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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. bhazard
    They do unfortunately for things like this. The Piston 2 was flooded with fakes in the market shortly after release.
  2. thatBeatsguy
    That's just how the Chinese market works, sadly. Once fakers see a product that sells like hotcakes, they cash in on that with fakes.
  3. dgurza
    thanks, thats good know
  4. Turkleton
    I bought my Piston 3.0s from GearBest - original and they sound awesome, which is why I pre-ordered my hybrids from GearBest as well.
    Generally, I would recommend checking out user submitted pics... I learned my lesson after I bought a fake Piston 2.0 from a local shopping website. Learn how to identify the fakes first, then check out the customer photos/unboxing videos. GearBest REWARDS its users for uploading unboxing videos... Hence why I trust them.
    For me, as long as most of the photos are of the originals and the reviews are 99% positive, I'll assume that 1% is damage due to shipping/late arrival.
  5. Uberclocked
    The 1more multi-unit earphones seem to be the Xiaomi hybrids, but with a different design.  Anyways, the frequency response for these are up on Innerfidelity, and they seem to have a particularly nasty dip at 5.5k.
  6. dgurza
    Looks pretty bad, hopefully this is just an issue with the 1more multi unit and not the hybrids
    The rest of the measurements look nice, look like allot of bass 
  7. DaveLT
    That's why you have to hear it to know it. These Hybrids are 1more's design and probably tweaked by Xiaomi.
    I never liked the Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 for the 5.5k seemingly, bump. In my ears at least.
  8. city2026
    Just wanted to order my first 3rd Pistons, already enjoyed 2nd generation.
    But now I have a real choice.
    I guess, I'll try with these ones.
    I liked t-peos one time for their crystal clearness in comparisson to dynamics.
    As far as I look for a low budget, I can't get better than Xiaomi now. So I'll give it a shot.
    The only thing is, I also was looking towards Piston 3 because I thought they maybe good ones for laying in bed with them. Don't like sharp edges of 2nd ones in this way.
    It's really a choice when you wanted something, its price dropped and then you see something better for a valid price.
  9. ezekiel77
    In China, yes. Based on leaked images they can construct something identical with different internals, way before the release date. This occurs with high-demand products from noted companies like Apple and Xiaomi. Very notably with the iPhone 5 a few years back.

    Granted, Daily Mail might not be the best news source, but just to give you an idea of what the pirates are capable of. 
  10. Redcarmoose

    Those phones only run android. I have yet to see a fake with iOS.
  11. Weithulu
    Its the sad thing about china - I don't understand why do they have to make fakes of a product that costs like 17 USD.....
    Order both! they cost like a fraction of the price of a every other brand
  12. dgurza
    When do you think we will start to see reviews for these start coming out?
  13. AlecR
    Got my pair today. VERY bassy but also quite well defined in the upper range. More comfortable than the 3s for sure. Not sure about the included ear tips before.
    city2026 likes this.
  14. iL15hts
    I wonder if they change their cable. Because 2 of my piston 3 cables got out of the fiber
  15. DaveLT

    Isn't that Kevlar? Why would they change kelvar everyone appreciates Kevlar mate.
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