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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by frank i, Nov 25, 2013.
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  1. CrazyRay
    No Problem, I was wondering why people were calling the WA5 a monoblock also.
    The WA5 consists of two units, one is the AMP (amplifier) and the other is the PSU (power supply unit).

    yes mine are black , it a really good amp i use it with the he6 it can make your ears bleed if needed...
  3. Frank I
    I think silent one has asked Jack to build him a mono block version of the WA5. The WA 5 is not a mono block  but has a separate power supply.
  4. Frank I
    Silent One can answer that as I have no idea.
  5. Silent One
    Time for tea and WA5 chat. [​IMG] Briefly, WooAudio has long provided custom builds for select customers. However, requests must be reasonable. In addition to offering standard WA5 mono blocks, Jack can tailor them a bit. A few customers have opted for '45monos' rather than 300B.
    Below is an example of what the standard monos look like configured:
    No worries, mine [​IMG]will be Black! Depending on options, one might have to have a custom face plate made as well. Jack has already spec'd my amps pending payment. I have two revisions to submit that will add to the cost, so I'm unable to accurately answer the purchasing question at this time.
    My mono blocks will differ in that they will feature the Siemens C3g drive tube and have separate L/R XLR-Outputs [​IMG] for each channel.
    Yo. That is mono blocks. Looks cool to. Mine are not like that. It's a PSU on one side and the stereo amp on the other . Looks great but I do have a couple of questions if I may ask?
    so both units need a power cord?
    Are yours bal XlR input and output ?
    Being the PSU is in each case is the noise floor still low.

    Al. D
  7. GalaxyGuy
    SO, do these blocks have separate volume pots, or is one a slave to the other?
  8. Silent One
    Separate pots, separate AC cords, as each block is a mirror of the other - Left channel; Right channel.
  9. Silent One
    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    Thanks for replying

    Very good . What is your intention for usage of the amp. Just headphones or speakers too.
  11. Silent One
    Both. But headphone listening will get the nod primarily. I would have had the WA5 monos twice earlier this year if not for hopping on [​IMG]the Merry-go-round. This past spring, I chose another amp over the Woo. Then did the same thing in the summer with another amp purchase.
    Once again, saving up for those elusive blocks...
    Well I do not know what you had that did not pan out well, but I can assure you that you will be happy with the WA5. I have several of the woo amps. And all of them are simply fantastic. All the best of luck with your purchase and enjoy.

    Al D
  13. ardilla
    @SilentOne (or anyone)

    1) There are 3 pinXLR outputs for headphones on the back?

    2) What's the benefit of making wa5 a dual Monoblock as opposed to separate PSU construction? What are tre the downsides?

    My amp is not balanced , it has 3 sets of RCA inputs and speaker terminals all on the rear of the amp.

    On the front it has a 1/4 stereo headphone jack and a 4 wire XlR . Label k2 k or something like that . The XlR is for hi power headphones. Like the HE6.
  15. Silent One
    [​IMG] You lost me. I never suggested the two previous amp purchases did not work out. Rather, two other amps cut in line ahead of the Woo purchase. And very pleased with both, especially the most recent. The Woo will simply be another addition and good secondary option.
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