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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by frank i, Nov 25, 2013.
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  1. dminches
    For how long will you have the amps?
  2. magiccabbage
    luck man!
  3. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Actually, I think the neighbours aren't too happy with all the recent brown outs due to all of Frank's gear. [​IMG]
  4. Frank I
    For a while . You welcome to come over just ring me up and come see the setups. 
  5. M-13
    If Woo is redoing their website, they should include some more extensive specs for their amps. It would be nice to see peak-to-peak numbers and amount of current into various resistences (ohms) and maybe even a small explanations about the topology or design princple.
  6. Frank I
    I will mention that to Jack and he read this thread so  hopefully he answer that question for you.
  7. Nic Rhodes
    I would like to see downloadable pdf spec sheets / with piccies etc to drool over for my next purchase >>>> :)
  8. allintopyou
    They are a Carbon 7 with a new tweeter and upgraded crossovers.
  9. JohnBal
    Looking forward to this. Subbed.
  10. Wapiti
  11. Frank I
    I loaded the royal Princess 300B in the WA234 and switched from 2A3 to 300B. More power but man these tubes are super transparent and musical. The speakers are opening up more and they are still breaking in. 
    Cool can't wait to hear them?
  13. Frank I
    Al  the Royal princess sounds very detailed with bun believable transparency. . I can hear everything on the recording. 
    Is that the upgraded tubes he offers ??
  15. Frank I
    I think they are on the website as an option. They are excellent tubes . Come in a neat wood box.
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