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Zero Audio - ZH-DX200 Carbo Tenore | ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso (Carbon & Aluminium IEM) thread

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  1. rambomhtri
    Why these earphones would get broken if washed?
    Considering the washing machine has not destroyed them by pulling the cable and ripping it apart... why would water damage them?
    I mean, if you dry them, they should be OK, right?
    It's not an electrical device with a lot of volts where water can cause shorts and then these shorts cause damage to electronic parts. So, why?
  2. Aevum
    a) its not distilled water, its normal water with soap in it, meaning the headphone is full of crap, dirt from the cloths, soap residue and whatever else was diluted in the water.
    b) metals rust when exposied to water
    c) the heat and movement from the washing machine probobly distorted and damaged the inside.
    Personly i would stick them in rice or silica gel and give them a few days to see if they recover before tossing them out.
  3. EISENbricher
    Lol tell me that you're kidding! Water, and especially soap water would severely damage the diaphragm, which is really fragile. If not broken then at least it'd leave the soap deposit which would later mess up the metals and alter the sound.
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  4. Lifted Andreas
    Guys, please look at the picture more carefully. Especially pay close attention to the close right corner, you will notice that the cable has been ripped and broken.
    Thanks for trying to give me suggestions to revive my Tenores, but sadly I have unintentionally murdered them and I will burn in budget audio hell.... I'm sure of it.
    Even IF the cable was torn to shreds, the damage to the speaker units themselves is beyond any kind of repair.
  5. james444 Contributor

    Provided the cable survives the treatment, the rest is ime a matter of luck. My IE8 have been through the washing machine twice and are still going strong...
  6. EISENbricher
    Get KZ HDS3, the sound signature is freakishly similar to Tenore, except that HDS3 has slightly stronger bass. The airy highs are nicely equal and lovely. 
  7. Lifted Andreas

    Thanks mate I'm looking at them now on AliX.

    So many stores though with a substantial price difference, so not sure where to order from tbh.
  8. wes1099
    Other than that would you say they are sufficiently durable? I am thinking about buying a pair of tenores/bassos. If I am currently using ATH-IM50's and like them, should I go for the tenore or for the basso?
    I accidentally washed my Brainwavz M4 4 times and they still worked until my dog got a hold of them.
  9. Lifted Andreas
    Yeah they are very durable (I was just unlucky and stupid not to check my pockets before putting something in the wash). Before the accident I had owned them for about 2 and a half years in total and didint really take that much of a good care of them. Never had any issues whatsoever, Tenore will go down in my books as one of the most reliable IEMs I've ever owned.
    With regards to your Tenore/Bassos question, just look at the poll results. Tenore are the clear winner here. :wink:
  10. EISENbricher
    Tenores don't suffer from material quality/degrading issues such as stiffening of cable over time, wearing out rubber at joints, etc.

    My Havi B3 seemed really strong, sturdy. But they aged horribly.
    Compared to these the older Tenores, which are now about 1.5 years old are as good as new. I use these occasionally.
    Lifted Andreas likes this.
  11. Akmola Lola
    is ICONS and Tenores comparable?
    ive been using Tenores for some time now and actually favoring it more than my FAD Adagio 2.
  12. journeyy
    I ordered the JVC Spiral Dot tips, hopefully i'll get a more consistent seal with them. Otherwise i do like the Tenore now for laid-back listening and TV shows etc.
  13. OliverBB
    From my experience, I kept losing the seal with the largest stock tips however with the Large Spiral Dots the seal was definitely improved. Added a little more bass too. 
  14. Lifted Andreas
    I've said it previously, and I maintain my opinion that the Icons are a complete upgrade to the Tenores.
    Sadly I cant do anymore A/B'ing since my Tenores have now been buried. :frowning2:
  15. Akmola Lola
    Now i need to find it! thanks for your remarks, im also thinking its an upgrade, and the design looked normal unlike Xiaomi In Ear Earphone Pro* that has a fitting that dont really fit all ears.
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