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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Good thing I'm not an engineer, those pinheads could tell you how to build something but couldn't do it themselves if their lives depended on it. Ever do carpentry for an Engineer Client? It's a nightmare. A 1/4" Gap that you can cover with a Moulding an Engineer can pilot a 747 through. Your shoes Break in Don't they? Guitar strings Break in Don't They? Your Car engine,Transmission and Differential Breaks in Doesn't It? Skyscrapers move in the Wind don't They? WHY is it SO hard to accept the fact that ANYTHING that Moves or VIBRATES to produce Energy, Movement, Sound waves, Etc, HAS to flex or move, and thusly is subject to stress and material wear or relaxation or even degradation. It is just common sense, Backed by quite a few principles, not Witchdoctory.
    These personal attacks are NOT warranted and WILL not change my opinion. I'm done with this thread
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
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  2. DaveLT
    You simply don't understand at all do you? Nothing breaks in, they only degrade as time goes on. It may get better yes but when they are made of plastic "breaking in" is impossible. Breaking on the other hand is.
    Remember, something that moves is designed to move, if it changes characteristics as a result of flexing it is an undesired result or purposefully engineered in.
    So turbofan blades "break in" eh? You can hear them flexing and wobbling at low speed and generate a clattering noise. That is to allow for thermal expansion

    You say you have a engineering background but you simply don't! Rubbers do become softer and more compliant once they're flexed a bit making speaker drivers tighter probably. But IEMs and headphones haven't got rubber surrounds or spider/cone supports.
  3. Snuffelkees
    Wow, what's with all the hate ... Can't you accept that people are entitled to their own opinion without others calling them names for it.  If you don't agree, just don't agree. There's no need to bash someone because you think you are right and they are wrong. 

    Nice piece from Lifehacker: http://lifehacker.com/5993461/do-i-really-need-to-break-in-my-headphones-for-the-best-sound
    (ps. 1More wouldn't make an burn-in app for nothing if they themselves don't believe in breaking / burning in, would they? http://en.miui.com/thread-36659-1-1.html )
  4. fallrsk
    Before you know it, this is gonna be an all out flame war of "but he said..." Just put it to rest yall. Who cares, people are wrong all over the world and with something as gray as this, you should just drop it ffs. Sound like a bunch of kids, you can't convince someone that there's clearly a difference between woofers and drivers in an iem and that's fine. Everyone's got opinions for a reason.

    I, for one, know for a fact that I won't be buying these as I'd rather detail over a decent warm sound. I'm not too found of the aesthetics either, these are butt ugly lol!
  5. DaveLT

    "I'd rather have decent detail and a nice warm sound over dark and poor detailing with congested soundspace"
  6. mstngairplane
    I'm a professional lurker on this site and I didn't think I would ever post but reading these threads has gotten frustrating. I came here to hear peoples opinions on these earphones. You don't like them? Great. You love them? Great. You don't need to respond to every single post telling them they are wrong. You guys also don't need to sit here and bicker about burn in for pages on end. I just want to hear what people think of the hybrids. I for one enjoy them. That's my opinion. I have the piston 3's and also brainwavz s0's.to me the bass doesn't seem to overwhelm the mid range, and the balanced armature seems give vocals a very unique sounds, that I like. I would recommend theses to a friend, but I have also never tried any of the earphones in the KZ line.
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  7. Turkleton

    Some people here are just really antagonistic and want to prove people wrong.

    It's like an addiction.. Once you start posting, you keep wanting to be right. I know cos I'm one of those douchebags as well haha.. Thus why I don't post much. I prefer to keep my a$$holery on the down low xD

