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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by frank i, Nov 25, 2013.
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    It is our memories that remain the same as we see it in our minds.

    It's good to remember it. We have lived long enough to have something to remenise about

    As for the amp I think all woo amps sound as good as they look and they look majestic and sound elegant.

    Al D
  2. 62ohm
    Looking forward for the budget Woo amp review & how they stack up against the more expensive siblings. Subbed for the WA3 comparison [​IMG] 
  3. Frank I
    I just got the cables needed for the WA3 hookup and the WA6. I should have them up and running early in the week and will be working on this as well The WA3 in house has the preamp option also. The WA6 and the WA3 are in the speaker room on my desk.
  4. linkebinges
    The bookshelf speakers are the new Fritz monitors not yet released. They are a Carbon 7 with a new tweeter and upgraded crossovers.
  5. Frank I
    What are e\you referring to with the book shelf speaker.
  6. Wapiti

    I, too, am looking forward to this.  I have a WA5 and have been considering picking up a WA3 as an OTL.
  7. Silent One
    I lived briefly in Brownsville. The 'Stoop' experience was amazing...
    frank just stirred up some very old memories. If you ask me what I am.
    And my answer would be an American. But if you ask me my heritage I'm proud
    To be an Italian. It's not any better then Anyone else's it's just mine.
    My older brother would always say Italian first and smack me in the head
    If he heard my answer. Lol.

    Al D
    How long ago did you live there???
  10. Frank I
    Benen working in the comparison so far and have gotten  the WA222 WA^sE ion paper and the WA7 almost done. Tomorrow I will tackle the WA3 and WA6. I am hoping to get this all completed in three weeks and am making progress towards that  goal date. I will keep you posted and really am loving doing this project. 
  11. magiccabbage
    looking forward to it. Doing the 22 and 2 i assume?
  12. Frank I
    The website will be able to take any two woo amps and compare them side by side. The 2 and 22 are very different one is single ended and the other is a balanced topology.  One is OTL and the other is transformer coupled and both sound excellent. 
  13. DarknightDK
    Yep. To get the best out of the WA22, you will need to feed it with a true balanced source.
  14. Lord Soth
    I'm been a longtime admirer of Woo amps.

    Their rugged design always evokes mental images of American Steel mills and M1 Abrams tanks.

    Really look forward to reading Frank's detailed impressions. :)

    Maybe Dubstep Girl can start an Epic Woo tube rolling thread after that ? :wink:
  15. Frank I
    The balanced source does sound excellent with the WA22
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