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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. Snuffelkees
    Managed to get my hands on one too. Have to agree with Weithulu about the sound. I have both the v2 and v3 Pistons. (prefer to use the v3 because of comfort but like the sound of the v2 more) and this will def. replace them. it has the comfort of the v3 with improved sound of the v2. 
    if only they put the remote on the same place as the v2 (but that's personal)
    they're indeed RMB 99 (but the v3 are RMB 69 now) but worth the money. 
  2. Redcarmoose
    On a slightly random note, it will be interesting to read how they scale. The Piston 3s have a grand ability to scale-up to a point with nicer home equipment or complicated portable rigs.

    In this up-scale the Piston 3s showed an increase in bass control and bass-centric soundstage over simple iPhone use. IMO.

    I have only had one pair of dual armature IEMs before, and they scaled?
  3. DaveLT
    1More makes the hybrid for xiaomi or at least the design. and the headphone .. which is like some kind of blingy SR80 from what it looks like
    Unfortunately unlike many here in this thread,
    I have never liked the 2.0, it has too much mid-treble (around 4KHz) and perhaps too much bass once I EQ'd out the mid-treble.
    I was kinda forced to use it since my favorite pair of IEMs died on me.
    Then I killed it inadvertently. /facepalm
    I found another pair of 2.0s this time in silver/white. This time it had a net so no wax gunking up your piston's driver.
    The mid treble hump was partially fixed but it was still sort of there.
    If the hybrid is anything like the 2.0 I think I'm not gonna be impressed. The only IEM I have ever found that truly has the sound signature I've been looking for is the HZSound HZ2M. 
  4. arcwindz
    If i can find this for cheap i'll buy it again. My third xiaomi lol
  5. wolf230
    Lot's of re-sellers offers it @ 20$ (shipping included) ... i thinks it's very affordable
  6. DaveLT
    I took the plunge.
  7. ezekiel77
    So the sound is an obvious V-shape. Hmm... sort of expected it. A lot of hybrids have the tendency to show off their bass and cloud the mids. Ex XBA-H3 owner here. Still a very good price, but I think the neutralish Pistons 3 tuning is more for me.
  8. Ira Delphic
    I loved the fit (not necessarily the design) of the 2, for my ears the 3's aren't compfortable with the stock tips. I'll pass on the new hybrid - which I was looking forward too. Of course ymmv in regard to fit. Put me in the minority - I liked/like the sound of the 2's. Recently picked up my 3rd pair. First two RIP.
  9. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Not one to make snap judgements except on initial impressions, (either impressed or not). I generally will have a quick listen but reserve my actual review until they are well burned in.
    I do this with ALL Listening devices, Players, Amps and Speakers.
    Gives all a fair chance of optimum performance. IMHO
    I don't claim to be an "Audiophile", But I do know what I like.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  10. fallrsk
    The tips are absolute rubbish! The only P2 tips I enjoyed were the dual flange, but I lost one. Picked up a set of knock off hybrids, threw em on my P3's and haven't been happier with any iem's.
  11. DaveLT
    P2 had dual flange tips? The new ones have a short triple flange tip but it's only the L size.
  12. thatBeatsguy
    They did -- but only the first few batches of the 2.0 as far as I know. We documented an unannounced revision (which we dubbed the 2.1) which gave the Pistons a slightly longer cable and different eartips. The sound quality didn't change from the orignal though (I can confirm since I have both 2.0 and 2.1).
  13. DaveLT
    My original 2.0 (with a clip) had only single flanges narrow bore. My 2.1 that I have lying around has wide bore tips with the large being triple flange.
    Going to a wide bore shaves some of the mid-high end sparkly-ness away but it's still not my cup of tea.
  14. ri0t
    Can you directly link me where you bought them from. I can't seem to find them on Taobao, and Mi doesn't ship to Australia :frowning2:
  15. adamjames37
    I'm looking forward to receiving my pair after purchasing a pair of piston 3's and being extremely impressed with the sound quality for such inexpensive earphones. They really scaled well with my equipment and I'm hoping the hybrids will be even better.
    I think GearBest is an excellent place to pick up these earphones at a reasonable price. They offer free shipping worldwide, although it can take a long time for them to arrive. They also offer faster shipping methods at reasonable rates.
    I've purchased tons of stuff from them and they've always been great, even replacing an item lost in the mail.They also tend to have some of the lowest prices around and only sell original Xiaomi products. 
    I do not have any affiliation with this company. I'm only mentioning them because a few people have asked where to get them and my personal experiences with them.
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