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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. vetsin
    It's feedback like this that gives me hope. :) I'm still waiting for the units I bought from Gearbest, hoping it was just stuck due to the holiday rush. Anybody here from the Philippines? How long does it usually take for gearbest items to reach you?
  2. sionghchan
    Anyone here knows the size of the Dynamic driver that Xiaomi used for the Hybrid IEM?  I'm curious as I'm comparing it directly against the PSB m4u4 Hybrid IEM as well.  Very VERY different sound signature where the PSB is extremely balanced and the Xiaomi is a V shaped signature.  In anycase, PSB is running on a 8mm Dynamic driver, anyone has any ideas about the size of the Xiaomi drivers?
  3. DaveLT
    300$ against 20$ is a bit lopsided ain't it mate.
    No actually, the Xiaomi Hybrid (Yes I bought it from the actual xiaomi website, no chances of it being fake and it passed the authenticity test) is rather dark than even V-shaped until today. I'm selling it off because it's such disappointment. 
  4. sionghchan

    Hahah..yeah, lopsided, but fun nonetheless.  Giant killer the Xiaomi is not, but still a fun pair of headphones! 
    As for your dark pair vs. my V shaped pair, perhaps I got the fake! Hahaha
  5. ratboi
    When Inks did a FR curve of his Xiaomi hybrid sample, the major dip was at about 6.5kHz. The two that ClieOS tested, a Xiaomi and a 1More rendition of the 'same' hybrid, the major dip is higher up, at about 9kHz. I _think_ the measurement techniques are similar. These are pronounced dips in both cases, and certainly audible. Speculation from here regarding the reason can only be that; it should be addressed by the mfg, I think, at least to make it consistent. The 6.5kHz story I have heard in reverse in these parts about other IEM; something about a resonance?? Above those, the high frequency response is NOT lacking. My forays into equalization on the set I have so far suggest mine benefit from a boost around 8kHz, and some people with whistling teeth don't sound worse when I do it with a ~bit of restraint. The end result, in my experience to date, is clear plucking, breathy breaths, distinct separation of voices and instruments, and very respectable balance from bottom to a VERY well extended top. Some recordings are getting a bass boost from me now (Michael Franks?), but that's probably the Auvio buds I'm trying now. Looking for a better seal, to help stabilize the bottom end. Ridiculous volume doesn't seem to hurt them. I'm dressing up my RE0 again, this is becoming a real battle! For those who have the Xiaomi pro and sit on or near the fence, try a boost of EQ near 8kHz (or 6kHz??), and see what it does for you. Hey - I'd hate to see anyone waste their $20. Just sayin... 8-Þ
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  6. Austrian
    Same here, they even seemed to have too much treble/sibilance for me out of the box, but that vanished rather quickly and I do like them now (they were very cold when I first tried them, maybe that contributed). Still, I already ordered a few Piston 3 Dazzle Edition ones because of my trouble with the kevlar-coated cables...
  7. liunit92
    any news on authentic resellers???
  8. stephanNL
    There have been 0 reports on fakes so what are you talking about? If you just buy them from any regular reputable retailer (so not via Aliexpress or eBay) you'll just get legit product. Simple.
  9. liunit92
    like what? this is my first time buying from a chinese company. i usually get my stuff from amazon or a brick and mortar store and i don't see these offered at any of them
  10. vetsin
    I ordered mine from gearbest.com. I haven't received them though, ordered Dec 5 and chose the free shipping method to the Philippines.
  11. liunit92
    never heard of that site so i did some googling. one of the sites i came across had some discouraging comments
    have you ever ordered from gearbest?
  12. ratboi
    I bought my first pair from Amazon. They went from $29 to $35 in the day I thought about it, along to 'only 3 left'... Not in stock now, but they will come back. A tiny URL for you: http://tinyurl.com/zekkxsy. Brick and Mortar? I don't think you'll find these at Best Buy or, what were they called, Radio Shack? HiFiMAN is Chinese, but you can find their Songbird at Best Buy Market. Just sayin'... Anyway, there was a series of posts earlier in the thread about where you might buy a set, so another Tiny URL for you: http://tinyurl.com/ztqa2zu. I think gearbest.com looks good, I've given them some money via Paypal, but I didn't see them in that list. I considered penonaudio.com, but the price was close to what I paid at Amazon - quite a bit higher, all told, than other sites. As presently built, any set you buy may need some EQ to sound their best, but if you approach them with open ears and an open mind, you may find yourself wondering why you spent so much on those Monster Pro Turbines... :wink:
    EDIT: OK, it was hidden as a Spoiler [huh?], but a newer list for Xiaomi sellers can be found a little later than the one listed above. Again, Tiny URL gives: http://tinyurl.com/h8458tu. Happy hybrid hunting!
  13. liunit92
    can you send me an amazon link?
  14. ratboi
    Er, I did? Try the first Tiny URL...Send no, post yes...
  15. liunit92
    dang they're out of stock. weird that they call it the
    Original Xiaomi Piston Earphone Ii Headphone Headset Earbud with Remote & Mic for Smartphone
    what the hell is "li"
    i've been searching for Xiaomi in ear headphone iv this whole time
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