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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. DaveLT
    It's a dynamic driver + 1 BA except the BA handles both mid-range and high-end.
  2. xkrnmboyx
    I got my hybrids recently and trying to decide what tips to use.

    As a owner of Piston 2/2.1 and Piston 3, my go to tips were medium sized tips from my a-JAYS One. They kept sound out and the balance sounded about right. But with the Piston 3 missing the same goes for my tips.

    I have Auvio Silicone Med/Large tips and a set of foam/silicone Westone tips. When I compared the stock tips to the Auvio out of the box the stock won hands down in my opinion. Auvio sounded muffled. After burning in the hybrids for 30ish hours the stock and auvio sound pretty similar now. Makes it harder for me to decide.

    Stock sounds better to me still and while they dont isolate well/come off easily they dont irritate my ears as much as harder ear tips. Guess ill have to try the Westones and maybe other tips laying around
  3. stephanNL
    I don't know what on earth is going on but I swapped back to stock tips from Comply foams and somehow the high end has opened up. Seems they are more tip sensitive than I initially thought. The high end is a lot better now but mids seem more recessed. Oh well, quest for best tips for these continues I guess...
  4. ratboi
    As much as I love Comply for seal and comfort, the 'squash fit' can end up putting too much foam between ear drum and driver. The longer the foam, the more likely you are to get some in the way. Careful trimming (on the driver side?) is not unheard of, so to speak. For something that, even with H2O2 cleanings, lasts such a short time, it kind of makes you wonder why bother? I think the Ts-200 might be best for these, as the shortest. I intend to buy a pack of multi-size, and give them a try soon. Otherwise, I'm firmly in the camp that believes the upper mids are rescuable to acceptable levels with judicious equalization. Otherwise, these hybrids may be doomed to darkness (and despair...) 8-Þ
  5. hanaxxaru
    there is a new triple driver by 1more.. the iem's looks like current xiaomi hybrid.. more info can be seen here, http://www.techpowerup.com/218947/1more-launches-triple-driver-in-ear-monitors.html
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    Hope they can do much better than their current dual driver hybrid model - as cheap as it is, it isn't exactly impressive.
  7. SWLIU
    I was not impressed by the Xiaomi Hybrid, even after owning them for weeks. But today I decided to EQ away that 8khz valley (normally I am against EQ) and it is day and night difference. Clear and full of details. Now I can finally enjoy using them.
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  8. IboHD800
    Have to agree with SWLIU, I too am against EQ but on these hybrids the difference is too obvious. I am using the Mi note pro as source, on HiFi setting these buds are way too dark,boomy bass and recessed mids. Switched to the customed "enhance" setting for Piston 3, no idea what it does in terms of EQ adjustment and the result is astonishing. Even the soundstage seems bigger, good timber and solid deep bass. Mids, in particular vocals no longer recessed. No idea how but it happened, to whoever using the Mi note, give it a shot.
  9. ratboi
    Well, glad to know I'm not imagining things - or at least have company in la-la land! 
    We have a little 'Club Xiaomi' going at work, on account of we have other things we have to spend money on, but love our music. With the EQ going in Poweramp for this hybrid, I've forgiven Xiaomi for the runaway remote on my first set of P3s, and am a Club booster again. Stole the FiiO E5 off the old Sansa Clip+ for late, no-mic listening - the Samsung is OK on its own, but this is better - got to find that pack of adhesive velcro... Borrowed an A3 earlier today, and just laughed my arse off. Wife would kill me... Terry wants me to sell him these after one listen. Disappointing? Feh...
    Back to the 'Acoustic Highway', friends...  8-Þ
  10. xkrnmboyx
    Is it possible to share your eq settings?  I want to compare the differences
  11. Feahnor
    Can anyone recommend a good DSP for android? The one in my motorola really sucks as it relies in profiles and does not allow customizing the eq. I can't use poweramp or rocket player as my source of music is google music and spotify.
  12. DaveLT
    The "equalizer" app with a orange/yellow that looks like EQ and a speaker in the middle
  13. Feahnor
    Sadly it only offers a 5-band eq so no way to eq away the 8 KHz valley.
  14. ratboi
    This is a screen shot from my Samsung Android - 
    FYI, The scale is set to +/- 7dB. Based on the ClieOS scans. Only someone with gear like he uses could objectively verify, but this _seems_ close to me. Note the dip he measured is at 9kHz, not 8kHz. Without a parametric EQ, precise choice of frequency and Q (width) aren't possible, so this is about the best I can do with Poweramp. 
    Have fun!
  15. finestgq1
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