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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. creavasst
    I'm jumping to the wagon guys. However, my Piston Hybrid will arrive around next year. T-T
    Since there is no official supplier yet in my country, I bought it through some group buy in local forum.
    I heard piston 2 before and piston 3, so far my opinion regarding them is good compared to the price.
    Great bass, OK mid, but little bit lacking high. But I can't complain when I know their price.
    I hope this piston hybrid will be better. :)
  2. Weithulu
    Check out my Unboxing video of these IEMs. 
    These were purchased on the mi.com official website in China on the day of launch.
    I would like to confirm that the new packaging is indeed a cardboard box instead of the plastic case found with Pistons. 

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  3. DaveLT
    Neither do they ship to Singapore when it comes to these new items. Hell they aren't even selling 3 on local xiaomi site either. Took them > 1/2 a year to start selling the Mi Note even.
  4. Weithulu
    Its annoying how the official channels (Mi.com / Mi official Tmall) doesn't sell globally and we have to rely on global retailers. 
    There is a list of retailers here:
  5. Ira Delphic
    I think it's a warranty issue. There is no warranty outside of the supported markets. And good luck with warranty from resellers unless it arrives DOA.
  6. hignz
    Hi guys, can anyone confirm if buying a pair of these off GearBest is a good idea? I'm in Europe but everywhere i check i see mixed opinions about GearBest. I don't mind long shipping times, i just want to know if they are legit and not fakes?
  7. Weithulu
    Thatbeatsguy did a really cool guide previously. I would choose one of these resellers that are verified legit
    Seller NameSeller SiteStatusNotes
    Regional sites:
    http://www.mi.com (Mainland China)
    LEGITThanks to @rontant for the regional links.
    Check these links if you live in one of the
    regions listed.
    Links will NOT redirect you to a direct store
    iBuyGouhttp://[Mod Edit: Removed]LEGIT**This seller has now been BLACKLISTED by Head-FI due to shill posts made by its employees. All posts linking to the site are now prohibited.
    XiaomiWorldhttp://www.xiaomiworld.comLEGITThanks to @DJScope for the link.
    Lazadahttp://www.lazada.com.phLEGITOfficial retailer in the Philippines. 

    Pistons are called "MI In-Ear Headphones".
    Pandawillhttp://www.pandawill.comLEGITThanks to @clee290 for the link.
    Merimobileshttp://www.merimobiles.comLEGITThanks to @clee290 for the link.
    Flipkarthttp://www.flipkart.comLEGIT*Official retailer in India.
    Thanks to @HawkEye0701 for the link.
    HUGE thanks to @DJScope for confirmation.
    BigBargainOnlinehttp://www.ebay.comTBAThanks to @HawkEye0701 for the link. I've seen user reports of fakes from this seller, so down to the TBA section it goes.
    Nacodexhttp://www.amazon.comFAKEThanks to @mmu16 for the link.
    Focalpricehttp://www.focalprice.comFAKEThanks to @christoophat for the link.
    Enrgo Estorehttp://www.amazon.comFAKEThanks to @Viber for the link.
    GMatrixhttp://www.amazon.comFAKEThanks to @lbartik for the link.

  8. ItsGallen
    I currently have the Pistons 3.0, should i get the KZ ATE or these? which would be better? 
  9. adamjames37
    I've been using GearBest as my #1 source for Xiaomi products and many other orders as well. So far I've received 13 Xiaomi products from them and I'm most certain they are all legit. If you look at the questions asked for their Xiaomi products the most common is "are these original Xiaomi?" to which they always reply that they are. They seem to be building a decent reputation for themselves and doubt they would knowingly sell fakes. Of course it's still China so I suppose anything is possible.
    They do sell some cloned products but I've never seen a case where they've misbranded an item. My basic rule of thumb is if they are advertising a product that's originally supplied by "example company" but the title doesn't mention anything about "example company" then it's a clone. 
  10. hignz
    Thanks, the only site on there I could see that had the new Hybrid IEM's was PenonAudio, albeit for €30
    Thanks for the reply, that's reassuring. I've seen some other people in this thread say they ordered off GearBest too, but I've come across many shills on review sites so I was wary.
    Also I'm not sure I understand what the difference between a clone and a fake is?
  11. dgurza
    Hey Everyone I ordered a pair from Geekbuying, is there any reason why I should be worried about them being fake?
    I see that other people on this site ordered piston models from there and were happy, but i don't see them on the list you just posted
    The reason i ordered them from there was that the original review had a link to the site.
  12. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Just received notice from iBuyGou that the Xiaomis have BEEN SHIPPED VIA AIRMAIL.
    The wait begins......
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  13. dgurza
    Hey everyone, I ordered a pair of these from Geekbuying. I am just wondering if i should be worried that they will be fake?
    I have read about other people ordering pistons from there and being happy, I do not see them on the list that was posted of reliable sellers?
    The reason I ordered them from there was that the original review had a link to them there.
    Also you think that it is even possible that fakes exist already? They only were released yesterday. 
  14. bhazard
    Geekbuying is a legit site. I've bought many items from them in the past with no issues. Mine are shipping from there (both the hybrid and the new Mi Band 1S)
  15. Bina
    Seriously, these IEMs are not yet on market and you are already affraid of fakes? Do you think fake industry really works that fast?
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