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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. Aevum
    people were just drawn to the idea of a Hybird armature + Dynamic giant killer IEM for 20 bucks.
    And at the end of the day... 20 bucks dosnt go a long way in finishing or getting quality drivers.
  2. Pastapipo
    I've never heard armature drivers, so I was eager to give them a shot. But after these initial impressions, I think I'll wait a little longer.
  3. lesp4ul

    BA driver supposedly to have low amount of bass, warm mids and recessed highs, but with extends and details. Anyway I read this also:


    I guess i'll have to wait for more reviews.

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  4. adamjames37
    It looks like GearBest now have a coupon code for the Xiaomi Hybrid.
    XIAOMIHY = $17.40 USD including free standard shipping
  5. fairx

    Hope my impression doesn't drove away potential buyers though. The BA has a lot of potential. And the dynamic could be tighter and faster with burn in. I suspect tips can change the signature a lot. Just matter of finding tips that usually sibilant to counter the dips
  6. tsetse7
    Does any know if this "hybrid" dual driver really have a crossover? If yes, what type First order, second order,...? Coz as you know crossover tuning is an art in itself and very very hard to get right, never mind the matching of drivers of different type. You start to get phase problems once you introduce capacitors and inductors in a passive circuit. I would have been very surprised that this iem sounds any coherent at all given all the variable at stake here.
  7. thatBeatsguy
    Well, as far as I know, the crossover seems to be bass and mids for the dynamic driver and treble for the BA driver. I don't know where the crossover point is, but from my experience, it probably starts somewhere in the 7-10 kHz dip.
    When you hear that phrase -- a hybrid IEM for $20 dollars -- who wouldn't be?
    Then again, yeah, it doesn't really exceed expectations, but you got to admit it's one hell of an effort to be able to cut costs like that. You don't even see single BA IEMs at this price, much less a freaking hybrid.
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    Actually there isn't any crossover point, since there isn't any crossover circuit in XiaoMi Hybrid.
  9. fairx
    To my ear nothing is peaky thus raising the volume can reveal the beautiful mids. The treble are there but highs rolled off quite early. I believe the mids are the star here. The bass are just for show. They can be tamed but even without eq they're unobtrusive.

    The vocals is clear enough if that's what you're asking.

    I did mention that "coming from e80" which is my current iem. E80 is transparent. Crystal clear but vocals can get edgy and sibilant. Xiaomi vocals seems better, articulate and fuller without effort although lack extra refinement. Between the two xiaomi vocals are easier to my ear. I had to use foam tips with e80 to relax the 6-
    10Khz while on xiaomi I had to do the opposite,using soundmagic medium bore tips to add extra clarity (discovered today)

    If using stock tips, xiaomi for vocals, e80 for everything else.

    I tried using only terms that I fully understand so my explanation Can be simple or complex, depends from where you're coming.
  10. fairx
    forgot to quote you. The above post is for you.
  11. tsetse7
    I will sound like I am contradicting myself, but am not sure if this is a very good idea to use a dynamic and a BA driver in parallel without any crossover as each one will try to reproduce the whole gamut of frequencies not counting the sensitivity of each driver that must be matched, but Xiaomi must be knowing what they are doing... or not.
    Xiaomi is trying to use the best of both worlds, dynamic for the bass and BA for the mids and high but the drivers are just dumb and the dynamic driver will NOT reproduce only the bass and the BA only the mid/high without crossover. Crossovers are called "necessary evil".  And I am not even taking account the set of compromise of putting both drivers in the same enclosure in respect of tuning needs for each type.
    Of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
    So I wanted to have a listen but I missed the Banggood deal. too bad.
  12. dgurza
    Well considering the earphone is supposed to be "professionally tuned by Luca Bignardi" I think there must have a crossover of some kind. I can't really understand how you could have some tune the earphone without a crossover. I realize they you could change the design of they device, but then it would engineered by Luca Bignardi
  13. shockdoc
    What would be the point of a dual driver, especially a hybrid, 'phone with no crossover? Can drivers be "tuned" to the point where they would each go up or down to a certain frequency and then just drop off? 
  14. leasedeb
    Is it safe to buy earphone without warranty ? Any piston 2/3 users? How long did It last ?
  15. thatBeatsguy

    Well, I mean, since you really can't apply for warranty outside of China, you really don't have much of a choice, do you? That, and the Pistons (as well as Chinese brands like KZ) are pretty cheap, so most people here would just buy another one in the event of a breakage.
    My Pistons 2 (used everyday and battered without a care in the world) lasted just short of a year. I'm taking much better care of my new 3.0s, which came in sometime last month. As with just about every piece of audio gear, how long they last mostly depends on how you treat them.
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