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What was your first headphone purchase after coming to Head-Fi?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swenzke, Jul 31, 2003.
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  1. oldmate
    Amen!! Otherwise I'd have AK120II, Chord Hugo, SE846 and Fostex TH900's. End game stuff.
  2. pearvin
    Before coming to Head-fi:
    Apple buds/Phone buds
    Vsonic Gr6 -> demoed from a friend and when he recommended this forum.
  3. Xerber
    I 'discovered' head-fi while looking for reviews on the Sennheiser HD558. I only registered after purchasing it, so I guess my first purchase as a Head-Fi member was the Sennheiser Momentum.

    In the year since registering I have bought five pairs of headphones, two headphone amps, a DAC and I'm about to buy a Fiio X5. "Sorry about your wallet" indeed. :D
  4. justaname
    After: Vsonic VSD3S
    Before: Everything else in my profile
  5. Doorbell
    The original m50 straight cable version.
  6. kuantings
    I own about 10 headphones before I knew Head-Fi,

    This is a place of no return.
    BTW, my first headphone I bought after came here was Akg K701 and it is one of my favorate.
  7. Argo Duck
    After joining: LCD2.1 (still have it; displaced by LCD3F)

    While joining/lurking: Grado SR60 then Grado RS1

    Before joining: Stax Lambda Pro (to replace a prized speaker rig I sold while emigrating). Still have the Lambda; admire rather than like it.
  8. nicolasete
    Creative Aurvana Live, after judging the Beyerdynamic DT150 (plus the equipment required to properly drive them) too expensive.
    Still got them today and I still feel like I don't need a change, although I guess I'll get the Beyers eventually.
  9. BirdManOfCT
    Bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 800. Was headphone-less at the time, but had HD 580 before.
  10. Lukasz
    Before head-fi: Klipsch S3, Koss Porta pro
    T-PEOS H-100
    Vsonic VC02
    Rockit R-50 (2x)
    Vsonic GR07 mkII
    Vsonic GR07 classic
    Beyerdynamic DT880/250ohm
    Xiaomi Pistons 2
    Noble 4
    Fischer Amps FA4 XB
    Audio Technica ATH IM50
    Audio Technica ATH IM02
    Ostry KC06
    Havi B3 
    And currently I own:
    Shure SE846 
    Superlux HD 330
    NAD Viso HP50 (ordered [​IMG] )
  11. takato14
    Hm. Either the AKG K240 Studio or KOSS Reference One. 
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