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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. Coop
    Actually, that's more of a decision than my clothing... With clothes I usually go with 'whatever is on top of the stack'.
  2. VisceriousZERO
    You know you're an audiophile when your idea of a good time is kicking off your shoes on the couch listening to headphones.
  3. Nixon
    When your plan to recoup £9k of student loan is to copy 900 Cd's for the university library, estimating that each ones worth a tenner. 30 down, 870 to go. 
  4. Sandy987
    You know you're well on your way to become an audiophile when after you get sick of having iBuds falling out of your ear, you buy a pair of HD448's on clearance and then realise how much you've been missing out. This was nearly 2 years ago, now I've invested in a nice sound card for my computer, a FiiO E06 and am about to order a pair of ATH-M50's once the next paycheck rolls in.
  5. VisceriousZERO

    That happened to me the day i left beats to listen to sennheisers.

    Life never was the same again.
  6. GL1TCH3D

    Welcome to head-fi!
    We apologize for your wallet.
  7. takato14
    May I suggest a different headphone?
    Try an AKG K240 Studio. Much better than the M50 IMHO, and it'll gain much more from amping than the M50. It's also about $50 cheaper. In my experience the M50s actually sound worse amped because it brings out the mids... which are atrocious.
    The highs on the K240 Studio are absolutely stunning, and the overall sound is very warm and laid-back. The M50 has sharp highs that smack you across the face and the overall sound isn't particularly well-detailed or textured. 
    The M50 works with everything but classical and jazz if I remember correctly, and the K240 S works well with everything I've tried. The K240 is also EXTREMELY comfortable, AKG makes the most comfortable headphones ever. One thing to note is that the K240 is semi-open/vented, so not AS good isolation as the M50. However, I've found that it is still pretty good at attenuating outside noise provided there's not a concert going on.
    Just something to think about. You know you're an audiophile when you try to give others advice on the headphones they should buy, audiophile or otherwise.
  8. Malevolent
    Welcome to the audiophile world, where nothing every truly satisfies you. Take my word for it. [​IMG]
  9. linglingjr
    The day I realized this was a very, very sad day.  I'm sure if I am ever lucky enough to buy a nice elctrostatic rig there will still be some feature in some song I can say "If only this was better..."
    When you finish downloading CCR and The Beatles discographies in FLAC you know exactly what you'll be doing for the next few hours [​IMG]
  10. Sandy987


    While I appreciate the advice (and I'm sure you know what you're talking about) I can't actually get the AKG's for any cheaper than the M50's (actually it would be considerably more expensive). Oh the pains of living in New Zealand >.<.

    Also, I would prefer a completely closed headset, since I use my headphones both on the go and at home.
  11. crossjeremiah
    i work full time and 80% of that is going to hi-fi gear. current project is the custom - iems. I bought used $550 JH-13s off here, used $320 Pico Slim, interconnect from chris_himself asked him to make the best on he could make $105, audiologist appointment $55, and unique melody remold is $200 depends on what i want .  Roughly $1300 spent on this. If I told people I spent this much on headphone equipment in the past month, they would freak. xD
  12. takato14
    Well you'll love the M50s. I absolutely adored them when I first started my audiophile journey.
    Personally I don't like perfect isolation, with the K240s I can keep a conversation with my friends if I choose by turning the volume down, but the isolation is still good enough to completely block out everything at normal volumes. The M50s and headphones like it will drown out voices no matter how quiet your music is.
    Good luck!
  13. takato14
    You know you're an audiophile when you listen to an old song you used to love, and when it first starts you get chills, but then the vocals start and you hear how crappy the guy's voice is and how little depth there really is in the music... 3 parts, and only 2 if you don't count the vocals...
  14. BBBS
    Sir. yes.
  15. Argyris Contributor
    That's kind of how I feel about a lot of the more mainstream stuff I used to listen to a lot. After a decade (or two) it gets played out, and there just isn't much left to occupy my interest anymore. Contrast that to some of the more complex music I listen to (or some of it that is just so beautiful in its simplicity), and that's pretty much why about 40% of my music library never gets played anymore. I keep it around just for completion's sake, and just in case I ever want to listen again for some reason.
    You know you're an audiophile when you start classifying music by its production in addition to its genre.
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