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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. campj
    You view the music in your collection that's 320 kbps as inferior.
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  2. nonamodnar
    When you shave your head to get a better seal of your circumaural ...
    I got weird looks from everyone but heck . . . my 'phone sounds more mesmerizing this way.
  3. SkitZ0
    funny I read this when I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow.
  4. Fox2twenty
    I think this falls under, "You know you spend too much time in the portable forum when.."
    When I realize that I now spend more time looking at people's ears than at their face.  Then judging the size of the tragus and anti-tragus, then wondering if they ever use custom-iems, and then realizing I'm daydreaming about iems instead of listening to what's happening around me.
  5. Gallade475
    When you are devastated whenever you discover that your favorite song is riddled with clipping.
    Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
  6. reeltime
    When THIS happens:
  7. Fox2twenty
    guess I'm not an audiophile yet[​IMG] but I WISH I had that setup!
  8. Parall3l
    When you are concerned with the sound of your non-audio related possessions.
  9. streetdragon
    when you make a mental note of what headphones you have seen when walking around the city with our own pair of senns when on holiday[​IMG]
    Sennheiser HD202 x3
    Logitech UE6000
    Sennheiser HD448
    Sennheiser HD438
    Sennheiser HD515
    Bose QC15
    Beats pro x2
    Beats Solo x5
    Beats Studio 
    Sony x4 ( MDR ZX600, unsure what models the others are)
    AKG (not sure if K420,K450,or K451)
    Audio technica ANC7b
    and many ibuds and other many other earphones (not so experienced with iem's/earbuds)
  10. Nixon
    I do the same, basically become a headphone twitcher, More than a bit tempted to start writing them down. Best I've seen so far were a set of Parrot Zik's.
  11. Emospence
    Bah >.<
  12. haquocdung
    You know you are an audiophile when your friend ask you which headphone should they get, and your answer immediately with your dream headphone but can't afford without any thinking. 
  13. pelli
    When you have spent a LOT of time contemplating the appropriate time to wait after sex before putting your headphones back on.
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  14. VisceriousZERO

    They fell off or...?
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  15. pelli
    HaHaHa!  Well played!!!
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