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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by frank i, Nov 25, 2013.
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  1. Frank I
     Thanks for the comments Lord Soth. DG does know most of the great tube rolling options for the Woo product line.  
  2. MickeyVee
    Woo Hoo! Just found this thread. Subscribed.  Frank, glad you're doing the comparisons with stock tubes.  I am interested in the WA2 to pair up with my HD800's but when I go through the other threads looking for impressions, it's all about the upgraded tubes. Frankly (no pun intended), I really don't want to waste tons of money tube rolling/experimenting and would appreciate what the stock tubes can offer. That's probably why I went to the WA7 to start me off in Woo World.
  3. magiccabbage
    I use that combo - its still sounds great with stock tubes. I can listen later for a long session and let you know if you want. If you pick the tracks - i can play them. No bother [​IMG]
  4. Dubstep Girl
    i am planning on making a 6AS7G / 5U4G tube rolling comparison post, but i'll probably post it on the woo owner thread and the glenn2359 thread instead. maybe on the 6as7g tube rollers thread too. there isn't a 5U4G tube thread yet is there? [​IMG]
  5. magiccabbage
    I think there is - somewhere. I look forward to you impressions. I just bought a box of tubes myself. [​IMG]
  6. Frank I
    Mickey all my comparison will be with the stock tubes as that is the way most people buy the amplifiers. The WA2 sounds excellent but will be spending time with that amp next week. I have done the WA22,WA6SE and the WA7 so far, I am working on the WA3 and WA6 and then the WA2 next week. The WES,GES and the WEE and also th eDAC hopefully by the beginning of the following week and getting this all out to Woo before Christmas. I will keep you all posted.
  7. MickeyVee
    Thanks Frank! Looking forward to it, especially on the WA7, which I have, versus the WA2.
  8. Yuceka
    Excellent thread. I've always dreaded checking that huge Woo Owners Unite threads. WA6 is one of the finest amps I've ever heard to date. This thread may help me to make a decision between WA6-SE, WA2 and WA22. 
    Thank you for doing a great service to the community Frank.
  9. Dubstep Girl
    the WA6-SE, WA2, and WA22 are some of the best amps i've heard as well. 
  10. Frank I
    I am enjoying this project . Thanks for the kind words.
  11. Frank I
    The WA5 should be published shortly with Part Time Audiophile. I submitted the review.
  12. GalaxyGuy
    Frank, are you going to put links here to your reviews when they become available?
  13. Frank I
    The  link will be done when everything. I am expecting everything ti be done sometime in January.
  14. MickeyVee
    [​IMG] ..in the mean time, enjoying the music.. [​IMG]
  15. Yuceka
    Couldn't wait... I just ordered a WA22 :) 
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