1. ezmacaroni

    Need help picking all-round set of <$200 IEMs for a variety of music

    I've done a bit of research on this site, but I am still relatively new and want to make an educated next purchase. I am looking for suggestions for a pair of IEMs that sound good, with decent bass and as flat a response as possible with decent soundstage. I will mostly be using an iPhone or...
  2. donileo

    Superfi5 Pros Reshell

    Ok So Ive had the Superfi 5 Pros essentially since they came out and to this day I havent found a better Overall sounding headphone. Thats almost 10years I believe which is crazy. Ive tried Monster Turbine Coppers, The Westone4, The UE triple fi and sorry But No..Overall the Super fis are the...
  3. s1000rr

    Need help finding a decent, low-cost IEM.

    I ended up with the of Sony MDR-EX210B after searching this forum for something low cost.  Sadly, I absolutely hate them.  They have way, way too much bass for my taste.     Is there such a thing as a good sounding, inexpensive IEM?     For reference, I have an old pair of Shure E2c's...
  4. Flugufrelsarinn

    Help me identify Shure headphones?

    I was given some Shure headphones last year while on a KLM flight. I was wondering if anyone could identify them for me. I really like them and would like to replace them when the inevitably die.   Here are some pictures
  5. Bobby2131

    How to protect IEMs?

    I know that most of them come with bags but apparently the bag that comes with q-JAYS (what I ordered) sucks so I have to think about something else. I've only had a pair of PXW100's and KSC-75's which I just shove in my pocket along with my iPod but now with paying $180 I'm not sure I'd want to...
  6. portmaster1000

    Increase E2C soft flex sleeve isolation

    I'm new here and apologize if this has been posted before... I love the comfort of my E2C phones with the new soft flex sleeves but to me the isolation was lacking when compared to the other sleeves. I had this idea to increase the isolation. I took my medium soft flex sleeves which fit...
  7. seals

    Do you ears/ear canals grow?

    I am 14 years old, and have a vast music collection composed of rock, jazz, classical, reggae, metal, and alternative ( the vast majority of it is rock though). I'm thinking of getting a pair of Livewires, but I only have one concern: will my ear canals grow overtime to the point that I can't...
  8. Remedial

    PX 100 v. E2c

    I own the PX 100's and, don't get me wrong, they're great. Bass heavy, loud, a little too warm, but great overall. But, I really don't like the traditional over-the-head headphone band. Kind of makes it cumbersome at times. I also don't really care for their open character, which makes it...
  9. ZJamaican

    Shure e2c VS Shure e3c

  10. dizolit

    Shure e2c Problems

    I've had this pair of Shure e2cs for about 3 years now and they are crapping out.  The right monitor cuts in and out, sometimes just plays at half volume.  I assume it has a problem with the cable.  The rubber layer on the left one has also broken upon itself (see picture).  Would it be worth it...
  11. Groznyjgrad

    Shure E2C vs RE0 vs SR80i vs...?

    I currently have a pair of Shure E2C's. I like the sound, and I'm driving them through my iTouch 2G. I'm planning on picking up a Clip+ and a E7 or E11 so I can play my .flac library on the go.   What I'm wondering is if I'd get a huge sound increase from switching to RE0's or Grado SR80i's...
  12. tkimages

    Shure E2C replacements

    Hi, I've been using the E2Cs for a while to listen to lossless files on an ipod. With a little EQ adjustment I like the tonal balance, but I've recently found that I can't wear in-ear 'phones without some discomfort, and I prefer a little interaction with my environment. Also, the top end of the...
  13. gjohnston

    Upgrade from Apple IEM and Shure E2C

    I have both the Apple IEM with Sony hybrid tips (which I've used for a few years) and also a pair of Shure E2Cs (which I retired because they were the most uncomfortable things I've ever put in my ears) and am looking to upgrade. I'm thinking about Westone 4, or Shure 535 but was wondering if...
  14. mtbaird5687

    Anywhere to buy shure e2c wax guards that aren't crazy expensive? Anywhere to buy the wax removal loop?

