Who else has known bad luck with their headphones?
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Apr 10, 2008
I've been looking back to all the my headphones that have been damaged, or had to be repaired/replaced under warranty, and I was wondering if I just had some bad luck with headphones, or if others has the same troubles.
Let me start with my headphone breaks and replacements history:
- Sony street styles (broke the cable)
- Creative Zen Aurvana x2 (cable, replacement, cable again)
- Sleek Audio SA-6 (one receiver defective, had it replaced, then broke another one after the warranty had expired)
- Shure SRH-840 (blown driver, replaced under warranty)
- Grado HF-2 (blown driver, replaced under warranty)
- HifiMAN HE-5LE (someone broke the metal frame holding one cup at an Head-fi meet in Montréal. Head-Direct graciously replaced my pair, despite the fact I bought it used on head-fi. Cheers!)
- Audez'e LCD-2 (defective driver after one month in storage: I had used it for all of two weeks! Replaced and waiting at home for me. (I hope!) )
Luckily, I had much more luck with my DIY builds, where I only once smoked a transistor (slightly, it still works!).
So, anyone else wants to share their history of bad luck?

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