1. ssillcollector

    Okay I'm happy with $10 headphone

    Anyways, I found Sony MDR CD30 in garage sale and I'm pretty satisfied with it. After reading about what other headphones are selling for, I'm curious what I am missing with cheap phones. What exactly is the main reason for you to discard mainstream phones and invest on brands like Grado &...
  2. OakIris

    CD3000 headphones too loose - any solutions?

    This has probably come up before, but my search didn't come up with any posts. (Maybe I have a pin head?!?) The headphones always seemed a bit loose to me, but the woody cups have made the 'phones a bit heavier and this seems to have exacerbated the problem. They feel very insecure on my head...
  3. fuzzybaffy

    Best "jack-of-all trades" closed headphone?

    So, I'm currently enjoying and loving the Sennheiser HD-650, but I find it's a bit inconsistent with what it's good with. Some tracks sound simply amazing with the HD-650, yet, others fall completely flat. I don't remember having this problem with any other high-end pair of headphones before...
  4. fante7

    The DT880 Appreciation Thread

    I have been using the DT880 religiously now for several months. Man, this thing sounds great... I like it more than any other headphone I've listened to within the triple-digit price range. It offers a balanced presentation with plenty of detail, great instrument separation and soundstage, and...
  5. Isaacc7

    Wow, things sure have changed. (Cd3000)

    I bought my first pair of "real" headphones in 2004 or so. They were Sony cd3000. At the time they were the most ridiculously priced headphones I had ever come across. I laughed at my dealer but then I tried them paired with a mini max headphone amp and I was smitten. 10 years on and it's...
  6. E3E

    Ever seen a pair of Sony MDR-CD3000s go for $60?

    This might be more appropriate in general discussion, if so I apologize in advance. -- I haven't seen anyone else chatter about this on Head-Fi AFAIK, after doing a search for any talk about this particular eBay listing, so I figured I'd post about it here. I'm not sure if this guy is a...
  7. ourfpshero

    Is it wrong to miss a headphone?

    Sigh, I just saw this ad for a Sony cd3000   -which is way too rich for me, but I had a like new cd3000 a few years ago and sold it for about $450 here- a great price...
  8. MoJaveMan250

    Sony CD3000 vs today's closed cans

    I've been planning on buying a set of closed cans for a while. I was wondering if I found a good deal on a pair of CD3000's would they still be better than say a Denon D2000/5000/7000 or Audio Techinicas etc.. Amp and source issues aside are they still the best closed cans for under $1,000? Thanks
  9. joemin97

    Rebuilding MDR-CD3000 any tips

    I have had this pair since they were new, already replaced earpads but the headband and and center elastic band is rotted as well. I removed the rotted pleather on the top band. My question is this, should I send this into someone to refurbish or will this be easy to do. Or should I just sell...
  10. Steve999

    I have my new $31 CD780s - compare notes in this thread if you like

    Okay, I'm listening to my new $31 Sony CD780s from e-cost. The CD580s were my main and favorite listening phones before this time. The CD780s are better. The CD780s do indeed sound like baby CD3000s to me. Bass impact of the CD780s is better than on the CD580s. Mids and highs are better too...
  11. Joe Bloggs

    Cheap sony and AT phones to recommend?

    Hi, I am taking a sound design class and the lecturer has asked us all to each buy a pair of monitoring headphones. And he told the class to 'ask Joseph. Joseph is very knowledgeable about headphones' So I find myself being an advisor of sorts for the whole class's purchases. Now, most of...
  12. mrsamo

    MDR cd-3000

    Hey folks, haven't been here for a while as I've gone off head-fi-ing what seems like for good (I've moved onto photography now).   So, I still have the MDR CD3000 which I've barely used. I've kept it because it's such a collectors item and mine still looks like new.   How much would be...
  13. tankteh

    Sony MDR CD3000 (horrible)