    I'm trying to find some wax guards but it seems like they are all +$15 which seems crazy given how tiny they are.   Also, I can't find a wax removal tool online does anyone know where to get one? Is it because these headphones are a little older? Ive had them since high school which was 7-8...
  15. itorra

    my e2c is about to die, and i'm looking for a fair inheritor

    So I've been using e2c for almost 5 years and after a while of cable-roll-neglection I have some kind of bad connection with the left channel in the flex part of the 90-deg connector.   I want to spend around the 130-150$.   I can't listen to any of your recommendations cause the local...
  16. Wshing

    Shure E2C Re-cabling

    Okay so like most people with the e2c. Mine have died finally got around to re-cabling them since I do like them and too poor to buy a new pair so after scrouging around for info, I found that there isn't much on a comprehensive guide out for newbies like me.    So firstly. I have...
  17. Subseastu

    Need to replace my Shure E2C's

    Hi all   Well my trusty Shure E2C's are on the way out and so its time to find a replacement. Trouble is I'm now going round in circles trying to find a suitable new pair. Basically I do a lot of traveling by plane so want something that allows me to wear them for long periods (the shures...
  18. ratdog

    Returning Shure E2C's

    I have some E2C's and the cable bent and wires exposed by the bud. I'm guessing they are over 2 years old as the warranty is only 2 years. Should I return them for repair or bite the bullet and buy a new pair.
  19. bscottyb

    New to the Forum - Serious help needed - Shure e2c repair question.

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and I need help.   First off, I am not an "Audiophile" by any means, just a working drummer in a rock band, and my IEM system is my lifeblood on stage (I basically can't gig without it).   The right bud on my Shure e2c is cutting in and out and it's...
  20. Simon C

    Help, I'm a little overwhelmed... (Looking for budget E2C replacement)

    Okay, so I've been traipsing around this forum for a bit trying to figure out what I should pick up to replace my modified Shure E2C IEMs. I was given a pair of the E2Cs a few years back and I loved them. I ended up wearing out the cord as anyone who has owned E2Cs knows, so i recabled them and...
  21. conkerman

    Custom IEM and diminishing returns.

    Hi. Looking for some thoughts. I am looking at CIEMs at the moment to use at work and maybe sleep in. i also have slightly odd shaped ears so ofen find IEMs uncomfortableLooking for a well balanced sound that may be a touch, and I mean a touch warm. Will be listening to mostly rock on iPod...
  22. swenzke

    What was your first headphone purchase after coming to Head-Fi?

    Hey everyone, Like the topic says, what was the first headphone(s) you purchased after coming to Head-Fi for the first time? I'm a little curious because I've been here for about a month or so, and already bought 2 headphones . First one I bought were the Sony MDR-D66 Eggos for portable use...
  23. TimHeerebout

    Guitarist looking for Custom IEM's $400 or less for stage use - need your recommendation

    Hi there,   been reading a bunch and now I want to ask a more specific question. I'm a guitarist both in clubs and church. I have experience with Shure E2's and E5's and for the past 6 months or so I've been using Westone UM2's. The Westone's are a vast improvement over either Shure model...
  24. HeadphoneAddict

    FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Nuforce NE-700X earphones / IEM (non-mic version) - post your thoughts here

    I've spent a bit of time listening to the new Nuforce NE-700X over the past few weeks, and wanted to post my impressions of them.  (The NE-700M have a microphone)     As many people know, in the budget earphone category I have been a fan of the Nuforce NE-7M and NE-6 earphones, which...
  25. xluben

    Shure SE215 vs. Shure e2

    I currently have the Shure e2's. I've had them for several years. They're still in very good shape and are used occasionally for working out and other general use. Before these I went through a handful of earbuds $100 and under as well as both the UE 5Pro and UE 5EB. I also had some of the lower...