    If only we could all just enjoy our headphones/earphones and just agree to disagree
  8. ThomasHK
    On topic: I've heard these and wasn't impressed in the slightest. It's a super cheap BA unit (new Chinese startup) to be able to hit the price point. You can find much better sounding dynamic driver products for the same money. Avoid... don't be fooled by the hybrid marketing hype (in this case).
  9. Maxima7
    What the heck!? The hybrids look awesome!
  10. Snuffelkees
    If you could tell me where I can find these much better ones for RMB 99. So far 1More has been delivering quality stuff considering the price points. 
    Assuming the HK in your name stands for Hong Kong, if you're going out to buy other IEMs in HK you would have to pay at least triple the price of these Hybrids. Even a pair of Brainwavz or other HK brands will cost you more than these. (and they're just as Chinese)
  11. DaveLT
    Plenty. The KZ club is in the same forum XD
  12. Weithulu
    Happy new year to all subscribers and readers of this thread !
  13. ratboi
    I bought a pair through a reseller on Amazon, and paid extra so I could hear what the hubub was about without all the wait.
    My preference leans to the HiFiMan RE0 that I got several years ago, and I got used to needing more power, some EQ, and Comply tips to get the most out of them. My real acid listening test is the Mozart Requiem conducted by Marriner. Try the Lacrimosa. Listen to lots of other stuff too, but anyway. Hearing still goes almost to 16kHz; for an old R&R fan, I consider myself lucky. Since giving up on VModa, MEE, and midrange Sennheiser, I dabbled with Klipsch S4a (yawn), and then began playing with Piston 2 and Piston 3. Saving up for GR07, I think. Still, with the Pistons, I'm pretty much having a ball. The Threes play OK OOTB, I guess you all call it, but still not the crispy I get from the RE0. Much easier to get bottom, of course, but that's why the good seal and the EQ for them.
    So, what do I think of the new 'hybrid' pros? Well, the ones I got are crispy, and clear, and analytical and have clear/tight bass. Not perfect, but pretty sweet. Well, they sound a diaper load better with a 6+dB boost around 8kHz and a ~3dB drop at 4kHz. Best I could do with PowerAMP, anyway. I left the low end alone; sue me. Without the boost (I should find a parametric EQ I could target directly on that nasty drop at 9kHz), they sound quite a bit more dull. The Threes didn't need the EQ, but don't resolve as well. The Twos, well, I sold them. Beat the snot out of Skull Candy, anyway.
    Long story short, I think these are pretty cool toys, and beat the RE0 in convenience, power hunger, and they have a microphone. Sound stage isn't awesome, a Steinway in the middle of my head is a bit weird, but for the price I'll live for now. George Winston slams! I even ordered a second set from GearBest, more at the reasonable price, we'll (eventually) see how they compare for consistency of quality. 
    Just thought I'd throw my thoughts in after a couple of days listening. Every team I rooted for got trashed early, so extra time to finish reading this thread, and make my rookie contribution. A doff of the cap to ClieOS, and an apology for buying the Klipsh - it was a closeout sale, man!
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  14. sionghchan

    I actually disagree.  Been listening to a pair of these for a few weeks now, for the price, they are actually very enjoyable.  Sure, they do have a V shaped sound signature, very detailed (clear top end) and good low end with a slightly recessed mid end, but they do make listening quite enjoyable.  The mids being a little recessed, tends to open up the soundstage a little as I found the singers or solo instruments are sitting a little further away from me.  The details served up is quite astonishing for such a cheap pair of headphones, I'm hearing things that I never knew existed in well recorded music.  I'm also picking up lots of details pertaining an instrument being played, strummed, plucked etc.  As for the bottom end, it may not be as tight, and not as detailed, but it doesn't bleed into the mids too much, thus, making it a very clean headphones as compared to many of its competitors in this price class.  In fact, I think these outclasses any of the Beats and Bose earphones easily.
    I would say that these are definitely worth their asking price, and probably can compete with headphones twice to three times its cost.  Anyway, just my 2 cents.
    ps - I'm curious that some postings here are stating that these headphones are very dark sounding, that doesn't sound right at all!  Mine has a very airy treble and very detailed.  The dark sounding pairs, perhaps you got a fake?  Or the BA driver is defective (and only going on the Dynamic driver - hence the darker signature)?
  15. DaveLT
    I got it from the official store in china. The treble and mids are there just very much in the background because the BA is a awful lot less sensitive than the Dynamic is.
    If the dynamic is the only one doing the job (I'm assuming it has a crossover) it will sound completely rolled off not just dark.
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