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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. KERBY
    but.. are they better than the piston 3? which one should i get for my gf? im a poor **** so pls tell 
  2. ezekiel77
    Depends on your preferences. If you like a V-shaped sound sig (more bass and treble, less mids), go hybrid or Piston 2. If you like a more neutral (neutral doesn't mean unexciting btw) sig, go Piston 3. It's not necessarily better since all are priced similarly.
  3. ThomasHK
    False. A headphone driver is an entirely different construction with NO spider and NO surround (bar a few very niche examples). I am in full agreement that loudspeaker drivers will change due to burn in, mainly due to the (typically) rubber surround getting softer. I've been in headphones development for years and we've not ever seen evidence of regular headphone drivers changing over time.
    What can change however is the cushion softness due to heat (memory foam can change in softness due to temperature) and clamping force also changing very slightly (more for plastic than metal headbands).
  4. Gor37
    guys   hello to everybody, i am looking for a ddecent  earphone  around 20 euro,  for me the most important is   soundstage and airness,(open sounding)
    Are  hybrids better  than apple  earpods   or  lg quadbeat 2? Right  now  i own quadbeat 2 and  havi b3 pro,  but  my  havi b3 pro  wires  are torn.
    i would like to know  if it will be better than  earpods of  apple,   as there are two  drivers i expect them to be  seriously better, or not worse at least.
  5. Meth
    Fan of the Xiaomi Piston Series. Had the Piston 2.1, sound is clear and great, a little fatiguing for long listening but still a great earphone. The Piston 3 smoothen out the sound, and give it a better balance overall, really enjoyed this one. So glad I heard these a year ago, it was my starter-gear to seeking out even greater earphones, a year after, am now on the journey to the JH Siren Series IEM.
  6. TwinACStacks

    Thomas you misinterpreted this statement. I did not state that they were the same construction. ONLY that the electro mechanical principles that determine a period of material rigidity then relaxation, or break in as you would say, apply to both. The dynamic has a moving diaphram and the BA has a moving metal plate do they not?

    In actuality the Term BURN IN even though we use it doesn't apply to Headphones, Earphones or Speakers at all. Burn in is when complicated electronic components are left powered up for long periods of time in order to settle in separate component, (IE Resistor, Capacitor, DACs, Etc.), values or weed out weak or failing components of a piece of electronic equipment if the circuit is to be used in a critical application.

    I may be preaching to the Choir here anyways. If a Set of people cannot grasp that any material that is subjected to repeated stress will actually relax or even change flexibility properties will hardly accept the fact that electrical circuits and their components can and will change value over time with use.

    The Term we SHOULD be Using is BREAK IN, Like a pair of Shoes. Just thought I would clarify.

    :innocent::innocent: TWIN
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  7. abanglek

    Wow, very long & so much 'i'. Every moving mechanical parts need at least some time to settle down. Eg: you replace your tires or even brake pad, they have some time to settle, not saying it's not working, just not fully perform. After the settlement, the deterioration will go slowly.

    I just got this earphone, it's just like the description, & personally i don't like it, at least for how the sound tuned. It definitely v-shaped with lack of mid sweetenes. Okay, so this is my 1st xiaomi product, i just get it blindly, just with earlier piston review that tell piston is warm side sq, so i believe this will follow the pattern, but i was wrong. That bring me here to confirm it. I'm not saying the sq is bad, but i didn't find any wow to this earphone. Bass is rumble but it's not rare these day. Mid & high are pronounce clearly, but just boring i can said. Overall i found it just playing music around your head, not whole corner experience. No surprise, just straight forward. But it still great for modern, dance type music.

    For me i'm too lazy to bring over ear everywhere, most earbud i feel physically to big to my ear, so i'm trying in ear, but none of them sound big including this (at least for cheap china in ear). Too much to compromised.
  8. DaveLT
    You haven't found the good ones.  :wink:
  9. abanglek

    It's not about the good or not, but it's just the fact you can't defying physics. How fun is hot hatch, can't beat real size sport car. Smaller driver in iem can't beat bigger driver in over ear, even earbud.

    To be honest, for me, cheaper iem like soundmagic es18 have better sq than this 'hybrid' driver, except the build material.
  10. DaveLT
    Uh, no. Bigger drivers suffer from standing waves.
  11. ThomasHK
    I really think we are on the same page, actually. I understand perfectly where you're coming from. But... In my experience, the materials typically used in headphone driver diaphragms (PU, PET, PEEK) show very little if any signs of BREAK IN (trademark that ****). As I said, the effects with regular loudspeaker drivers are actually quite severe. The fundamental resonance shifts by quite a few Hz after BREAK IN. But for headphone drivers we've never been able to see any signs of this happening, even with laser scanning.
  12. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Like I had voiced my opinion earlier Thomas about Clios graph results, I'm of the opinion, maybe just a Theory, (And it;s just that: OPINION), that even though scientific measurement can show little or no change, that the Human ear and related Brain function is so complex that it can pick up minutia in sound that test equipment simply cannot. Call it Brain Burn or whatever, but in my 60+ years On this planet I've come to believe in my senses.
    That is until Alzheimers sets in. Then You may want to correct me. [​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  13. stephanNL
    This makes absolutely no sense. Human ears can only hear 20Hz-20kHz, our minds can't make up frequencies that our hearing can't pick up. With your reasoning global warming isn't real cause you didn't feel cold before so it's not warmer now either. Come on man, I trust a scientific measuring device over multiple tests a lot more than anecdotal and personal impressions.
    Just accept that these Hybrids are dark. They are not suddenly going to become sparkly treble kings full of detail after 372,382 hours of burn-in. They are a decent pair of beaters for people who like some bass and don't listen to much acoustic music. Nothing more nothing less.
  14. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Stephan, Sense or not, it is a phenomena that even the most experienced audiophiles have heard and written about. A well respected reviewer Tyll Hertzen of inner fidelity did a fairly comprehensive article and study on this very thing. It's not about frequencies it's abstract. I NEVER said they were Bright. Mine Got VERY bright for a short period then they evened out rather nicely. In Fact they got SO Bright I had to change Tips from the ones I thought were best at initial impression to some other. They were Brighter than a Pair of Dunu Titan 1's (which I also own). I didn't imagine this brightness. Yes, NOW they are Darker and more balanced, but I'm treble sensitive and I like them. This being said they are NO WHERE NEAR AS DARK as some would like to make them out to be.
    Like I said before, Coming from an Electrical and TESTING background. I believe in Break-in.
    It's JMHO and I'm sticking with it. It has worked for me so far.
    YOU can stick with your convictions, I have no problem with that. There really isn't a need for personal attacks as this Subject is ALWAYS debated heavily. That is specifically WHY we try to avoid it.
    I only give my impressions, nothing is written in stone. I certainly don't expect everyone on the forum to agree with them.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  15. DaveLT
    Coming from a electronics engineering education and hobbyist for years, no real engineer believes in break in.
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