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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. Currawong Contributor

    That site needs to declare that it is using affiliate links with Gearbest, which is obviously the reason for the positive review. 
    The problem with cheap sites like Gearbest are that to stay cheap, they use the cheapest form of international mail. Given the propensity for postal workers to steal items, as well as what seems to be a lack of understanding about how poorly mailed items will be treated by those workers, they end up with a great many lost or damaged packages, a lot of pissed-off customers, and a bad reputation. 
    There were similar issues in the classifieds for a while. Some unaware person would sell their headphones to another member from SomewhereOrOther-istan and send them via regular mail without tracking. Of course the receiving postal workers will say "Ha! No tracking! Free headphones for me!!!" and they never arrive. 
  2. SugizoYoshikiX
    This might help someone:

    I compared it with 
    1. Brainwavz delta
    2. Symphonized wood
    And i think xiaomi hybrid has the best fit and sound. It emphasizes on the bass in a good way.
  3. liunit92
    what website did you order yours on
  4. Feahnor
    I tested 3 pairs from different shops. All were very dark, and none of them were fake.
  5. Austrian

    I can only write what I experienced - but since the opinions vary a lot there might be some manufacturing issues, or maybe it depends on the input. I mainly use my laptop or my iPhone.
  6. Feahnor
    I use a Moto X 2014, my laptop, a Sansa Clip+ and a iPhone 4.
  7. Austrian

    Ok, then it might be my ears or a manufacturing issue. :wink:
  8. Snuffelkees
    Most KZ's i see a bit more expensive but will give them a go. Using the 1More Voice of China IEM's now cause my cat broke my Hybrids [​IMG]
  9. DaveLT
    How is 10$ a bit more expensive? The coveted ones are all below 20$.
    KZ ED3, KZ S3, KZ ED9, KZ HDS1
  10. IboHD800
    Just got the hybrids today, as usual with all earphones purchased, I pop them on while reading whats been said about them by all the knowledgable and colorful gurus on headfi and as usual, always impressed with the love and hate. Thank you for the contributions, it certainly add anormous value to the 20 bucks I paid for the hybrid.

    Don't have much to add though, just that I also use a Mi phone, the note pro and these buds sound better using the "Hifi" setting of the note pro comparing to the piston 3 under the same setting. I wonder if these buds are tuned for the mi phone, as it seems piston 3 is not, certainly not under the "Hifi" setting.

    I will check back on some proper impressions after a few days and sorry for the bad English, not my first language as am born and bred in HK.
  11. SugizoYoshikiX
    I bought it from gearbest and it was my first time buying from gearbest. I heard people had mix experiences with gearbest but I got my shipment fast and and item authentic, I think the shipping is slow when they don't have the item in stock and don't want to cancel an order.
  12. Ting Tiew Yik
    The website said it is 1+2,is it true?
  13. Ting Tiew Yik
    check out this http://xiaomi-mi.com/headphones/xiaomi-mi-in-ear-headphones-quantie-hybrid-pro/
  14. Ting Tiew Yik
    陈经理开门见山的态度让我很爽快,他先表示了歉意:耳机是普通动圈单元的(这么缺乏戏剧性的披露会不会让围观群众掀桌?),但是他们在做宣传图的时候挑了一张看起来比较带感的就用上了.it is just dynamic driver.They use 1+(1/2) to attract attention from customers
  15. IboHD800
    The above link from Sina did not refer to the Mi Hybrid, it was a thread from 2013 and related to the 1st generation piston, which of course is dynamic only.

    As to whether the hybrid houses 2 BAs, I would guess not, probably they were trying to desribe it as a 2-way BA and as usual, something got lost in the translations, even though they are official descriptions from the Mi site, doesnt mean its perfect sadly.
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