What headphones to artists wear?
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If by record vocals you mean listen to themselves while singing (tracking), they can use absolutely any closed-back headphones for that. In fact, you might use something with stupidly exaggerated bass on purpose to make the singer think they sound better than they do and get them into it... Or patch them into a signal wet with lots of EQ/reverb that isn't actually going into the recording side.
In summary:
Most artists do not mix their own music. In fact, almost none do unless they're poor/upstarts.
The people who do mix the music (engineers) primarily use external monitors, not headphones.
If they're getting a second opinion from headphones the common choices are HD600, K 702, DT 880 - the same exact "flattish" headphones that are popular here.
For recording/tracking purposes, the only requirement is that they isolate well enough to not experience microphone feedback. DT 770s with their flattering sound and solid build are common tracking headphones, but you can really use anything.
Finally, after the mix has been mixed on monitors, it's a good idea to check it on as many consumer audio devices as possible to make sure it works on the widest array possible, including bassy boomboxes, crappy headphones, offbrand wannabe hi-fi/surround sound systems, badly vibrating car stereos, etc. They aren't mixing for these because they sound good, but because they know people will inevitably listen through them.

Interesting to know 
 Here some pics if anybody cares; 

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I asked Richie Branson (nerdcore rapper) what he uses, and he said "some Sennheisers" while in the studio.
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One of my favorite DJs / Producers is Jaytech, he uses HD-25s. In an interview he said they were his mixing and on-the-go cans.

Tiësto, while I'm not his biggest fan, he gets my respect for his contribution to the EDM scene, and he uses (yes, you nailed it) AKG 267s:

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Finding some pics of my electronic producers gear on Facebook.
In studio -LCD2
On stage- Sennhesier 25

Beyerdynamic DT990 + Chinese ramen noodles

Pioneer HDJ-2000

I got tired of looking...
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Quentin Tarantino monitoring with some HD 202's. You'd think he could afford at least the 280's!

I never understand why on least 50% of pictures of people wearing headphones, the left and right are mixed up.
Might as well dont bother with left and right markings, as people can't care less anyway, apparently.
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I think the artist would want to use a regular set of car speakers during finalization process (Bose audio Nissan Altima) and use studio monitors for reference type listening or something super nice and clinical like the akg q701 which have among the flattest response around. Although the akg q701 are open backed if you have a good listening setup and a sound treated studio outside noise shouldn't be a problem. I as a audiophile/studiophile I strive to find out which artist uses what for mixing/studio equipment. I can say that the group faded paper figures uses a Beyer dynamic Dt880. I know because I explicitly asked the band on their facebook page. The closer you can get to an artists studio listening devices response and signature is the closest you can get to reference. If skull candy was what was mixed/tracked with use the same model which was used for that music

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