    I've been using these headphones for the whole day now. I've tried them with and without and amplifier. I wouldn't ever recommend these. They have a poor build quality. I'd say 80% plastic. I got new earpads, but the headband material and old earpads get all sticky and crumble apart. I can't...
  14. ouaiba

    SOLD: Sony mdr-cd3000 with box and new earpad (Italy/Europe)

    **** Current price is 520$ / 400€ ****   Hi, I am selling my cherished Sony cd3000. I have this unit for about 5-6 years and it always gave me lots of pleasure. I recently acquired a new gear and I found myself using the Sony less and less. Mine does not have modification/upgrade, and it...
  15. axellone

    Sony MDR CD3000 - SOLD

    the price is in Euro.. Like New, perfect and all original, Sony CD3000. The price is SOLD plus shipping. Regards, Enrico
  16. IceClass

    Sony MDR-CD3000 Headphones $400 or trade towards Quad 12L2 or RSA SR71 or

    I'm selling a pair of Sony MDR-CD3000 Headphones.   They are in good condition with shiny new OEM Sony earpads, no nasty gouges in the earcups and only minor signs of the usual vinyl flaking on the headband. They come with the original 1/8 to 1/4 adapter and no box. I shall post pics...
  17. himynameis

    FS: RS-1i, IE8, CD3000, Headphile and others

    Want to sell everuthing you can see in my profile.   Regarding headphone:   Headphile CD3000 (balaced)  900$ CD3000 recabled with ApureSound balanced   600$ RS-1i with J$ headband   -  the drivers are new, replaced at Grado Laboratories few monts back (one of the original one started...
  18. oqvist

    Audio GD DAC19 DSP1 v3 for a D7000/HD 800/CD 3000, Keces 131 mk 2

    Audio GD DAC19 with an extra set of RCA outputs. (no ACSS). DSP version 3 installed.   D7000 or markl D7000 or D7000 with J$ pads, HD 800 and CD 3000 interesting subjects for trade.   Keces 131 mk II also looking for a home.
  19. psu63

    WANTED: new pads for sony mdr cd3000 headphones

    WANTED: new pads for sony mdr cd3000 headphones   Offer only new ones (original)   I live in Finland.   mail:
  20. qqbingbing

    Sony CD3000 FS/FT

    I have a pair of CD3000 in good condition,there are some wears on the leahterband and caps, but nothing series. The leather pad is almost brand new and extreamly soft. I woould like to add some cash for trading a pair of T5P, DENON D7000, JVC DX1000, LCD-2, HD800 OR MD1 It is also on sale for...
  21. blessingx

    Sony CD3000

  22. audiosceptic

    FS: Sony CD3000 Headphones

    Sony CD3000 with Moon Audio 6 foot Silver Dragon cable and balanced 3-pin Furutech Topline Rhodium/Copper XLR's. The headband and earcups were replaced when I had the recable done in 2009. The earpads are worn but I will include new earpads that have never been used. I also have a new earcup and...
  23. duytran

    Wanted: Driver for Sony MDR-CD3000 (MDR-CD1000)

    Due to one of the drivers in my CD3000 not working any longer I'm looking for 1 (or 2) new or used and in very good condition driver(s) for the CD3000 or the CD1000 (Sony part # 1-505-132-11). If you happen to have a spare one (or two) please contact me via pm. Thanks for looking!   P/s: Or...
  24. LFF

    Sony MDR-CD3000

    Up for sale are some Sony MDR-CD3000's in good condition. The sound is flawless although the appearance might not be brand spanking new. These headphones are in precisely the same condition in which I got them. Both drivers are in excellent condition and sound great and remain mighty...
  25. Bjarne

    Sony MDR-CD3000 Pads (NOS) & Headband (used, good condition)

    Hello,   on my hunt for CD3k Pads I got these items from Japan. Since I refurbished my CD1700 pads I don't need the CD3k pads anymore. I only bought the headband because I got the seller wrong and thought it was bundled with 2 pairs of pads.   The pads are completely new and even...