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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. golov17
  2. ezekiel77

    Sold out within 2 minutes haha. Easy come easy go.
  3. adamjames37
  4. robvagyok
    I was there from the moment 'go' but no luck eighter :) 
    I just hope they will settle at around 15-16 usd (original 99 RMB price) later so I can buy them :D
  5. adamjames37
    You need to be really quick with these things. I clicked the button just a fraction of a second before it hit 0 to allow for lag. Sorry to hear you guys missed out :frowning2:
  6. robvagyok
    I still have plenty of recently discovered chineese iem's at home, and a lot more coming from he 11.11 ali sale, so this would have been just a nice addition, not a necessity :)
  7. ezekiel77

  8. eaglearrow
  9. Turkleton

    Dude...... I already paid $22 for mine... Oh well,at least I'll get mine earlier(I hope)
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    With loudspeaker, you want the measurement to be as flat as possible from 20Hz to 20kHz. But for headphone and IEM, there is no one universally agreed FR curve for everyone to follow - and also, a headphone FR curve should never be flat even on the most ideal situation. This is because a flat sounding loudspeaker actually doesn't sound flat at all when measured in the ear canal as the FR curve changes when it passes through the air and the environment, then it gets amplified / refocused by our outer ears - yet it still sound flat to the ears because our brain has adapted to interpret the non-flat FR curve as a flat sound. With headphone, we need to tune it so it is closer to that modified FR curve in order to get the 'flat' sound. Then of courser there is time when manufacturer don't want to a flat sound but rather go for a bassier / leaner sound. In short, there is no real definition of 'normal' in the IEM world, but I think it is safe to say XiaoMi Hybrid is definitely not a 'reference' (= flat) sound.
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  11. tsetse7
    [​IMG] thanks, I've learned something today.
  12. thatBeatsguy
    Finally got the Hybrids in. Initial impressions match ClieOS' measurements quite well. I'm gonna go ahead and suggest the dip in the treble is caused by the driver crossover, as it also seems to be the case with the Brainwavz R3 from my experience. Overall they don't imrpess me as much as the 3.0, but I have to applaud 1More's effort in producing a hybrid at such a price level. 
  13. noobandroid
    i just got mine too, and i might suggest EDM or dance music for these IEMs, where heavy but controlled bass is needed for the "kick", it feels quite a deep v sig 
  14. fairx
    After listening for many hours maybe i can safely categorized this iem as ultra smooth. Bass being bassy but not overwhelming. Mid is present and quite good but somewhat veiled and highs attenuated.

    Coming from e80 the lack of transparencies are fairly noticeable. Bass is plenty but never overwhelming. On fact everything is tuned to be safe here. You can push the volume high and never get any fatigue. But also means it's quite boring when nothing is punchy. Mids can and vocal get quite engaging if you push the volume high. The grain from piston 2 no longer present here.

    I wish it could get clearer and highs to get more extension. Eq don't seem very effective here except for the bass. Tune down some bass and you can actually enjoy the smooth grain free vocals and mid treble presence.

    Imaging is average. Depth seems nonexistent, at least to my ear anyway. Soundstage from my memory is tad better than piston 2. Separation is messy, average at best. Focus too

    The mid bass is nice. Wish it could be tighter with burn in.

    Tried rolling some tips but doest change the sound much. However I do welcomed the added isolation which is quite good actually.

    Is this a harsh (early) impression on 20 dollar iem? Perhaps so, but everyone has high hopes for xiaomi who literally introduce many to audiophile world. Is it as lame as MI Headphone? Not at all! I really enjoy the smooth mids to be honest.

    As a budget hybrid iem the sound it reproduce is right on the price, but as expectations soaring high, in the end it is your ear :smile:. Try it yourself. It might grow on you and of course this is head fi... nuff said :wink:

    Source : iPhone 5. Pc with creative x-fi extreme, SGS1. Various mp3s alac flac and Spotify.
  15. szmere

    Hi I have just discovered this site, do you mind elaborating your statement for me a little? Looking at the glossaries, 'smooth' seems to mean easy on the ear which is what I like. And you mentioned the 'high' is lacking, does that mean the actual singing in the music will be unclear? I always want the singing to be as clear as possible, will XiaoMi Hybrid IEM a good purchase for this purpose? Or there are better headphones at this price out there?
    This is what I am using right now: Symphonized NRG.
    Cheers, interesting site.
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