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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by frank i, Nov 25, 2013.
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  1. magiccabbage
    you tempted to buy? i think this review will end up costing you a lot of cabbage the end... [​IMG]
  2. Frank I
    your probably right. LOL  Maybe I can enter an Irish Lottery and win th money.
    That is a funny pic man. Happy holidays to you And your family.

    Yes the the wooden box is cute I have the stock tubes in it.

    That's why I want to hear the amp , I have the wa5. Like you at home this is for my office and my thoughts is it is a wa22 and wa5 in one. And you have all the goodies in one place.

    Al D
    Well why Irish ain't you a pizon from Italy ??

    Al D
  5. Frank I
    I have them in two rooms but easy to get too. 
  6. magiccabbage
    im irish
  7. Frank I
    Al I am a NY pizon too.  But my buddy the Cabbage is going to bring the luck of the erish so we can win the Irish sweepstakes.  I grew up in Bensonhurst and know your are very well since eI worked in Ozone Park in the old days and my uncle lived in Queens
    Well happy st pats then. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family too.

    All good.

    Al D
  9. M-13

    There are tubes called royal princess? LOL.
    Who names these things? Isn't a princess royal by definition? Sorry about the OT post, just found it amusing.
    Can I name some tubes Princess Peach since I'm a Super Mario fan?
    Who are you then?. That's cool a small world maybe. Instill live near there .

    Al d
    I do not know who names them but I thanked I paid about $1200 for them they better be royal and blessed by the pope too.
  12. Frank I
    I bene living down in South jersey for 26 years now but the  neighborhood never left me. I see its a lot  different though than when I left.  
  13. moriez
    Mr. Woo sure knows about beauty. Since I started coming here on Head-Fi I've found Ray Samuels amps and his real lookers. I'll forgive you the Monoblock 'mistake' Jack [​IMG] Enjoy your time Frank l
    Very different but yet the same change in the culture but the people here now are mostly first generation with there children growing up American . Like we did with our parents or at least me. It's funny they hangout in the front of the house and talk family and friends like when I grew up in bushwick .
  15. Frank I
     The neighborhood are different but yet still the same in part of of Brooklyn. Dyker Heights where I lived last has changed a little bit its still home
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