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What next after TripleFi 10s? Any recs?

  1. crazypete04
    So I've gone and lost another set of earphones - this time a set of Sennheiser IE8s.  I was hoping on some recommendations on a next set before I just go back to TripleFi 10s (the set that was lost before my IE8s).
    I really liked my TripleFi 10s, much more than the IE8s which just never seemed to break-in like I'd hoped they would. While there was a lot of bass on those IE8's and the really wide soundstage most of the reviews mention, I found the bass really muddled and indistinguishable.  I'm thinking about going back to the TripleFi 10s which seemed to be a bit cleaner and clearer sounding to my ears.  
    Also, given Amazon sells the UEs for $199, I figure this will be under my $1 per day listening cost (as I seem to lose headphones once every year or so).  But before I return to what I know, I thought I'd check for any additional recommendations from people who liked the TripleFi 10 sound signature but have maybe moved on to something they like even more!
  2. dnullify
    Well, if that's your budget if you're loosing them every year, there's a ton of other options in that range.
    If you were completely satisfied with the TF10s and found no faults with them, it may be wise to just replace them and save yourself the headache. If you want something you would like better, or want to try something new, then it'd be best to figure out what sort of sound you like.
    What sort of music do you listen to? What didn't you like about the ie8s
    May i ask how you carry your phones, or how you're loosing them?
    Also, if you shop around a little, and check your local craigslist and what not, you can probably find the TF10s for less than $200, if you're lucky.
  3. crazypete04
    I seem to find all sorts of ways to lose headphones.  The TF10s I lost were in the case in my pocket.  I suspect they fell out of the cab in London as I pulled my gloves out that were in that same pocket.  The IE8s unfortunately got left in an apartment I just moved out of and the cleaners threw them out.  I'm considering just zip-tying the next set to my neck buy then I'd probably misplacing my whole head!
    But seriously, with regards to the TF10s, I actually don't remember anything I didn't like about them so I think you might be right about just going back with those.  I just thought it'd be a good opportunity to experiment again, maybe with the Westones or Grados.
    As for music, I know everyone says it but I listen to a bit of everything.  On my iPhone now is a bit of hip hop, soul, live singer-songwriter stuff, jazz, pop, Metallica, Soundgarden, Taylor Dayne (blame "This American Life" for that one).  I'd definitely forego massive synth bass quantity for more accurate kick bass and acoustic bass sounds and prefer smoother vocals over really bright cymbals or brass.  I don't know if this helps but I prefer the upfront vocal sound on the Sennheiser HD650s but the cleaner, less veiled sound for just about everything else on the Audeze LCD-2s.
  4. Spyro
    Have you heard the W3's?  Not all but I think most think W3 is a nice upgrade to TF10.  Maybe not quite as balanced but does everything else better.
  5. DougofTheAbaci
    I've heard a number of people going from TF10's to customs. Over in the Heir Audio forum people seem to think the 4.A is a great upgrade from them. I'm coming from a set of UE700's and Denon AH-D2000's.
  6. KimChee
    I wonder if the JH-5 is still on sale for $340.  It would be a nice upgrade to the TF10.
  7. JoshR
    Id go with TF10 customs. 
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor
    The OP has mentioned he loses earphones ALL the time, the last thing he needs is to fork out hundreds of dollars on a set of custom TF10 and have those lost in another six months! I own TF10, loved them through my Cowon player, they have everything I need 'almost'.....Until, I found the Yamaha EPH-100, I would consider those a step up or equal side step from TF10, they sound similar to a BA, with ever so slightly forward mid range which is just as clear as TF10 (I promise you) highly detailed highs, beating TF10 in clarity and lushnes. I find my TF10 a little boring now, but still use them time to time.  
  9. DougofTheAbaci
    Then get big headphones which are hard to misplace.
    Honestly, never understood how people lose headphones... 
  10. Watagump
    Invest in Superglue.
    You could reshell your TF10.
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  12. Winter Charm
    I agree. Either they are in your ears, or they are in your pocket/bag. 
    Unless your 'phones get stolen. That's an entirely different scenario....
  13. what?
    got my first custom iems recently,
    so much better then any stock iem ive ever tried because the fit is amazing (imagine having your girlfriend made to your exact specks) :wink:
    custom tf10s would be the best mix of value and sound quality imo,
    used tf10s are $100 for sale here at head-fi, reshell at fisher/in ears is $90 = $190 for custom tf10s,
    you just cant beat that.
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Can you find me a sale for $100 here on used TF10 please? A friend wants to buy them. [​IMG]

  15. Watagump
    I also have some Facebook stock for sale at $100 a share if he is interested.

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