1. subguy812

    500.00 and below

    I am looking for an iem in the 500.00 and under range. I own rockit r50's as my primary listening iem's. Musical tastes are rock, classic rock, jazz and blues. Suggestions please.
  2. tsiu6

    Iem Questions

    Hello Head.fi!!   Long time lurker, first time coming out of the shadows to post. :)  Maybe just a brief intro?  My name is Trevor, been into audio for a while, but its time to make that jump: Custom IEMs.  I am now playing out enough that I am/can justify the cost of custom in ears...
  3. StevieBuns

    JH|5 Pro - Static, rattling noise in headphones.

    Hello all, I tried finding a solution to this elsewhere but wasn't able to find much information. I'm using jh5 pros with a Fiio E17, all the eq settings are default and i'm hearing a static or rattling sound in most of my music. I get this without the E17 as well, if I were to just listen...
  4. PleasantNoise

    Help me design my ciems

    SO I'm going to be purchasing some jh5pro's soon, and I've been playing around with the create your iem section of the sight, so let's have a vote! 1. 2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   Feel free to post your own designs that you think I should get if you dislike mine)
  5. meowception

    Reshell & add drivers for JH5 Pro, or save the money

    Hi, I would like to seek advice from the experienced forum-ers here. Currently, I can get my hands on a pair of used JH5 pros for around 150 Singapore Dollars (which is around 120 USD I suppose), thus I was planning to get it. Would it be advisable to add a mid or low driver to the jh5s in the...
  6. Barra

    Best Sub $450 Value CIEM for clarity, detail, extension, and slam: JH5 vs. Cosmic Ears BA3 vs. Alien Ears C3/CFR3 vs. 1964 Ears V3

    Reading through the forums to try to compare these value CIEMs is torturous, so I was hoping to start a discussion here to gain perspective as well as add new options. The threads hold very few actual reviews or comparisons to provide prospective, mostly chitchat and speculation. If anyone owns...
  7. tehsprayer

    CIEM or Re-shell?

    I have the Westone 3 and got it from Amazon for $160 when it was on sale for a couple of weeks, they are great.   Although, I like the around the ear style but it sometimes gets annoying to roll the comply tips, place in ear and wait for it to seal. Also they sometimes seal differently and...
  8. DrewK

    JH5Pro Vs UE900

    Hi all. I am currently deciding on which IEM to buy. I would like to know how is the dual balanced armature JH5pro compared to a quadruple balanced armature UE900, in terms of sound quality only. I know that UE900 has a terrible build quality so I would only like to discuss about the sound quality.
  9. TSIG

    I Have the First (and Only) EarWerkz Supra

    Much hype has surrounded the newfangled (and uniquely bizarre) EarWerkz Supra “universal custom in-ear monitor” that are currently being funded on Kickstarter. As I run a well-known YouTube channel, Jack from EarWerkz hooked me up with “the only finished Supra in the entire world.” I received...
  10. tsmithf33

    Need advice on first ciem purchase

    Hey guys, looking to buy my first set of monitors. I've narrowed it down to the JHaudio 5pro's or the Livewires trips. Not knowing the ins and out of this industry I would love some advice. Thank you in advance!
  11. dmbphan041

    Good first custom fit IEM?

    Looking to spend around $300. What else should I be looking at besides the Westone CR1?   Thanks in advance!
  12. coprhead6

    JH IEM Impedance with Iphone 5

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the world of professional audio and would love for someone to clear this up.   I'm on the fence about a few different JH IEMs.  They will be for live performance and casual listening through my iphone 5 / Ipad without an amplifier.  I've read that the 10x3s will...
  13. kalinowski

    Please help me decide: JH5 vs Noble Universal IEM

    Hello,   I'm ready to pull the trigger on the new pair of IEMs, I have around 500USD to spend including shipping and customs so I narrowed my choices to JH5 custom IEM Noble audio 4 (universal) I currently use a pair of hd600, but they are not very practical in the office and of course I...
  14. Schunn99

    Jh5 vs 1964 v3? first ciem.

    hello longtime reader of headfi,    I am looking at buying my first custom IEM. My budget is around 500 maximum without the cost of the impressions and I have it narrowed down to either the JH5 pro or 1964 v3. Anyone here have both or either one and can help me decide between the two. I...
  15. squirrelboy1210

    how good are ciems?

