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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by frank i, Nov 25, 2013.
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  1. Dubstep Girl
    Btw i dont see the wa3 or wa6 in the pic, are those excluded due to their entry level status?
  2. Csericks
  3. Frank I
    They ar eon ym desk in the room with the speakers. I will shoot them and get those pictures up this week. Those two amps are to be included in th summary as well.
  4. Frank I
    Thanks Rob this is a fun project and look forward to your comments .
  5. Frank I
    Thank you Jack. This is an exciting and fun project for me to help you with.  I am very enthusiastic about the project. Thank you for asking me to do this. I am having a blast with the amplifiers and the dac as well.
  6. Silent One
  7. baka1969 Contributor
    Good luck Frank. It's good to see your enthusiasm. I hope to be over soon enough to listen to the Woo fleet. Enjoy
  8. musicman59
    Frank, you lucky bastard! A lot of fun coming during the Holidays season for you. I envy you!!!
    Looking forward to read your opinions.
  9. GrindingThud
    Very cool project! I'm looking forward to the common comparison. Given the roll-ability of all these amps, I'm assuming you'll hit the
    Standard tube compliment for each amp along with maybe the most popular "upgraded" compliment that Jack provides?
    Also, will also be interested in your listening selections (so I can add them to me collection of course) :)
  10. bbophead
  11. Frank I
    Jose thanks and I am having a blast with this for sure
  12. Frank I
    Thank You SO
    Ross thanks and come over when you ready to hang out too.
    I am doing this with stick tubes except for the two separate reviews the WA5 and the WA234. I will have some tubes to roll for those amps, I will mention music selection in the h course of the reviews and on this thread as I go along. Today I been working with the WA22. 
  13. Dubstep Girl
    U need to use good tubes on the other amps too though or your impressions might be more negative.

    The wa22 opens up with the mullard gz34 or we422a, the wa6se is the worst stock, the wa2 isnt that good either with stock tubes. World class amps though when they have mighty 596 and tung sol 5998s in them though :D
  14. Frank I
    I like the stock sound on the Wa22. I think they want the impression on the stock tubes that are supplied with the amp. I also do not have  some of the other tubes for this project in my tube box so it would be hard for me to use all the rolling possibilities and other tubes for a website summary of the stock products.. The fun with the Woo amps is that they sound good with stock and the listener can taylor them to their liking by rolling tubes. . For the website summary I will be using what was supplied with the amplifiers.  I appreciate your input DG but in reality I don't have 422a and only one pair of 596 tubes used in my WA5. I will be doing the review of the WA5 with stock and upgraded tubes as I will also be doing the WA234  with some upgraded tubes that were sent to me.  The WA6 SE sound fine with the tubes supplied. I do have some other rectifiers I can use with the amplifiers mostly RCA and Sylvania to roll in the other ramps  all of them are 5U4G. I don't have have exotic tubes except for 6sn7 that can be used. Where I can upgrade the tubes I will.  I know Jack only has 4 596 toubes in his collection and not sure he has any 422 to use.  I think most buyers buy stock and then go through the progression of seeking and upgrading and rolling as there  funds allow. I also think that what the amp sound stock like is important because people  do want to know how the amp will sound with the supplied tubes.  the summaries will include what headphones are best for each amplifier and which one war enot best suited for that headphone. pleas keep the input coming as I really look forward to the communities input for this project. Thanks DG!!!
  15. longbowbbs
    Frank if you tried to do this review while rolling tubes you would never finish it! [​IMG]
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