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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by frank i, Nov 25, 2013.
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  1. Frank I
    Thanks DK will be posting as i go so to keep you guys up to speed with this project. 
  2. Nic Rhodes
    another Woo place to hang out on :)
  3. musicman59
    Same here. I did a lot of driver and rectifier rolling in my WA5-LE (just the EML 300B Mesh and EAT for the power tubes) and settle with the current combination (596, TSBGRP 6F8G, EML 300B Mesh).
  4. kchew
    As a fellow Woo owner, this sounds like a great project! I can't wait to read your upcoming impressions!
  5. dminches
    Frank, has Jack agreed to pay your electric bill?
  6. musicman59
    Tell him it will be about $16,000 so you settle keeping the monoblocks [​IMG]
  7. fortitude
  8. Joshhh
    Yay, another Woo thread to distract me at work. :p Anyway I am looking forward to reading the reviews and comparisons.Sub'd
  9. Frank I
    fortunately not all amplifiers are running at once David. LOl
  10. GrindingThud
    Although you may want them all on after this front moves through...brrrr :)

  11. Frank I
    Thanks and will keep the thread updated
  12. dminches
    If you run them all at once you won't need to put up Christmas lights.
  13. longbowbbs
  14. Frank I
    When you coming over to have some fun with them David?
  15. Taowolf51
    Looking forward to the writeups when this is done! I enjoyed my time with the Woo gear at Lee's meet (including your WA5), it'll be interesting to see how you think they all compare.
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