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What was your first headphone purchase after coming to Head-Fi?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swenzke, Jul 31, 2003.
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  1. quasar41
    For me it was the Superlux 662f (when I was still just lurking here). To be honest, I have never listed to much music at all (and would never have included it on a list of my favorite things to do), but it is amazing what even a decent pair of headphones did to increase my enjoyment of music. I find myself listening to music much more than I used to. And of course, now I'm in the market for some more headphones....
  2. akash neagi
    For me it's a HD518.....
    I always liked using to good "quality" gear but Head-Fi changed the meaning of quality for me.....
  3. blueangel2323
    M-Audio Q40 - and I thought that $100+ was a lot to spend on a pair of headphones. Now I have a $250 amp (Matrix M-Stage), a pair of three-way hybrid custom IEMs on order, and considering $400 headphones like the HD600 and Fidelio X1 as my next purchase. lol
  4. reddyxm
    My first headphones purchase after coming to head-fi was the HD650s. Since then, I've upgraded to the LCD-2s.
  5. oggdude
    I got the AKG K702, four weeks later i got the HD 650.
  6. MrTechAgent
    Before  Head-Fi - 
    1)650's (Introduced me to Head-Fi - 4 Months ago)
    3)ESP 950 (My Dad's - Never got to try them)
    After - 
    2)Ma900's  (Coming Soon :D)
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  7. Lappong99
    sr80's. what i got before is senn hd202 and i couldn't find out the difference at the very first week.
  8. azynneo
    STAX 009s
  9. CybDev
    Troll :frowning2:
  10. cggkevin1976
    HE-400 for me. Also got a Bifrost after researching it here. Kevin
  11. AHorseNamedJeff

    Welcome to HeadFi, Sorry about the wallet :D
    Nice starting setup!
  12. teb1013

    Amazing isn't it? Although I always liked music, it was background stuff, I could never sit and listen to music until I got good headphones. Whole areas of music I never thought I liked opened up to me as I moved into the head fi world. Some people claim that people on this site are tech geeks and that "true" music lovers don't need this type of equipment. Couldn't be further from the truth! Head fi helps create music lovers.
  13. Greendriver
    HD681 Superlux. 2nd purchase was the EVO version
  14. TenMoonsNorth
    AKG K701s after a great dealing of lurking and cross-checking reviews and objective data. I was concerned about that treble mountain range but I rarely notice it when listening to music.
  15. Nod2mybeats
    Pre head-fi: Beats Studio, now a nice hefty paperweight
    Post head-fi: ATH-ES10, RE-ZERO, RE-0, RE-400
    Next: HE-400
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