore more now haha its a complete earphone imo.. 
  8. SoundTown
    Got my Carbo Tenore two weeks ago and have been using it on and off. What is immediately striking about the Tenore is how very un-striking everything is...
    The Tenore is incredibly inoffensive and smooth across the whole frequency. Very good technical performance but sometimes I find myself falling asleep to the music I'm listening to. Strangely enough for someone who's very sensitive to treble, I have quite a few pieces of gear in my collection that can be considered to have high energy in the treble, so I'm not quite used to the Tenore's very tame, slightly rolled-off highs. I have the Alessandro MS2 (currently trying to mod the heck out of the pads), the M50x (use on occasion) and the IM70, to name the stuff I have with more forward treble.
    I think I'll like the Tenore after some time of listening. They are indeed shockingly technical for their price. Just have to get a little used to it and hopefully not fall asleep while doing so. :p
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  9. Lurk650
    Yeah I constantly fall asleep listening to them. They are my relaxation set lol
  10. esm87
    Hey guys, how do these carbo basso and tenore compare to the sony ex650?

    I ordered the vibro ARIA this week but wont get it for a few weeks. I dont really get along with the ex650 so thinking of picking up one of these models while I wait lol
  11. SoundTown
    Ah, in that case yes I'll very quickly agree with you, relaxing is what the Carbo Tenore are. I'm noticing though that it's very much still not a slacker and can keep up with some of my faster sounding songs. Very enjoyable, just is a matter of finding what in particular I'd prefer to listen on them. Cable is proving to be worrying with how fragile it seems, but I think it is still a very worthy buy for people who handle IEMs with care.
  12. SoundTown
    I have no experience with the EX650 but I can tell you that the Tenore is:
    1) Very smooth and balanced, with tight bass
    2) Very small in profile and hence very comfortable
    3) Has very insignificant strain relief and thin, fragile feeling cables. Rough and Carbo Tenore are two concepts that would never get along.
    That's the TLDR on the Tenore, don't own the Basso so can't personally comment.
    Out of curiosity, what do you not like about the EX650? Always had a passing interest on the EX budget line but never seemed to act on that interest. Never tried or owned any of the Sony IEMs with the EX model names.
  13. esm87
    hey buddy, I really cant pon point what it is cos alot of people love them and think theyre great value.

    Maybe I find them somewhat dark and because theyre made of brass, its as though i can tell they have a somewhat metallic sounding bass or something. I really dont know.

    Sometimes I like them other times I dont, I can say the fit is great on them though, the tip is angled and they go deep in the ear.

    I dont want to run them down I jus dont know why I dont get along with them all the time its strange, not sure lol
  14. SoundTown
    Hmm Sony earphones and headphones do seem to be on the darker side, the ones I've tried at least. Maybe you'd like more clarity in your IEMs? Just a guess.
    The brass housing could mean resonance is bouncing around the ear piece, which could create harsh treble and/or overwhelming bass? I'm not an audio engineer so I don't quite know haha
    Don't worry about not liking the EX650, if they're not "the one" for you then maybe they just aren't. I've had this issue with my ME Electronics M6P Sport earphones, since they have splashy mids that I sometimes found irritating. That was an earphone that constantly made me wonder if I should've just spent more.
    If you're still wondering about whether to get the Tenore, I think they're a very safe choice. However, if you want better build or more excitement in your music, like more bass, more energetic mids and/or more treble, you may want to look at other options. For more bass, perhaps the Basso. For more bass + more detail perhaps the new updated Vsonic VSD3S. JVC also may have good offerings.
    Alternatively, you could stick with the EX650 and think about it a little more, that's always the smart thing to do. If you decide the EX650 is something you can live with, that's saving you some extra dosh. :)
  15. esm87
    well I recently bought the RHA T20i as an upgrade and the sound was obviously better but I wanted a bigger improvement in sound quality.

    I pre ordered the vibro labs Aria this week. Theres a review on here of them if you ain't familiar with them.

    When ai had the T20 and directly compared to the ex650 It was apparent how dark and tinny sounding the ex650 were. Probably not the correct way to compare as it will make any differences more apparent
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