    I currently own a pair of se535s and whilr the luscious mid range is to die for I can't help but want for a little more treble sparkle and a larger soundstage. I was wondering if ciems around the 500 dollars mark like jh5 and 1964 v3 could deliver. Also, how do these compare to full size phones...
  16. kwudude

    JH5 vs Custom Art Music Two vs Noble 3C ... etc

    Hello all, I'm looking into my first pair of customs at a budget of ~$500. Currently I own: UE 700 - TWFK armatures, lacking bass extension and mids to me Westone 2 - lacking bass extension and body to me I like a very slightly V-shaped response and easy to drive IEMs because I don't want to...
  17. abellmc019

    JH5 pro custom vs Audeze LCD-2

    JH custom in ear monitors $400USD how would they perform compared to $1000 Audeze over the ear?
  18. kernel8888

    Multi IEM Review- PFE 232 vs JH5 vs JH16 vs AUD-7X

    DISCLOSURE: These are subjective definitions and subjective results! I stake no claim in being an “audiophile” in the snobbish sense of the word, but I have been a music and sound enthusiast for a couple of years, with extensive listening experience to home theater equipment, full sized open and...
  19. coprhead6

    JH-5 vs DT770

    Hey guys, I'm new to the world of pro audio and I'm trying to settle on my first pair of JH IEMs for live band violin/vocal performance and for casual listening. When I jumped from Bose AE2 to the DT770s (80 ohms) I was really surprised to hear the clarity and detail that I had been missing...
  20. EricLThomp

    How to keep from ruining your IEM's with sweat ... when working out or playing on stage?

    I play drums and sweat non-stop while playing.  I regularly wear IEMs.  I'm always thinking I could ruin them with one drop of sweat dropping in the "hole" where the drivers reside (many brands do not have filters). Any thoughts, experience, tips on keep the insides of your IEMs dry?  This...
  21. k923

    Need help, small ear canal at funny angle

    I am really hoping someone can give a good recommendation on IEM's that will be comfortable for me.  I have small shallow ear canals and haven't found an IEM that is comfortable for longer then half an hour.  At this point my only two requirments are comfort and iphone controls.  I have the...
  22. Sanotter

    Custom or not to custom, that is the question!

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some new iem's but was wondering if these: http://www.minerva-hearingprotection.co.uk/mi-1-custom-headphones.html are worth the price tag or if universal iem's (such as the ue triple fi) would sound noticeably better? The problem is I need to be able to wear these for a...
  23. theblackbird

    Shure SE420 vs Westone 4 or other higher end IEM's

    Hello,   Several years ago I bought a pair of Shure SE420's. While I'm pretty ok with them (lacking some bass imo) I'm considering replacing them with some higher end IEM's. The Westone 4's currently have most of my attention.   But I wonder: is the difference in sound clearly...
  24. Spyro

    No IEM is "Perfect"

    Been on this journey 10 years now and have enjoyed the anticipation of every purchase.  The waiting, the opening of the product, the first listen, the break-in....I've loved every minute.   But as much as I have enjoyed so many IEM's,    I have been able to poke a fault at everyone of them...
  25. SennHI808

    Looking for first custom IEM, Heir Audio 4A or....?

    I am really looking into getting a pair of custom IEM's and seeing how I like them. I have come across countless reviews and impressions and have found myself at wanting the Heir Audio 4A's. I enjoy all kinds of music and am really looking for accuracy, clarity, and clean/tight bass. I have also...